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Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt

Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt.  I LOVE this Oracle skirt. #pastelgoth #streetgoth #moderngoth #gothicfashion #goth
Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt

Today I’m sharing a Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt outfit with you. I don’t often wear pastel goth outfits, but sometimes I find a piece that’s too cute for me to pass up. I love my Starchaser Oracle Skirt. From the moment I laid eyes on it I knew it must be mine.

As it’s been quite rainy here in Florida, I had to take these photos under the covered part of my lanai.

Cruelty-free Makeup Look

Wearing Too Faced Melted Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scream My Name Wearing Too Faced Melted Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scream My Name

Minimal Makeup
Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick in Light 1
Smashbox Primer Water in So Chill Coconut
Kat Von D Brow Struck Powder in Graphite
Too Faced Melted Metallic Matte Lipstick in Scream My Name

I’m still loving my Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick in Light 1, even if it is too pink for me in some lights. I really hope that Nudestix will make a more neutral-toned version of this one! I swear, it blends in seamlessly with my skin in most light.

I LOVE the Too Faced Melted Metallic Matte Lipstick in Scream My Name. I’ve bought like 7 of these so far. They are so good! They last all night. I’ve also got The Real Teal (metallic teal blue), I Dare You (metallic magenta), I Wanna Rock With You (metallic burgundy), Our Lips Are Sealed (metallic peachy gold), Metal Transformer (prismatic shifting lilac), and Faking It (metallic chestnut rose).

Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt OOTD

Dolls Kill Book of Spells Bag Loving my Starchaser Oracle Witch Skirt Wearing Bunny Paige Sugar Cookie Heart Sunglasses

Ray kept making me laugh so hard as I was taking these photos. The rain had made me a little glum, so he decided he had to make me smile!

Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt Summer Pastel Goth Witch Skirt

Skirt – Starchaser Oracle Skirt (Size Large, Gradient Black)
Top – PattyBoutik Cowl Neck Twist Tank Top (Size Medium, Light Purple)
Bra – Coobie Seamless Scoopneck Bra (Size Full, Lavender)
Handbag – Dolls Kill Book of Spells Bag  (similar style Killstar Necronomicon Handbag)
Sunnies – Bunny Paige Sugar Cookie Heart Sunglasses (Lavender Purple)
Necklace – Bunny Paige Paradise Spiked Heart Necklace
Earrings – Grrrlscum Pentacle Heart Earrings
Shoes – Hot Topic Lilac Combat Boots (Size 8)  (similar style by Dr Martens)

I’m going to start out by telling you what I don’t like about this outfit – the purse! I bought the Dolls Kill Book of Spells Bag because I thought it was cute and I wanted to see the quality of the Dolls Kill handbag items. I’m not impressed in the slightest. I’ve worn it twice and it already feels like it’s going to fall apart. It’s great for photos but there’s no way it will hold up to daily use and I don’t recommend buying it. That said, I’ve bought 2 Killstar bags (Blaire B*tch Messenger Bag & the Eden Backpack) and they’re much higher quality and better bags than this one. So I would recommend either the Killstar Necronomicon Handbag or the Killstar Book of Spells instead of the Dolls Kill Book of Spells Bag.

I’d been looking for a pair of purple boots for a long time when I stumbled on the Hot Topic Lilac Combat Boots. While I like them a lot and they’re very comfortable (they didn’t really require a breaking in period), I wish I had seen this pastel purple pair by Dr Martens! I prefer Dr. Martens shoes because they last forever, though they DO require you to spend time breaking them in. Regardless, the HT Lilac Combat Boots match all my purple pastel goth clothing perfectly.

I’ve mentioned PattyBoutik before to you because they’re probably my favorite brand on Amazon. This is a very comfortable summer pastel goth sleeveless Cowl Neck Twist Tank Top, which is more interesting than just a plain tank top. If a cowl neck isn’t your thing, I also have a PattyBoutik pastel purple v neck tank top that works well too.

Since it’s been so hot out lately, I decided to skip wearing a bra with underwire and pull out a Coobie Seamless Scoopneck Bra that matches this top. It doesn’t give my 36DDD’s any lift, but it’s very comfortable for the days when I just can’t deal with underwire. I first learned about Coobie bras from a PR rep who sent me a black one, which I loved. Since then I’ve bought a few other ones for days like this or lounge days. You can find Coobie bras on Amazon or their website.

I just recently ordered an oujia board inspired wrist cuff to go with this skirt, but it’s not here yet. I am wearing Grrrlscum Pentacle Heart Earrings, which work well with the pastel goth witch skirt. I also have a pair of earrings like this in black.

I absolutely love my Bunny Paige Paradise Spiked Heart Necklace! The Paradise crystals change color from purple to lavender to blue to green to turquoise. It matches this pastel goth witch skirt perfectly. And you already know how much I love my Bunny Paige Sugar Cookie Heart Sunglasses. That ‘sugar dusting’ of swarovski is so pretty! I love how it catches the light. Today is the last day of the Bunny Paige summer sale, so take advantage! I placed an order yesterday for a necklace, sunglasses and 2 chokers. I love supporting a WOC indie company!

The Starchaser Oracle Skirt is what you all came here for. It’s the PERFECT summer pastel goth witch skirt. It’s so cute, it’s kawaii! I bought it last spring. I’ve worn it a ton of different ways. It looks great with a pastel purple top, as you see here. Sometimes I wear a black top with it and put on fishnet stockings. It also looks cute with tights. If I want a fuller look with the skirt, I sometimes put on a short petticoat to puff it out. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing something like ‘5 ways to style the Starchaser Oracle Skirt.’ Starchaser also makes this skirt in a gradient mint and gradient blue purple, in case the gradient black isn’t your thing.

What would you wear this summer pastel goth witch skirt?

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