Bellabeautébar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration

BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration - indie makeup

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing Bellabeautébar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration with you. I’ve had my eyes on the Basic Witch eyeshadow palette for a long time and finally was able to purchase it. The Basic Witch eyeshadow palette is made up of 15 shades. There are two holo chromes, two multichromes, and two duochromes mixed in with 9 mattes. The first look that I’ve created with Basic Witch is very summer vibes, with soft pink and green hues.

About Bellabeautébar Cosmetics

Bellabeautébar Cosmetics is an indie beauty brand born in New York that now operates out of Sarasota, Florida. In addition to being indie, they’re cruelty-free and paraben-free with their formulations. Most of their products are vegan as well. They do not use carmine in their formulations.

BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration

Everything purchased by me unless marked as PR. All opinions my own. Thanks for shopping through my affiliate links! I make a small commission off purchases made through them that I use to keep my blog, Instagram, and YouTube active.

BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration

Pink and Green Strawberry Summer Makeup Inspiration

Basic Witch Palette Look featuring BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Palette

Soft Pink and Green Eye Makeup for Summer

Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Grey (vegan)
Nyx Thick It! Brow Gel in Cool Ash Brown (vegan)

Danessa Myricks Universal Blurring Balm (vegan)
Devinah Specular Glitter Glue (use code CORDELIA to save at Devinah)(cruelty free but not vegan)
Bellabeautébar Basic Witch Palette (vegan)
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes (to blend out edges of eyeshadow)(cruelty free but not vegan)
Thrive Brynn Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara (vegan)

LA Girl Light Instant Finish Tinted Primer (cruelty free but not vegan)
Monika Blunder Blunder Under Cover in Eins (vegan)
Laura Geller Fair & Medium Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation (cruelty free but not vegan)
Aromaleigh Unrequited (use code CORDELIA to save 15% at Aromaleigh)- blush (cruelty free but not vegan)
Black Moon Catshark – highlighter (vegan)
OneSize On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray (Glitter version)(vegan)

Silk Naturals Black Magic Lip Stain (use code CORDELIA to save 10% at Silk Naturals)(vegan)
Sugarpill Flora (vegan)

Eyeshadow How-To

After I’ve applied my eyeshadow primer, this is the order I applied my eyeshadow.

  1. Apply Creep it Real to the lid, crease, and lower lid. Blend out the edges with a loose setting powder.
  2. After applying glitter glue to the lid, put Resting Witch Face on the lid.
  3. Layer Perfectly Wicked at the inner lid.
  4. Layer Cauldron at the outer lid and the lower lid.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Witch Please to the lid.
  6. Use a thin angled brush to smudge Black Cat at the outer upper lash line and the roots of the lower lashes.

BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Palette First Impressions

Green and Pink Eyes, Green Lips

I’m loving the mattes in the BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch eyeshadow palette! I mean, Creep it Real is stunning! I couldn’t get over how easy it was to apply. Even though I still have texture issues on my eyelids in my crease area from my eyes healing from my blepharoplasty, I was able to get the color to apply smoothly, though I couldn’t get the same depth of the green built up the way I wanted.

The shimmer shades are impactful! They blended together beautifully to create my own unique lid shade for this look. My first impressions are very favorable for Basic Witch.

Best Black Lip Stain

Soft Pink and green Makeup Inspiration for Summer Vibes

Ever wonder what the best black lip stain is for your lips? No need to wonder any longer it’s Silk Naturals Black Magic Lip Stain. When I was trying to determine what lip color to go with my  BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration look, I knew it needed to be black and green, so I grabbed Black Magic but couldn’t find Persephone from Silk Naturals. That’s why I used Sugarpill Flora instead of Silk Naturals Persephone.

Black Magic is a rich, cool-toned black lip stain. It stains for 24 hours and it lasts! You don’t have to worry about this lip color migrating, feathering or fading. Use this on its own or with glitter, multichrome or duochromes on top for more impact. Yes, you can use this on its own, paired with a pencil, or even with another lipstick for longer lasting lip color.

