Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette Swatches

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette

Today I’m sharing the Saucebox Mermaid Life palette with you. Originally I had purchased the palette but then Saucebox sent it to me to review. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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As you may already know, Saucebox is proudly made in the USA. They use recycled materials for their packaging to reduce ocean pollution, making them eco-friendly. The ingredients are high quality. They are a sweatshop-free company.

Saucebox Mermaid Life palette features 9 full-size eyeshadows that are .14 oz each. That makes the cost of each eyeshadow $8.33.

Mermaid Life Palette

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette

I love the details on the packaging. The Saucebox girl is turned into a mermaid surrounded by a seahorse, starfish, and other sea life. I love the soft purple color chosen for the packaging. It gives this palette a fantasy feel. There has clearly been a lot of thought and care put into the design of the Mermaid Life palette.

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette is vegan and cruelty free.

Of course, the back of the packaging is pretty awesome because it tells you the names of the colors. The ingredients are easy to read. I love that the cruelty-free symbol has a poodle. It’s Phaedra approved! The big Vegan stamp is a nice touch too.

Saucebox Mermaid Life Eyeshadows

Saucebox Palettes

I wanted to include some other Saucebox palettes for reference. Make sure you check out my Batalash palette and Art Nouveau palette features.

Fairest in All the Land and Sea

I love that the palette has a big mirror inside it. Mermaid Life says, Fairest in all the Land and Sea. I think the Mermaid Life palette is so pretty!

Saucebox Mermaid Life Eyeshadows

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette Eyeshadow Swatches

Saucebox Mermaid Life Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Saucebox La Sirena swatch

La Sirena
La Sirena is a blue-toned purple with a foil finish.

Saucebox Seaside swatch

Seaside is a bright turquoise blue foil finish. It’s such a rich color.

Saucebox Kelp It Real swatch

Kelp It Real
Kelp It Real is a warm, yellow-toned green foil finish. This feels like a duochrome to me.

Saucebox Merman swatch

Merman is a soft brown with lavender silver shift. I think this one’s a bit of a duochrome.

Saucebox Shell We Dance swatch

Shell We Dance
Shell We Dance is a peach champagne shimmer.

Saucebox Pirate's Gold Swatch

Pirate’s Gold
Pirate’s Gold is a gorgeous orange-toned gold. It’s very complex and shimmery. Pirate’s Gold appears as a duochrome when swatched.

Saucebox Treasure Chest Swatch

Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest is a pumpkin orange shimmer with rusty hues. This reads as a duochrome to me.

Saucebox Moonshadows swatch

Moonshadows is a pale beige champagne satin. (ultra glow highlight)

Saucebox Warm Sand Swatch

Warm Sand
Warm Sand is a soft creamy beige satin. (soft focus highlight)

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette Swatches

Top Row – Treasure Chest – Moonshadows – Merman – Seaside – La Sirena
Bottom Row – Warm Sand – Shell We Dance – Pirate’s Gold – Kelp It Real

Saucebox Mermaid Life Palette. The best eyeshadow palette with 9 stunning eyeshadows! It has duochromes and foil finish colors. It's 100% vegan, proudly made in the USA and eco-friendly.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Saucebox Mermaid Life palette for months! I was so thrilled when it finally got here. Of course, I just had my lashes refilled, so can’t wear eyeshadow for 48 hours. However, that didn’t stop me from wanting to share swatches with you!

What do you think of the Saucebox Mermaid Life palette? My next eyeshadow tutorial will be with this palette!

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  1. Oh this is totally triggering my “Tori Amos Song Shade Name” alert! (‘Merman’) ?

  2. This is a great palette. I love the packaging as well as the colors. Those definitely say summer to me.

  3. Very pretty summer shades and a versatile range of colours. I felt that Moonshadow and Warm Sand were pretty similar to each other and a lovely lilac grey could have been included instead. Thank you for the review Phyrra.

  4. Stunning! I wanted this so bad, but I lost my job right before it came out. Not that I needed it… lol

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