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Hello, beautiful people! Today I wanted to share some red goth makeup ideas with you. I love wearing the color red, whether it’s on my lips, cheeks, or eyes! Included in this article will be swatches of many of these gorgeous red makeup products for red makeup inspiration.

Do you love red or purple the most? If you’re a fan of purple, you’ll want to see purple goth makeup ideas!

Important Note

Due to the Terra Moons drama surrounding the brand partnering with a white supremist, I am not currently recommending anyone buy from Terra Moons. As a queer Jewish woman I do not support white supremacy. To read about this Terra Moons controversy, visit Reddit, as they have all the screenshots, timeline, and pertinent information. If you need a dupe for a Terra Moons color, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hex Squad and we’ll help you find one.

Everything featured here has been purchased by me unless otherwise noted as *PR.

What Red is Best?

For me, cool-toned reds are usually the best reds for me to wear. If a red has too much orange in it, it’s often very unflattering with my skin tone. I’m a very fair neutral cool to muted yellow undertones.

Red Goth Makeup Ideas Red Eyeshadows

Red goth makeup ideas - red eyeshadows swatched on pale skin

From top to bottom:

Viseart Red Bright Editorial Petites Palette – $40
Red is a nearly neon bright red matte.

Viseart Editorial Brights Palette – $80
Red is a nearly neon bright red matte.

My Pretty Zombie Bad News Loose Eyeshadow – $5.50
Bad News is a cool-toned cherry red with blue shimmer.

My Pretty Zombie Cats Who Hate Eyeshadow Loose Eyeshadow – $5.50
Cats Who Hate Eyeshadow is a red with orange undertone and gold shimmer.

My Pretty Zombie Witchery Loose Eyeshadow – $5.50
Witchery is a dark burgundy red shimmer.

Devinah Salvatore Pressed Eyeshadow – $6
Salvatore is a rich, sultry, bold shimmery red.

Devinah Elara Pressed Eyeshadow – $6
Elara is the perfect wine berry red, not too cool or too warm.

Devinah Desma Pressed Eyeshadow – $6
Desma is a dark vampy burgundy plum.

Sydney Grace Lost Love Pressed Eyeshadow – $6.25
Lost Love is a deep burgundy red with a hint of plum purple and gold glitter flecks.

Lethal Frantic Pressed Eyeshadow – $6.50
Frantic is an oxblood matte.

Lethal Fahrenheit Pressed Eyeshadow – $6.50
Fahrenheit is a reddest red vegan matte.

Lethal Predation Pressed Eyeshadow – $6.50
Predation is a crimson red matte.

Lethal Cascade Pressed Eyeshadow – $6.50
Cascade is a cool-toned cerise red matte.

Give Me Glow Valentine Red Pressed Eyeshadow – $7
Valentine Red is a metallic cool-toned red with pinky red shift.

Fyrinnae Hitched Pressed Eyeshadow – $7
Hitched is a bright metallic satiny warm red.

Aromaleigh Ruby Spark Loose Eyeshadow – $7.99
Ruby Spark is a rich red with strong magenta undertones in a satin finish. It’s very close to Pantone Viva Magenta.

Aromaleigh Medousa Loose Eyeshadow – $7.99
Medousa is a gorgeous, vivid, rich red burgundy with pink undertones.

Aromaleigh Magma Bloom Loose Eyeshadow – $7.99
Magma Bloom has a rich red magenta base with a gold shift and shimmer.

Devinah Starfire Pressed Eyeshadow – $8
Starfire is a gorgeous burgundy red that shifts to blue-violet and gold.

Sydney Grace The Deep Love Cream Eyeshadow – $8
The Deep Love is a deep burgundy shimmer.

Fyrinnae Horus’ Wings Pressed Eyeshadow – $9
Horus’ Wings is a metallic red that shifts to reddish pink, coppery orange, to deep bronze gold and gold sparkle throughouth.

Red eyeshadow swatches on light skin for red goth makeup ideas

From top to bottom:

Sydney Grace Insommia Loose Pigment – $9
Insomnia is a red-based duochrome that shifts to blue and purple.

Sydney Grace Kaleidoscope Loose Pigment – $9
Kaleidoscope is a red-based duochrome that shifts from red to pink to orange.

Moira Vega Lucent Cream Shadow – $9.49
Vega is a shimmery red.

