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Lorac Neon Lights Palette Swatches

Lorac Neon Lights Palette Swatches on Fair Skin

Lorac Neon Lights Palette

Happy Friday! This is the Lorac Neon Lights Palette swatches. I wanted to bring you something bright and colorful today. Because I’ve had this stupid stye for about a week and a half, it’s meant no makeup on my face, which makes me sad. So I swatched a lot of things to cheer myself up, like the new Lorac Neon Lights.

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Lorac Neon Lights Palette Swatches

Lorac Neon Lights Palette Swatches on Pale Skin

Lorac Neon Lights Palette Swatches on Fair Skin

Row 1 – Bolt, Indie, Adult, Cocktails, Party
Row 2 – Atomic, Girls, Blue Not, Haze, Disco

  • Indie (light warm sand) (matte)
  • Bolt (bright yellow) (matte)
  • Girls (neon pink) (matte)
  • Atomic (hot orange) (matte)
  • Blue Note (cobalt blue) (matte)
  • Party (icy white) (shimmer)
  • Adult (fire red) (metallic)
  • Cocktails (magenta) (shimmer)
  • Haze (electric purple) (metallic)
  • Disco (blue) (metallic)

I find I prefer to take swatches outdoors these days with my lawn as a backdrop. The swatches always look more true to color that way. The Lorac Neon Lights Palette swatches beautifully. I wish I had been able to wear the eyeshadow to give it a proper test, but that’s why this is swatches and not a review. Can’t wait for an excuse to wear it soon!

What Lorac Says About the Neon Lights Palette

First rule of the Neon Lights club: follow the signs for an all-night party. The Lorac Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow Palette features 10 shades in fluorescent mattes and electric shimmers to create the ultimate buzz at the scene. Supported by dives, raves and festivals near you. Using a brush (not included) apply the pigments, building and blending to create your desired look.


  • Intense, saturated shades
  • High color pay-off
  • Extreme staying power
  • Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Gluten Free
  • Always Cruelty Free

Is it safe to use?

Nowhere that I can see, does it say not safe for use in eye area on Ulta’s website or on Lorac’s website. I’m still a little miffed that the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Neon Pink  & Neon Green palettes I bought didn’t have a disclaimer on Sephora’s site, either. Brands need to be putting that information onto the packaging where it can easily be read, not buried in the fine print, in addition to having that information available online.

And no, I have not poured over the ingredients listing for this palette to see if they are using any ingredients that are EU approved but not USA FDA approved. If you want to know more about the FDA, FDA approved glitter, neon ingredients and more, check out this surreal exchange I had with the FDA a few years ago. Glitter & Neons in Cosmetics – Are there Unsafe Ingredients?

Festival Wear

What I wore to Sunset Music Festival 2019
What I wore for Sunset Music Festival – Sugarpill Sub-Zero, Urban Decay Electric Empire, Black Moon Catshark, a Tomboy X Swim top, a sheer metallic shirt on top of that, and black shorts. Plus, my killer Open the Cellar Door necklace.
My family
My family – Ray and Dave and me
Mickey & Nick & Me
Mickey & Nick & Me – my other boys! Love them bunches.

I also want to point out, as someone who has been to two rather large festivals recently (Sunset Music Festival in Tampa and Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando), I RARELY see people at festivals wearing a ton of eyeshadow. I see lots and lots of stick on gems on skin, body glitter, UV body paint, liquid lipsticks, and more glitter. Urban Decay’s Sparkle Out Loud collection is perfect for the festivals I’ve been to.

I rarely see a full beat face, as it’s hot outside, people are there all day and get sweaty, so they often skip it. A lot of people wear swimsuits or lingerie, or clear see through dresses. It often looks like everyone shopped on the Dollskill website. I love it, but I also feel right at home at Dragon Con when you can walk between Merida, a 501st storm trooper, and someone dressed as a werecat in full head-to-toe body paint.

What do you wear to festivals, conventions, and the like? Where will you wear the Lorac Neon Lights Palette?



  • I thought Lorac wasn’t cruelty-free? Has there been any changes with their stance? Also, I adore the looks! You look flawless! :3

  • Am I the only one getting URBAN decay electric palette vibes here??? This is so out the box for Lorac, but I am intrigued! They have one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas!

  • You are so gorgeous! Love seeing you out and about! I was at DragonCon last year but never got the chance to see you.

  • I cannot wait to see a tutorial with this! I’d also love to see a comparison/showdown of bright/neon palettes! I really like your festival look, too.

  • This palette is beautiful. So many bright, neon palettes have been coming out. Just not which one to get yet. Nice to see you with your family.

  • I agree brands need to be more forth coming about their cruelty free status and the ingredients used in their products. I don’t know why they refuse to clearly indicate their status.

  • My daughter has been eyeing neon palettes like this. I’m curious about your looking for disclaimers that an eyeshadow palette is safe for use around the eyes. Why would they even have to say that? It’s an EYEshadow palette. Is there something I should know?

  • Your look is beautiful. Makes me wanna try those Black Moon highlighters! Love seeing you with your family. Such an inspiration. 💙💜💚

  • You look awesome and I love seeing your whole family together. This might go on the Ulta wishlist.

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