Graphic Blue Makeup Inspiration

Graphic Blue Makeup Inspiration 2024

Hello, Hex Squad! Today I’m sharing my graphic blue makeup inspiration with you. As part of my art therapy last night, I played with makeup and created a gorgeous blue makeup look to share with you. I don’t normally do cut creases, but I was curious if it would look nice on my oily, deepset eyes. And I’ve been practicing Mickey’s techniques for skin, by layering powder products on top of cream for more dimension to my complexion. I’ve included instructions on how I put my look together.

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Graphic Blue Makeup Inspiration

Blue Makeup Inspiration on blue-green eyes

graphic makeup inspiration Graphic blue makeup inspiration

blue purple holochrome makeup inspiration

Cordelia is wearing pink cool toned blushes

Flower Beauty Plum Cream and Chrome pencil (cruelty-free)
Nyx Clear The Brow Glue (vegan)

Devinah Prelusion eyeshadow primer (vegan)(use code CORDELIA to save at Devinah)
Nyx Sapphire Bling Vivid Rich mechanical pencil (vegan)
Blend Bunny Lure Palette (the Deep, Sea Nymph)(vegan)
Natasha Denona Xenon Palette (Contrail)(cruelty-free)
Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion (vegan)
Kaleidos Night of Creation pencil (vegan)
Adept Cyborg Choir (Binary Beat, my favorite shade)(vegan)
Stila Marine Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (LE)(cruelty-free)
Covergirl Ultramarine Black Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Mascara (vegan)
Half-Magic Iridescent Sparkle Self-adhesive face gems
Other Self-Adhesive Face Gems

Elf Power Grip primer (vegan)
Rare Beauty Bright Side Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick (vegan)
Persona Bubble Dreamstick Cream Blush (vegan)
Jason Wu Opal Highlighter Stick (vegan)
Monika Blunder Eins Blunder Cover All in One Foundation (vegan)
Laura Geller Fair and Medium Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation (cruelty-free)
Too Faced Candy Clouds Cloud Crush Blush (cruelty-free)
REM Pinking of U Hypernova Satin Matte Blush (vegan)
KimchiChic Beauty Double Diamonds (blue side) KimChi x Trixie BFF4EVR WTHighlight (cruelty-free)
Blackmoon Catshark Moonlighter (vegan)
OneSize On Til Dawn Spray (vegan)

Half-Magic Beauty Honestly, Yes Sculptitude 2-in-1 Lip Liner (vegan)
Danessa Myricks It Girl Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed (vegan)
Half-Magic Y2k Cherub Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss (vegan)

Graphic Blue Eye Makeup How-To

holochrome makeup inspiration

  1. After applying my Devinah Prelusion eyeshadow primer and letting it set for a minute, I took Nyx Sapphire Bling Vivid Rich mechanical pencil and lined the lower lash line, extending it out towards the end of my brow, then created a curving wave line from my inner crease towards the end of my brow.
  2. With a stiff detail brush, I smudged Blend Bunny The Deep on top of Sapphire Bling.
  3. Using another small detail brush, I blended Blend Bunny Sea Nymph into the top edge of The Deep, blending upwards towards my brow.
  4. Taking a small fluffy brush I used Natasha Denona Contrail to blend out the edges of Sea Nymph.
  5. Urban Decay Eden primer was perfect for cutting the crease underneath The Deep with a small lip brush.
  6. I used my finger to tap Adept Binary Beat onto my lid and a silicone brush to get it into the inner corner and between the wing liners.
  7. Stila Marine liquid liner was used along the upper lash line, as thin as I could manage.
  8. Kaleidos Night of Creation pencil was applied at the roots of the lower lashes.
  9. After curling my lashes, Covergirl Ultramarine Black Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Mascara provided the finishing touch.

Complexion How-To

Monika Blunder Eins Blunder Cover All in One Foundation worn by Cordelia

  1. After applying the Elf Power Grip primer, I let it set for a minute. Then I applied Rare Beauty Bright Side as a cream contour around the perimeter of my face and blended.
  2. Persona Bubble cream blush went onto the apples of my cheeks and I blended with my fingertips.
  3. Jason Wu Opal was applied in a C shape around my eyes, as well as the center of the forehead and down the nose.
  4. I applied a thin layer of Monika Blunder Eins, mostly in a stippling motion. Then I went back with a damp sponge to remove any excess product.
  5. Laura Geller Medium foundation was applied around the perimeter of my face.
  6. I used the IT Brushes Soft Focus Blush Brush to apply Too Faced Candy Cloud, then Pinking of U.
  7. The Sigma Beauty x Samantha Ravndahl fan brush was used to apply KimChi Double Diamonds, then Blackmoon Catshark to the high points of my face.
  8. Laura Geller Fair foundation was used to blend the edges of everything.
  9. I set everything with OneSize On Til Dawn Spray.

