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The Best Wedding Nails

The Best Wedding Nails

The Best Wedding Nails

Today I’m sharing the best wedding nails, ever! Seriously though, I think this manicure would make a beautiful bride or wedding guest manicure. I love unique looking manis, as I’m sure you know by now. I often do accent nails with Swarovski crystals.

I wanted a blingy, gorgeous, unique nail art design for my trip to Sweden. Diamond (my awesome nail tech) and I decided that an entire mani of Swarovski Crystalpixie would be sublime!

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Tampa Nail Artist

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Swarovski Crystalpixie Nail Art Manicure

The Best Wedding Nails: Swarovski Crystalpixie nail art

This photo was taken right after Diamond finished my manicure. I have a hard gel base on top of my natural nails. Diamond set the Swarovski Crystalpixie crystals into a gel base and then we cured it under the LED light to create this gorgeous nail art.

Swarovski Crystalpixie Nail Art

This photo shows the how the Swarovski Crystalpixie crystals are really glowy under daylight bulbs. They really catch the light.

Wedding Manicure

Here’s a photo of this wedding manicure in direct light. I love how the crystals look like little rainbows. This photo and the photo with flash are the most true to what I see with my eyes.

Wedding Nails Three Weeks Later

Fake Nails - a hard gel manicure

I took these photos last night when I was at Marlowe’s Tavern in Tampa. Even in low light conditions and when my manicure is 3 weeks old, it still looks fabulous.

Gel Nails

I took the same photo that I took above, only I used flash. I just love that my 3 week old manicure is still garnering comments!

What do you think of my best wedding nails manicure? Are you in love with swarovski like I am? Have you ever had a Swarovski Crystalpixie nail art mani?

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  • That’s so pretty. They still look amazing after three weeks! Makes it worth the expense, especially for a wedding.

  • Beautiful nails,.. After my baby I literally have not applied nail polish,.. 🙁 I have severe organizing OCD, so after office work and baby care, i dont have any time left for pampering my self,.. This post is making me get time for manicure and beautiful shiny nail polish,..

  • I really like that she mixed them in a gel so that they wouldn’t pick off. I had this really cool manicure once with crystals but she just glue-fixed them on and swiped gel top coat around the gems and I lost the majority within 3 days.

  • I think it’s a beautiful mani but the texture would drive me bonkers – I would likely try to pick bits off!

  • These are really pretty! I’m generally more of a simple polish fan, but there are times I would love to have my nails like this!

  • i love the nails and the detail is so good. Theis would make a wedding lookglammed up.

  • I’m torn on these. I do have polishes that achieve the same finish but without the texture. I’d probably rock those instead.

  • These are so fun! I love all of the sparkles. I think it’s a perfect mani for any day! They still look amazing after 3 weeks. WOW!!!

  • My niece is a blig girl and she would love love these nails, beautiful. I have never had my nails done so don’t really know how long they last. But I do know that if I had my nails shaped like that I would end up poking my self bad. 🙂

  • I am hyperventilating I love those nails so much! You don’t even have to go to a wedding or be a bride to wear that stunning man! I can’t believe it lasted for 3 weeks, wow

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