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Top Poodle Myths Busted!

Top Poodle Myths Busted!

Top Poodle Myths Busted!

Top 11 Poodle Myths Busted! Today I’m myth busting the top 11 poodle myths that I’ve heard about standard poodles. You know I love poodles. Because I have a chronic invisible illness (my anxiety and PTSD), it was important to me to choose the right companion dog to make my life better. After tons of research, we decided on standard poodles for our family because they are wonderful, sensitive, intuitive dogs that make great service dogs, assistance dogs, reading dogs, working dogs, companion dogs and more. I’ve heard so many crazy rumors and myths surrounding my favorite dogs that I just had to dispel them. Standard poodles are the best dogs ever, in my experience. Hopefully you’ll find this entertaining and educational!

Top Poodle Myths Busted Video

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Thanks for letting me share my poodle obsession with you! I hope you enjoyed hearing about these crazy poodle myths and the reality behind them. Poodles are truly great all around dogs that excel at being companions and working dogs. They’re wonderful therapy pets, as well as talented hunters. They’re excellent with children and old folks alike. I love them to bits!



  • Your dogs are so beautiful! Always love hearing facts about animals! We have 3 cats atm…hopefully when we move into a bigger place we can get a dog too. Honestly, I would love to have a lot of acreage and have tons of different animals!

  • This was a fun video and great info on poodles! Maybe my next will be one – yours sure are gorgeous. I currently have a Pomchi – Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix that we rescued almost 9 years ago named HoneyCake. She’s been my constant companion through 4 abdominal surgeries, medical ordered house confinement (thanks to my compromised immune system), and other chronic illness issues. I understand how important it is to have a companion dog/animal that will fit your life the best. ❤️

  • I would love to get a poodle, especially the ‘Moyen’ that you mentioned in your video. However, I believe in adopting rather than buying, and I have yet to see any that need to be rescued!

  • We used to have miniature poodles growing up…they were very smart and great family pets for us even though we moved a lot…My grandma had cocoa puff who was a standard poodle and my my aunt still has standard poodles living with her as her companions…she is a single woman living with diabetes and I am sure the dogs would try and help if something went wrong…

  • Love the expressions that seem to be on your fur babies faces. You can tell how loved they are!

  • i have never been a fan of poodles but that is just me. i dont really like the toy poodles either. i go to dog shows a lot and the grooming takes a lot of time as my girls take a lot of time as well. i know they are supposed to be great hunting dogs, and the cut is designed to keep them warm. there is a great couple that are show dog handlers in mebane, nc, they raise and show poodles all over the country and in europe. they do very well and are wonderful with dogs. i am thinking abt getting 2 new dogs, and having them show and handle them for me. i just hate that so many people use poodles to make other breeds, like the labradoodles, golden doodles, etc. they are good because they dont shed and good for people that have allergies, they make excellent pets. i think people that know dogs generally like poodles, and know abt them. most people would never think of them as hunting dogs. the teacup is terrible, they have so many health issues. some dogs like to be around people more than other dogs. my late min. schnauzer loved to be around people, she did not play much with other dogs. i have had 4 min. schnauzers, all girls, i currently have 2 and will be getting another one soon as well as the new russell terrier. i prefer small dogs mainly because they live longer. when my oldest died 2 yrs ago, i did not get out of bed for a week. even today i still have crying spells. if i could i would have lots of different breeds that i like. when i would go to the dog shows with my breeder she would laugh at me because i would say i want one of those, and one of those. then she would proceed to tell me the pros and cons of the different dogs i liked. poodles are known for being smart. i think everyone should have a dog. they are the very best friends you can have. there are lots of myths about many breeds. people always tell me my girls are so well behaved, they dont bark like other schnauzers, it is how they are raised. just like with bully breeds (i hate the pit bull name- bad connotation), because they are very sweet and have a higher temperament than many dogs, they were knows as nanny dogs. it is just how they are raised and socialized. many breeds have changed over the years but that has to do with the akc and breeders. schnauzers are one of the breeds that have not changed over the years. english bull dogs have really changed, not to the better, boston terriers, french bull dogs, german shepherds ( i would never buy a gs bred in america), etc. ….the show ring has really hurt many breeds. glad you are a doggy person!

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