Lips How-To

  1. I outlined my lips with Half-Magic Honestly, Yes pencil.
  2. With my fingertip I tapped Danessa Myricks It Girl onto my lips.
  3. I added some extra shine with Half-Magic Y2k Cherub gloss.

IT Brushes Soft Focus Blush Brush Review

IT Brushes Soft Focus Blush Brush is so good! I buy IT Brushes from Ulta whenever they’re on sale. This one is $26 normally. IT Brushes Soft Focus Blush Brush is great at applying a soft sheer layer of blush. I tend to be heavy handed, so I really appreciate a tool that helps to counter that. The angled shape is good for application on my face shape, so I don’t go too low, too. The only thing I don’t like about IT Brushes is that the handles are way too thick and take up too much space in my brush holder. If you’re looking for a blush brush to help apply a sheer wash of blush evenly, the IT Brushes Soft Focus Blush Brush is one to consider.

See my Best Brushes for Hooded Eyes feature.

Flower Beauty Cream & Chrome Eyeliner Duo Review

I’ve been experimenting with different pink, wine, and plum eyeliners as eyebrow pencils to go with my Manic Panic Pink Warrior hair. I purchased the Plum/Pewter Cream & Chrome Eyeliner Duo and adore the Plum side! I still haven’t worn the Pewter. The eyeliner applies easily and blends out with a spoolie to give my brows color and shape. I get all day wear with primer. I don’t often hear people talk about Flower Beauty, but I appreciate this affordable pencil.

See my Flower Beauty Liquid Kajal Blendable Eyeliners review.

Stila Marine Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Review

I love the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners. When the Marc Jacobs liquid eyeliner was discontinued, I went to Stila. Recently, I bought 2 of the new shades, Marine and Cosmic Pink. Marine is a gorgeous deep cool-toned blue-green hue that really helps my eyes to pop. I like that I’m able to use the delicate pointy tip to precisely line my upper lashline. The formula does not bleed or feather on me, though I use it on top of eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow. Marine pairs beautifully with Covergirl’s Ultramarine Black mascara.

If you’ve grown bored of wearing black eyeliner, but still want a deep shade that will brighten your eyes, take a look at Stila Marine liquid eyeliner. I love it!

See my previous Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner review with many different colors.

Adept Cosmetics Cyborg Choir Palette Review

First, let me tell you about the Adept Cosmetics Cyborg Choir Palette. It’s 100% vegan and doesn’t contain talc, glitter, mica, oil, or BHT. The shimmer formula is extra flaky, so it’s best when you use a sticky primer or one meant for glitter with the holo chrome shades. Additionally, this is a paraben free formula that will expire 1 year after the palette is opened. There is also a warning that if you’re allergic to aluminum, please avoid this palette.

Second, several shades in the palette are marked as not for use in the immediate eye area in the USA, but they are approved for use in the EU. I trust the EU’s equivalent to the USA’s FDA more, so I am comfortable using these shades in my immediate eye area.

Third, I love that Adept Cosmetics gets into the nitty gritty when discussing the packaging and creation. The outer packaging is 47% upcycled materials, which I appreciate. And the lab where the palette is created is in Hong Kong and is now 60% powered by solar energy. I’ve never seen any other brand mention this.

Cyborg Choir Formula

Now on to the formula. I love the shimmer formula and find it very multidimensional. The holochrome shades do have what appear to be glitter flakes that look similar to fallout unless you use a sticky primer or glitter glue. The matte formula is a buildable one and it’s interesting. I prefer the shimmers to the mattes, but I like the mattes. The mattes remind me a little of Lethal’s formula. Adept’s holochrome formula is unique in my collection and I really enjoy playing with it. Zero regrets on purchasing it. If you’re looking for unique, beautiful indie holochrome eyeshadows, I recommend checking out Adept Cosmetics Cyborg Choir.

Also, love the Cyborg Choir name! It makes me think of Star Trek, which I find inspirational.

See brush and finger swatches of the Adept Cosmetics Cyborg Choir palette.

Final Thoughts

Makeup Inspiration for Alternative, Edgy, Fun people

Makeup is often art therapy for me, and last night was no exception. I love to play with color and makeup. Best of all? If I hate it, I just wipe it off and start again. Don’t be afraid to try new looks. Add some crystals for fun. Or throw on a stamp. What new makeup trend are you into? Is there one you want me to try?

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