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Saucebox Batalash Palette

Saucebox Batalash Palette Review Swatches Video

Hi! I wanted to share my review of the Saucebox Batalash Palette with you. This is a collaboration between Saucebox Cosmetics and the Batalash ladies. It is a limited edition palette and it will sell out! I first let you know about this palette back in April.

Saucebox Batalash Palette Review

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About Saucebox Batalash Palette
This palette includes 4 universal matte shades perfect for any occasion, 4 pearl finish shades for extra pop of color. All shades are formulated in mind with different skin tones. Limited edition.

Saucebox Batalash Review Swatches Video

Batalash for Saucebox Palette Swatches Review Video

Saucebox Batalash Palette Review Video Swatches
Saucebox Batalash Palette Review Video Swatches

I swatched the eyeshadows on bare skin in the swatches below and in the video. They will be more vibrant on primer!

Saucebox Batalash Lace Noir

Saucebox Batalash Lace Noir Swatch

Lace Noir
black, buttery soft formula, very pigmented, matte. It’s a nice black.

Saucebox Batalash Cinnamon

Saucebox Batalash Cinnamon Swatch

deep warm brown matte. The name really fits it.

Saucebox Batalash Winter Brown

Saucebox Batalash Winter Brown Swatch

Winter Brown
light wheat brown matte. I can see this being a very popular color.

Saucebox Batalash Vanilla

Saucebox Batalash Vanilla Swatch

light creamy vanilla matte, semi-sheer

Saucebox Batalash Nova

Saucebox Batalash Nova Swatch

burgundy plum shimmer. I was really sad that this wasn’t a true purple.

Saucebox Batalash Popper

Saucebox Batalash Popper Swatch

deep turquoise pearl. This is one of my favorites in the palette. However, it was not as pigmented as the rest of the pearls. It did not perform well on bare skin, which I did find disappointing.

Saucebox Batalash Electro

Saucebox Batalash Electro Swatch

bright chartreuse shimmer. My swatches don’t do this one justice as it’s more green and deeper toned than it appears here.

Saucebox Batalash Enigma

Saucebox Batalash Enigma Swatch

rusty orange copper shimmer

Saucebox Batalash Palette Swatches Video Review

I love the packaging because it’s purple and it has diamonds on it. Super cute. All of the colors were named by the Batalash ladies except for Lace Noir. I love the names Lace Noir, Electro, Popper and Winter Brown. The rest of the names are not that exciting to me. The eyeshadows easily pop out of the palette so you can move the colors around however you like them. They are also interchangeable with the Sugarpill eyeshadow palettes.

These palettes are an amazing value for the price. Each giant eyeshadow is .14 oz of product, for a total of 1.1 oz (8 eyeshadows). A typical eyeshadow from Urban Decay is .05 oz and $18 a piece, so this palette being $60 ($7.50 per eyeshadow) is a steal!

Now, I feel like all of these eyeshadows are extremely pigmented except for Vanilla and Popper. Vanilla is sort of semi-sheer. Popper is the least pigmented of the pearls, but it’s still pretty pigmented. It did not swatch or perform well on my bare skin, unlike the rest of the colors did when applied with a finger, but it did apply nicely with a brush to my bare skin. Lace Noir, Cinnamon, Winter Brown and Vanilla are all mattes. Nova, Popper, Electro and Enigma are supposed to be pops of color in a pearl finish.

I feel like Nova is sort of drab and I wish it was more of a true purple. I love how deep in tone Popper is and Electro is a lot of fun. I really like all the mattes and I think they’ll be useful staples. Batalash and Saucebox claims that these shades are flattering on all skintones, and I can definitely see that some of the shades will pop on deeper skintones.

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Do you like the Saucebox Batalash Palette? Was it what you expected to see?

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