Moira Utopia Diamond Daze Liquid Shadow – $9.99
Utopoia is a shimmery red.

Sugarpill Love+ Pressed Eyeshadow – $13
Love+ is a bright red matte.

Copacetic Darkside Pressed Eyeshadow – $13
Darkside is a black multichrome that shifts burgundy, red and gold.

Sugarpill Asylum Loose Eyeshadow – $14
Asylum is a shimmery red.

Sugarpill Countess Loose Eyeshadow – $14
Countess is a deep burgundy red with blue sparkles.

Devinah Australis Pressed Eyeshadow – $14
Australis is a deep burgundy red multichrome that shifts green to copper too.

About Face Scream of Consciousness Matte Fluid Eye Paint – $16
Scream of Consciousness is a primary red matte.

Lethal Dark Matter Pressed Eyeshadow – $16.50
Dark Matter is a black based multichrome that shifts to red, purple, orange, teal, and black.

Cordelia is wearing a smokey red makeup look by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mickey Fitzpatrick
Wearing KVD Heat Burst

KVD Heat Burst Dazzle Long-Wear Eyeshadow Stick – $24
Heat Burst is a beautiful metallic ruby with sparkles.

Half-Magic Burn it Down Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint + Eyeliner – $25
Burn it Down is a red-orange matte.

Half-Magic Baby Phoenix Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paint + Eyeliner – $25
Baby Phoenix is a rusty red with pink reflects.

Karla Rockabye Baby Opal Shadow Potion – $26.76
Rockabye Baby has a sheer red base and it shifts to rosy pink, rich gold, zesty lime, and red. This can be layered on top of other products, as well as used on the cheeks.

If you’re looking for an incredible bright matte eyeshadow formula, I recommend checking out Blend Bunny Cosmetics! I own both the Surge (incredible brights) and Lure (moody mermaid) palettes and the formula is fantastic.

Red Cheeks

Red Cheek Product Swatches on Fair Skin for red goth makeup ideas

From top to bottom:

Salt New York Horny Lip + Cheek Crème Tint Pro – $15
Horny is a true red cream.

Natasha Denona Bloom Puff Paint Liquid Blush – $24
Bloom is a cool-toned red that is very easy to apply.

Lethal Adorned Pressed Blush – $15.50
Adorned is a shimmery cherry red blush with raspberry pearl.

Lethal Pansy Pressed Blush – $15.50
Pansy is a shimmery raspberry red with rose pearl.

About Face Big O Cheek Freek Blush Balm – $18
Big O is a deep red that sheers out beautifully.

Danessa Myricks Cherry Bomb Vision Flush Blush – $20
Cherry Bomb is a beautiful candy apple red. It can be used on the eyes and lips as well as the cheeks.

Danessa Myricks Primary Red Color Fix – $20
Primary red is a classic red matte. Color Fix can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Urban Decay Red Flag Hydromaniac Dewy Liquid Blush – $22
Red Flag is a bright hot red-orange blush.

Rare Beauty Grateful Soft Pinch Liquid Blush – $23
Grateful is a beautiful dewy true red that pulls warm on my skin tone.

Fenty Beauty Daiquiri Dip Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush – $24
Daiquiri Dip is a soft coral red blush.

Persona Kiss DreamStick Cream Blush – $26
Kiss is a cool-toned cherry red.

KVD Snapdragon Everlasting Blush – $29.50
Snapdragon is a coco crimson, aka burgundy red wine blush.

Merit Mood Flush Balm Cream Blush – $30
Mood is a soft burgundy.

Tarte Natural Beauty Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Longwear Powder Blush – $30
Natural Beauty is a rosy red matte.

My favorites out of all of these are Persona Kiss, Danessa Myricks Cherry Bomb, and Lethal Pansy. Dave’s favorite is the Danessa Myricks Cherry Bomb.

Lip Liners

Red lip pencil swatches on fair skin outdoors direct sun Red lip pencil swatches on pale skin indoors in indirect sunlight

There are so many red lip liners (lip pencils) options available to fit a wide variety of budgets. It can be very difficult to find a cool-toned red, which is why I own so many! Only Recharged Ruby is cool toned to me.

Swatched above, from left to right – Real Red, Recharged Ruby, Poison, Red, On a Mission, Sound the Alarm

The Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liners are my current favorite lip pencils. They do seem to help my lip line stay crisp. Nyx wins the affordable budget beauty lip liner game.

