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Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette

Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette

Today I’m bringing you my review of the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette. I bought this last year because it kind of looked like the perfect all-in-one palette to me, and I was curious about the quality of it. Lunar Beauty, by MannyMUA, is a cruelty-free beauty brand. They are PETA certified but not Leaping Bunny certified.

Where to Buy
Lunar Beauty, Sephora


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Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette Swatches

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette swatches on fair skin

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette swatches on light skin

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette swatches on pale skin

Row 1 – Cake Face – Campy – Kai Kai – Fishy – Kiki – Beat – Legendary
Row 2 – Shady – Pageant Queen – Snatched – Trade – Mug – Sickning – Hunty

  • Cake Face: Matte pure white
  • Shady: Matte pure black
  • Sickning: Matte soft peach transition shade
  • Trade: Matte deep burgundy
  • Hunty: Matte cool tone brown
  • Mug: Matte deep warm brown
  • Campy: Matte bright Yellow
  • Kai Kai: Matte Bright Pink
  • Pageant Queen: Matte purple
  • Snatched: Matte deep red shade
  • Kiki: Matte soft mint shade
  • Fishy: Satin blue shade
  • Beat: Micro glitter foiled peach shade
  • Legendary: Micro glitter foiled gold shade

Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Look

Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette in Snatched, Hunty, Cake Face, Shady, Trade

See the details on my red Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette Look.

Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette Review

Let me get it out of the way that when I bought the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette, there was something shady going on. I paid $45 plus $6.50 for shipping, so a total of $51.50. Later I got a message that my payment had never been claimed by Lunar Beauty. The person asked me to send the payment to them marked friends and family so that they wouldn’t have to pay the PayPal fee. I did that without asking, and then later realized that maybe they had never claimed the payment in the first place so they could avoid paying fees to PayPal.

As I mentioned above, I felt like the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette was sort of the perfect all-in-one palette. It has bright mattes, it has workhorse neutrals, and a few shimmer shades. It’s not a palette that’s half brown. All of this convinced me to buy it. I certainly don’t regret buying it.

If this palette had been created by Sugarpill, I think everyone would have screamed how amazing it was. Because it was by MannyMUA, I think it has been less well received. I put it on par with my Jeffree Star eyeshadow palettes in terms of quality.

For me, the eyeshadow formula performs about as well as my Jeffree Star palettes. Which is to say it’s ok, not amazing, and has room for improvement. It’s still very workable, it’s just not Melt or Saucebox or Urban Decay. Some of the shades are stiffer than others but they can still be built up and blended out.

As far as the shade range goes, Mug and Trade are the only two shades that I don’t like in the palette. Kiki didn’t perform well but was workable. After seeing the awesome duochrome in the Makeup Geek MannyMUA palette, I was surprised Manny didn’t add a duochrome or two in the Life’s a Drag palette.

I’ve recommended this palette to a few of my cosplay friends who wanted a good all-in-one palette for conventions and they’ve loved it. They have been able to create a wide range of fantasy looks with it. I’ve enjoyed playing with it a time or two, but it’s not a palette I reach for in my collection right now. I’m far more into Melt Smoke Sessions & Saucebox Secret Garden.

If you’re looking for a palette that can take you from the office to a night out to a weekend at a fantasy convention, the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette is for you!

If you’re looking for strictly cosplay, you can’t go wrong with the Viseart Bright Editorial Palette.

What do you think of the Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette?


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  • Fun colors! I feel like I would have no idea where to start since I rarely wear brights – but I love the look you created!

  • Nice Review. I love the colors in the palette except for the two blue tones. I would find a way to wear them anyway; like as a thick smoky eyeliner, surrounded by brown probably. Or maybe I could pull off a blue, purple and black look.. who knows. Hm.. Maybe I do want this palette XD

  • I don’t think the colors all swatch the way that they look in the palette. That happens to me with PUR eyeshadows so I’ve stopped buying them. I’m sure these brights will be loved by many people though.

  • I love the shades in the palette! There’s so many palettes I want to try though that Lunar beauty is not yet at the top of my list 🙂

  • love the bold colors BUT I am not brave enough to wear them…..

    love love the way you did your eye in this picture…. its bold but it is so blended in each color is there but fades into the next one…..

  • While too many brights for me, it does look like a fun palette. It’s a little pricey. I would prefer the Melt Smoke Obsession too. The thing about the company not wanting to pay the PayPal fee is a little weird since they use the service.

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