Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette

Juvia's Place the Douce Palette Review & Swatches on pale skin
Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette

I’ve had the Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette for a long time now but never put up a review or swatches on it. So today I’m sharing my swatches of the Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette with you. I adore this palette. Juvia’s Place is a cruelty-free indie beauty brand that is also a black-owned beauty brand.

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Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette

Juvia's Place the Douce Palette

The packaging is very simple cardboard with no mirror. It’s sturdy and compact, making it ideal for travel. I’ve traveled with it several times with no issue.

Juvia's Place the Douce Palette

One thing to know, my palette does not say how big the eyeshadow pans are or how much product they hold. Nor does it list ingredients. I think all of this information was on the outer packaging that you throw out, which isn’t helpful. The back of this palette would have been the perfect place to print this information. It’s not available on the Juvia’s Place website. However, the Juvia’s Place website leads me to believe that this palette is vegan. Their website FAQ claims that most products are vegan and that the Warrior palette is not.

Visually, these eyeshadow pans appear to be the same size as Sugarpill eyeshadow singles or Saucebox eyeshadow singles.

Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette Look

Ride or Die Makeup Tag Cruelty Free Makeup Look
Me wearing the Douce Palette. See the details for this look.

Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette Swatches

Juvia's Place the Douce Palette swatches on pale skin

Top row – Mont Blanc – Crepes – Creme – Tart
Bottom row – Macarons – Chocolat – Berry Mousse – Custard – Puffs

Tart – iridescent white with pink shift. I love this color for highlighting or the inner lid. Makes a gorgeous face highlighter, too.

Puffs – frosty pink with silvery white shift. I use this as a lid color.

Custard – bright magenta pink matte. It’s an awesome bright crease color. I consider this a neon shade.

Creme – bright coral pink matte. It’s another bright crease or lid color. It’s close to a neon shade.

Berry Mousse – light peachy tan matte. I can use this as a transition or nude crease color.

Crepes – burnt coral orange matte. It makes a good crease color and works for a monochromatic look with Creme.

Mont Blanc – metallic silvery green. Honestly this kind of reminds me of the color of money.

Chocolat – deep brown matte. You can use this as an accent color or liner shade.

Macarons – sparkling mint green. It’s a pretty lid color.

Honestly, you could use shades like Custard, Creme, or Puffs as blush in addition to eyeshadow. I know some people mix Chocolat, Berry Mousse and Crepes to fill in their brows. If you have very fair skin, you could use Berry Mousse as a contour shade.

I really love Tart, Custard and Creme, as those are the standout shades in the Douce palette for me.

What do you think of the colors in the Juvia’s Place the Douce Palette? How would you wear them?

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