VE OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration

VE OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration by Cordelia Frost

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing Ve OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration with you. Blood Moon is an all matte vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadow palette in red and grape purple hues with a pop of grey. I personally love an all mattes palette because they pair beautifully with my single indie duochrome, multichrome, or foil shimmer eyeshadow shades. For anyone who still believes that vegan makeup has to be boring, I hope my bright colorful makeup look will make you think twice.

About VE Cosmetics

VE Cosmetics is a UK-based indie beauty brand by Lynsey, who is an AuDHD Vegan with OCD/Tourettes, EDS & Fibromyalgia. She launched her brand in 2015 and it is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. They are also PETA approved.

VE OG Blood Moon Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

See swatches of the VE OG Blood Moon Eyeshadow Palette!

VE OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration

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Red and Purple Makeup Look Inspiration

VE OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration on deepset eyes Devinah Thetis multichrome with VE purple and red mattes VE Cosmetics OG Blood Moon Palette Makeup Look and Inspiration

Red, purple and gold cruelty free makeup inspiration bright bold vegan makeup inspiration by Cordelia Frost Light Mauve Pink lipstick on Cordelia

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Grey (vegan)
Nyx Thick It! Brow Gel in Cool Ash Brown (vegan)

Devinah Prelusion Eye Primer (use code CORDELIA to save at Devinah)(cruelty free but not vegan)
VE OG Blood Moon Palette (To Yourself – inner, Fiercely – mid, With – outer and lower lid, That Which – outer lower liner (vegan)
Devinah Thetis Eyeshadow – lid (vegan)
Thrive Brynn Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara (vegan)

Auric Glow Lust in Morganite (vegan)
Monika Blunder Blunder Under Cover in Eins (vegan)
Too Faced Candy Clouds Cloud Crush Blush (vegan)
Black Moon Catshark Highlighter (vegan)

Nyx Fierce Flirt Lip Liner Pencil (vegan)
VE Lilac Magic Metallic Lipstick (vegan)

I like the color and feel of VE Lilac Magic Metallic Lipstick. It reads as a cool-toned light mauve pink on my lips and I find it very flattering with my Ve OG Blood Moon Makeup Inspiration look. I needed a lip color to compliment, not compete with my look and Lilac was perfect.

Long Week

It’s only Tuesday and this week has already taken its toll. Here in the U.S., the struggle with healthcare hits hard. I shell out $1030 monthly for health insurance, yet still end up getting the short end of the stick. Take last month’s ordeal—massive stomach issues had me rushing to an urgent care within my network. Despite triple checking online at my health insurance company website to ensure I was going to an in-network facility and me verbally telling the doctor and nurse practicioner that my lab work needed to go to an in-network lab, they didn’t. It went to an out-of-network lab, which was out of my control. Now, they’re billing me $500 for it.

After exhausting over five hours on the phone with the healthcare provider and my insurance, I’ve gotten nowhere. Finally someone told me that I could at least attempt to file an appeal claim. However, you can’t do that via email, as that would be too easy. Instead, it needs to be sent via certified mail.

I’m fed up with a system where funds seem earmarked for everything but what matters—like universal healthcare. It’s draining us, and all the while, price gouging runs rampant.

Remote Work

Please be careful when you’re applying to jobs out there. There are so many scammy people trying to gather your information through fake job postings. I recommend only applying to jobs via company websites or working directly with a recruiter. For more help with remote work, check out my article Remote Work is Here to Stay.

Final Thoughts

VE Cosmetics OG Blood Moon Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Inspiration

Today is my 2 year wedding anniversary and I’m very grateful. Marrying Dave was the best decision of my life and the past two years have been the best in my life. I’m at my best around him. See my gothic wedding! When my life is filled with darkness, Dave is my light. Thanks for celebrating my anniversary with me! Say hi here or on IG!

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