Red Lips

Red Goth Makeup Ideas - red lipstick swatches on fair skin

From top to bottom:

*denotes PR

Silk Naturals Atomic Slick Stick – $4.95
Atomic is a semi-sheer red with gold glimmers. This is a hybrid betweeen a lip gloss and a lip balm in a stick.

Silk Naturals Scarlet Lip Stain – $5.49
Scarlet is a true red lip stain.

Silk Naturals Genre Velvet Matte Lipstick – $6.99
Genre is a beautiful red with gold glimmers. I love Silk Naturals, they’re such a great non-problematic indie brand!!!

Milani Poison Apple Metallic Glitter Lipstick (dc, but may come back)
It’s a deep metallic burgundy red sparkle and the best red hue Milani has ever made.

Nyx Cherry Creme Smooth Whip Blurring Matte Lip Cream – $8
Classic bright red.

*Vampyre Alone is Where the Heart is – $9.90
This is a standard lipgloss in cute Emily the Strange inspired red heart packaging.

Kaleidos Fiamma Cloud Lab Lip Clay – $12
Fiamma is a bright candy apple red with a hint of cool pink. It’s my favorite red from the Kaleidos reds that I own. I love blindingly bright neon type reds.

About Face Sudden Shift Fractal Glitter Lip Color – $14
Sudden Shift is a cool-toned ruby red with gold glitter. I’m obsessed with this red, definitely wish it had better packaging than the weird foil.

Aromaleigh Persephone Goddess Gloss – $14.39
Persephone is a rich berry red with copper sparks and subtle indigo blue shimmer.

Lime Crime Radical Red Soft Touch Lipstick – $15
Radical red is a deep blue-toned red matte.

About Face Cherry Good Cherry Pick Lip Color Butter – $15
It’s a glossy cherry red.

Black Moon Dracula Satin Lipstick – $18
Dracula is a blood red satin.

Sugarpill Luvbug Liquid Lip Color – $18
Bright blue-based red loadd with sparkles.

Sugarpill Truth or Dare Liquid Lip Color – $18
Blackened burgundy with purple and gold sparkles.

Black Moon Armageddon Liquid Lipstick – $19
Armageddon is a blackened metallic red with copper and gold flecks.

Melt Bellastona Liquid Lipstick – $19
Bellastona is a nearly neon bright candy apple red matte. This is another favorite bright.

Melt Dark Room Liquid Lipstick – $19 (dc, but they still have this in bullet lipstick form)
Dark Room is a deep vampy plummy red. I love vampy deep shades that you can still see some color to them like this.

Half Magic Self-Help Mouth Cloud Soft Matte Lip Cream – $20
Self-Help is described as a true red.

KVD Blood Flower Everlasting Hyperlight Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipstick – $23
Blue-toned red.

Smashbox Harley Quinn Be Legendary Anti-Hero Lipstick – $24 (LE, dc)
Harley Quinn is a very cool-toned red cream.

Urban Decay Unbreakable Vice Lip Bond Glossy Longwear Liquid Lipstick – $27
This is described as a power red and it’s a beautiful vivid red. I recently purchased this and it’s now 25% off at Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Raw Footage Vice Lip Bond Glossy Longwear Liquid Lipstick – $27
This is described as a merlot red. I recently purchased this one too and it’s now 25% off at Urban Decay.

Smashbox Be Seen Be Legendary Prime & Plush Lipstick – $28
Be Seen is a cool toned red and my favorite red bullet lipstick right now.

Lip Product Thoughts

My favorite glossy long-wearing lip formula right now is the UD Vice Lip Bond Glossy Longwear Liquid Lipstick. I’m thrilled that OG Backtalk is around again, as that was always my go to MLBB if I didn’t want a bold lip. Most of the time I favor a bold lip.

I very much prefer a softer liquid lipstick formula like the new KVD Everlasting Hyperlight Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipsticks. The old line had some amazing shades but the formula was so painful for me to wear my lips would peel off, which ultimately led me to rarely wearing them.

Final Thoughts

I love red makeup! From red eyes to lips to cheeks. I’m only missing two red products from my lineup right now – a great burgundy wine longwearing gel eyeliner and a stunning burgundy wine mascara. I hope to find them soon!

See all my red makeup looks for some red goth makeup inspiration!

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