Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar Outfit Inspiration

Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar Outfit Inspiration

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar Outfit Inspiration. Recently I went to the Nude Nite St. Pete Art gallery event because I love to support local artists and businesses. I was thrilled for my first opportunity to get dressed up and go out.

Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar Outfit Inspiration

I’ve had my Hot Topic Black PVC Suspender skirt for a year with the tags on it because of not having an opportunity or event to wear it to. I also wasn’t even sure how I would style it until I laid eyes on the beautiful, red latex Lively Ghosts Temptress Collar.

Cordelia, Dave, and Ami at the art gallery
Cordelia, Dave, and Ami at the art show. This is the only photo I have that includes my shoes.

Red Temptress Collar Inspiration

Sheer Black Top with Red PVC Collar

Red and Black gothic makeup and outfit

For all the details on the makeup look check out Lethal Bismuth Dark Matter Makeup.

Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar (PR)(code CORDELIA to save you money)
Sheer Black Flocked Bats Shirt with Mandarin Collar (similar style)
Parfait Black Mia Dot Bra
Hot Topic Social Collision Black PVC Suspender Skirt
ISLYNYC Bite Me Earrings (PR)
Heart Statement Ring
Betsey Johnson Black Graffiti Love Crossbody Heart Purse
Naturalizer Black Patent Heels

Lively Ghosts Temptress Collar

Red Latex Temptress Collar

I’m so grateful to have been sent the Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar as part of my PR package! It helped me style an incredible outfit that garnered lots of compliments at the event. It’s currently on sale at Lively Ghost’s website for $15, along with many other items. If you want to shop their sale, you can use my code CORDELIA to save you money.

See more Lively Ghosts in my Lively Ghosts Witch Fashion feature.

Hot Topic Social Collision Black PVC Suspender Skirt

I loved this Hot Topic Social Collision Black PVC Suspender Skirt from the moment I set eyes on it and knew I wante to add it to my skirt collection as it has pockets and I had previously donated all of my PVC wear since it no longer fit me. What I realized after wearing it out last weekend is that I need to get the straps tailored to make them short enough to fit me. While the straps are adjustable in the back, I swear it was made for someone with a giant torso. I used safety pins, very punk, to get them adjusted for the night.

Parfait Black Mia Dot Bra

Parfait Black Mia Dot Bra

The Parfait Mia Dot Bras are my favorite bras to wear and I’m glad that I’m no longer having to wear surgical bras all the time. I own this style in Cameo Rose (light creamy beige), Black, Light Orchid (purple), Red, and Bright Pink. The cups are wirefree, which I appreciate. The Parfait Bra is easy to handwash (here’s my favorite no-rinse handwashing soap, I use Fig) and provides excellent support for my large chest.

While I love this longline design, I did have to alter every single one of these bras to add a non-slip silicone grip elastic band at the bottom of each one to prevent the bra from rolling up. I don’t know why the brand didn’t design it to not roll up.

The Parfait Mia Dot Bras are perfect for me to wear under sheer shirts and enhance any fit! I love the extra strappy detail too. I’m a UK 32F / US 32G, so it can sometimes be difficult to find bras in the styles that I love that also fit me.

ISLYNYC Bite Me Earrings

I adore the red ISLYNYC Bite Me Earrings and they are such a cute accent to this fit. They’re cute for gothic lovecore and I appreciate their playful nature. These are available again for $30.

Betsey Johnson Black Graffiti Love Crossbody Heart Purse

I’ve raved many times about my love of my Betsey Johnson Black Graffiti Love Crossbody Heart Purse. From the fun color palette with reds, pinks, and purples, to the large than expected carrying capacity, and the detailing on the detachable strap, it’s adorable.

I love a lot of Betsey Johnson cute handbags and jewelry. I’ve never tried her clothes or shoes but I’ve been very curious about both, especially the shoes. The Purple Cady Rhinestone Boots are so fun but I worry about their comfort and durability.

Naturalizer Black Patent Heels

I think I need to retire my Naturalizer Black Patent Heels as they’re close to ten years old and no longer are comfortable to wear after three hours of walking or standing on concrete floors. My feet were sore after we watched the second burlesque show at the art event, so we left and had a delicious dinner at The Lure in St. Pete. I love to order the Kenny.

Statement Rings

I love to wear statement rings and I’ve picked up a few over the past year. I have a big black heart and the big red heart statement ring you see in the photos above that are from Amazon. There’s a beautiful blue morpho butterfly ring in my collection as well and it matches earrings my Dad gave me.

Black Harness Suspenders

Handsome Dave and Cordelia together, dressed up for a night at the art show Dave is wearing a white Barbell dress shirt Black Harness Suspenders White Shirt

This was the first event where Dave wore his black harness suspenders. I ordered these for him and he looks amazing in them!

Final Thoughts

Cordelia is wearing Black Moon Armageddon Lipstick and Too Faced Velvet Crush Blush

I love having themed events to get dressed up for, as well as going to art shows and galleries. Seeing more local artists is always a win as well. I do enjoy going to the Dali museum and seeing the rotating collections that visit.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I style the Lively Ghosts Red Latex Temptress Collar. What are you up to this weekend? It’s rest, rest, and more rest for me.

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  1. Glad to see you are back in the swing. Makeup fabulous as ever!! You should be a makeup guru on movie sets!!

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