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Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Review

Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Review

Welcome, foolish mortals! Today I’m excited to share my Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Review with you. It has swatches, as well as a hooded eyes makeup tutorial too! I LOVE well-curated small collections like this. I purchased 3 of the 4 shades I’m featuring and 1 was sent in PR. Please let me know your thoughts on the Victorian Oddities collection, swatches and tutorial. If you have any video requests, please share those too!

Where to Buy
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Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Video

Please watch the video on YouTube for Closed Captioning in English!

The video contains my full review, along with my hooded eyes makeup tutorial flattering for hooded eyes like mine that have saggy excess skin at the outer lid.

Victorian Oddities Swatches

Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Eyeshadow Collection Swatches on Fair Skin

I’ve included one of the swatch photos from the video. Please watch the video for the swatch photos under different lighting conditions and in movement. These 6 colors make up the eye makeup look.

Swatched from Top to Bottom:

Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities Makeup Look

Hooded eyes makeup featuring Aromaleigh Put a Bird on it from the Victorian Oddities collection Aromaleigh Freakshow hooded eyes makeup

Cordelia is wearing the Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities collection

Gorgeous makeup for hooded eyes

Nyx Grey Micro Brow Pencil
Nyx Cool Ash Brown Thickening Brow Gel

Nyx Glitter Eye Primer
Aromaleigh Freakshow, Deadly Nightshade, Put a Bird on It, Mummy Powder from Victorian Oddities
Lethal Remedy, Profusion from Lethal Cosmetics
Nabla Black & Ivory Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylos
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara
Velour Cluster Lashes
Velour Latex-free Lash Glue

Auric Glow Lust in Morganite
Urban Decay Hydromaniac Foundation in 10 Ultra Fair Neutral
Half-Caked Heatwaves Cream Bronzer
Silk Naturls Malibu Miss Bronzer
Silk Naturals Meld Powder in Light
BareMinerals Rose Glow Gen Nude Highlighting Blush
Kaleidos Moon Cruiser Highlighter

Urban Decay Indie Sleaze Vice Lip Bond Lipstick

I LOVE the combo of Auric Glow Lust in Morganite as a primer/highlighter underneath the beautiful Urban Decay Hydromaniac Foundation in 10 Ultra Fair Neutral. I love to glow!

Alternative Goth Fashion I’m Wearing

BlackMilk Sleek Rio Top in Small Cordelia is wearing gorgeous alternative gothic fashion Gothic Halloween by Cordelia

My Alternative Goth Fashion

My CosmicLovely Ghost Earrings are the cutest earrings I’ve found in a while! Every time I wear these people stop and ask me where I got them. I love the jewelry I’ve purchased from the indie jewelry brand CosmicLovely.

Black Milk continues to make gorgeous fashion pieces that make me feel confident and sexy. I love this Sleek Rio Top and it was worth waiting for it to come back in stock in my size.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia is holding the Aromaleigh Cosmetics Victorian Oddities Eyeshadow Collection

I love well-curated, tiny collections and Aromaleigh did an amazing job with the Victorian Oddities collection! My favorite hues of purple, teal, chartreuse, and deep green are all well represented. These are my favorite colors of makeup to wear, aside from red. It’s rare that I see all my favorites in a single collection.

What do you think of the Aromaleigh Victorian Oddities collection? Did you enjoy the hooded eyes makeup tutorial? Please let me know!

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  1. Phyrra, it’s so amazing to see you still blogging all these years and still looking exactly the same. You got me into colorful vegan indie makeup and blogging about it so many years ago. I love your theme and your background set up for the photos in this post. You look fabulous!

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