PRK Vision Correction Surgery Update

PRK Vision Correction Surgery Update

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my PRK vision correction surgery update with you. In 2015 I had PRK vision correction surgery. You may be interested in knowing how life has been for me with better vision.

PRK Vision Correction Surgery Video

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I started wearing glasses when I was around 8 or 9 years old, and I couldn’t wear contacts until I was almost 17 years old. My parents had to wear glasses and contacts, so I don’t have great eyes genetically. Add in that I would read voraciously from a very young age, and I probably exacerbated my vision condition with eye strain as a child.

What is PRK Vision Correction Surgery?

What is PRK Vision Correction Surgery? PRK Vision Correction Surgery is a technique where the top layer of skin of your eye is removed, and a laser reshapes the cornea. It is necessary to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Photorefractive Keratectomy (what PRK stands for) is the type of refractive surgery I had to correct my myopia. I was around -9.25 or -9.50 in contacts, and I don’t remember what that translated to in my glasses. My glasses were thick and heavy, and I would pay extra money to make them as lightweight as possible. 

Is Laser Vision Correction Surgery Safe?

Is Laser Vision Correction Surgery Safe? If you see a specialized doctor, laser vision correction surgery is safe. I saw Dr. Lewis Groden at Lasik Plus in Tampa. When I saw him, he had performed over 45,000 surgeries. To date, he’s now done over 79,000 laser vision correction procedures. If I were considering eye surgery, I would look for an experienced doctor like him.

What does PRK Corrective Eye Surgery Cost?

What does PRK Corrective Eye Surgery cost? In my case, my PRK surgery cost around $4200 in total, and I was on the most expensive side because of how bad my vision was.

PRK vs. Lasik Eye Surgery

What’s the difference between PRK vs. Lasik Eye Surgery? Lasik eye surgery has a much quicker healing time, is less expensive, and is much less painful, according to my research. PRK eye surgery has a longer healing time, was more costly in my experience, and was very uncomfortable to heal from.

Is PRK Eye Surgery Worth It?

Is PRK Eye Surgery worth it? In my case, yes! So many people take their health and vision for granted, and I wake up every day grateful that I can see without having to put contacts in or wear glasses. All I could see without help were blurry shapes. And forget trying to apply makeup!

Additionally, I’ve saved a ton of money by not having to buy contacts, contact solution, glasses, and everything that goes along with them over the past 7.5 years.

Is PRK Vision Correction Surgery painful?

PRK Vision Correction Surgery is not painful, and the procedure does not hurt. However, healing from the surgery was quite painful, in my experience.

What’s my vision like now?

7.5 years after my surgery, I still have 20/20 vision, which is fantastic. I never had 20/20 vision in my life before the surgery. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to have excellent vision. When I was a teenager, if I had been granted three wishes, I would have wished for perfect vision as one of those wishes.

However, I do have a slight astigmatism again. This is due to spending 50 to 70 hours a week at previous jobs staring at multiple computer monitors for too many hours a day and not getting enough time outdoors.

Why did your astigmatism reappear?

My astigmatism reappeared after spending too many hours looking at multiple computer screens, causing eye strain. I now have glasses that I wear only when I am looking at a computer. I don’t need the glasses any other time, such as when I’m using my phone, reading on my iPad, or watching tv.

So you wear glasses?

Yes, I wear glasses when I’m working. The nature of my work now, thankfully, only requires me to look at one screen at a time. I take more breaks, spend more time outdoors, and have less eye strain now.

My Coach Glasses from the Doctor’s Office

Coach Teal Blue Black Glasses

These were the only frames at my Rogienski EyeCare doctor’s office that fit my petite face shape. Most glasses there were huge on me, and they had a small selection of frames. The eye doctor and staff are excellent and provided me with outstanding care. I highly recommend Rogienski EyeCare in the greater Tampa area. I love supporting my local small businesses!

Purple Cat Eyes

Purple Cat Eye Glasses

At Dave’s suggestion, I ordered two extra pairs of glasses in case I somehow misplaced or broke my glasses from Rogienski EyeCare. My magical bestie Carlye recommended ZeeLool for cute, inexpensive frames, as she’s used their site for years. My two pairs of glasses with my astigmatism script, blue light blocking, easy cleaning features, etc., were around $220, so $110 a pair. This pair of purple cat eyeglasses look cute!

Green Cat Eye Glasses

Green Cat Eye Glasses

I love the black and green cat eyeglasses frames the best. I’m thankful now that I am no longer working 50 to 70 hours a week and causing my eyes excessive eye strain that my astigmatism has stabilized. I’m incredibly grateful that I still have 20/20 vision.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia is wearing green cat eye glasses

Even though I now have slight astigmatism, requiring me to wear glasses while working, I am grateful to have had PRK vision correction surgery. I am thankful to wake up daily and see clearly without glasses or contacts. PRK vision correction surgery greatly improved my quality of life and daily living.

Have you ever considered PRK Vision Correction Surgery or Lasik Eye Surgery? If you’ve had surgery, what was your experience like?

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