The Best Black Lip Products

Silk Naturals Black Magic is the best black lip stain. Black Moon Sleepwalker is the best black matte liquid lipstick. Urban Decay Indie Sleaze is the best glossy longwear liquid lipstick, and KVD Skully is the best black lip pencil.

I’m currently testing out several products for the coveted title of best black eyeliners. Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, Nabla Black Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo, Nyx Always Onyx Retractable Vivid Rich Eyeliner, Smashbox Fish Net Always On Gel eyeliner, and a few others.

Aromaleigh Unrequited

Cordelia is wearing Aromaleigh Unrequited blush and Sugarpill Flora on top of her lip stain

When I tell people that my undertone pulls cool, they don’t often believe me. However, it’s pretty obvious to me how my blush is pulling very warm. Unrequited is described as a warm nude buff base with a blue shimmer and it looks downright coral from some angles! My muted cool yellow undertone mixes with neutral and warmer hues to sometimes make them pull warmer on my skin tone, often in unflattering ways. Unrequited was the perfect blush for my BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration look, as I wanted something to add warmth to my cheeks without being overpowering.

Complexion Wear Tests

Cordelia is wearing Aromaleigh Unrequited blush

Yes, I promised complexion product wear tests and they’re coming soon! Products to be featured include:

I’m still in search of a talc free, baked, pressed mineral foundation. Right now I’m using Laura Geller Fair & Medium Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation. I have Tarte Amazonian Clay Blurring Powder Foundation in 12N Fair Neutral on its way to me, which is talc free, vegan and blurring, but not baked. This powder foundation is the first thing I’ve purchased from Tarte in quite a while. Why Tarte? Aside from the fact that most of my past girlfriends have worn Tarte, Tarte were one of 2 options of talc-free cruelty-free powder.

I’m so hooked on LA Girl Light Instant Finish Tinted Primer! I’m using it more than the elf power grip primer right now because of the fact that it actually blurs and it adds a little bit of color to my complexion. In my ideal world, I would just put on the LA Girl Light Instant Finish Tinted Primer, wait 90 seconds or so for it to set, then put a talc-free, baked, pressed mineral foundation on top for a satiny finish.

Makeup Musings

In the makeup world, things feel a little bleak to me. So many bloggers and YouTubers I know have quit because of the insurmountable challenges we face with Google, such as suppressing little hobby blogs like mine in favor of advertisors. When I try to google swatches of products, I’m lucky if I find a single YouTube video. I don’t even see smaller bloggers sharing swatch photos. Reddit comes up for many results, because of their deal with Google. So if there’s a little blog out there that you love, such as mine, please share it on Reddit and other places you frequent online. It may be the only way of our content getting seen these days.

I also feel like things are bleak in makeup because we haven’t seen much innovation. In a race to the bottom with the ‘fast fashion’ aspect of releases coming out lightning fast, with no time to wear test items or check for quality, we’ve got a glut of makeup on the market. Sadly, I don’t see new innovative formulas improving pain points people have, such as more blurring foundations or even blurring eyeshadow formulas.

I’ve taken great pains to move away from the fast makeup consumption mindset that I had years ago and I’ve been on a low buy for over 5 years at this point. I can’t buy and review everything that everyone asks me to, but I do my best through the purchases I make that interest me.

Final Thoughts

Pink and Green Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration

I hope you enjoy my BellaBeauteBar Basic Witch Makeup Inspiration! I finally understand why so many of you have raved about the BellaBeauteBar eyeshadow formula. It’s a pleasure to play with.

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  1. if you decide to do a blog on the anniversary of your surgery, are you planning to share almost all the pics (including some from your social media pages and youtube videos) that document the procedure? will they be censored or uncensored?

    1. Hi, I’m still planning to make a video and share photos of both my blepharoplasty and my double mastectomy. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with health issues and may need another surgery. I find out in a few weeks. I’m doing the best that I can.

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