Hot Topic Fanatic Fashion for September

Hot Topic Fanatic Fashion for goth and alternative fashion lovers

Welcome back, beautiful creatures! I’m happy to be sharing my Hot Topic Fanatic Fashion for September 2023. Hot Topic sent me two of the three pieces that I’m featuring in PR and the third piece I purchased. Right now, Hot Topic is running a Buy 2 get 1 Free sitewide, for 2 days only! Take advantage of their awesome sale! No Hot Topic code needed for this sale.

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Sweet Society Ghost Crop Top & Cardigan Set

Sweet Society Ghost Crop Cardigan worn by Cordelia of Phyrra Ghost Cardian perfect for Fall / Autumn / Halloween Cordelia is wearing Autumn Fall Halloween Fashion from Hot Topic with ghosts on it

Outfit Details

I LOVE the Sweet Society Ghost Crop Top & Cardigan Set! It’s perfect for when I visit my family in the Midwest and other colder climates than Florida. I especially adore the cardigan piece because of the adorable ghosts all over. If you’re in need of a cute cardigan set, this one is perfect. It would look great with a white button down shirt beneath the crop top.

I’ve been embracing even more color in my wardrobe during 2023, which means I now have orange and purple flats instead of wearing black 99.9% of the time. These orange pointed toe flats are so comfortable! I also own them in bright pink, leopard with a bow, and purple. I got rid of a lot of my shoes that hurt my feet and needed to replace them with cute options. Many people online compare these to Rothy’s ballet flats, for a fraction of the price.

I adore the Foxblood orange plaid skirt, but like so many things, it was limited edition and discontinued. Dave and I have matching orange plaid flannel shirts that also coordinate with this skirt. See Dave & I in our matching orange flannel!

Sweet Society Pink Ghost Crop Twofer Long-Sleeve T Shirt

Sweet Society Pink Ghost Crop Twofer Long-Sleeve T Shirt worn by Cordelia Cordelia is a Hot Topic Fanatic wearing pink and black. Halloween Everday in a pink and black striped top

Outfit Details

I hate that Sweet Society calls the Pink Ghost Crop Twofer Long-Sleeve T Shirt a twofer, because it’s just one piece. That said, I love the one piece because of the cute ghost popping out of the pumpkin and the pink and black striped arms! Another piece perfect for me in colder months. I prefer most of my tops to be cropped because I have less bulk in my tummy region.

Hopefully you can see how cute the hot pink pointed toe flats are too! I love pointed toe shoes. I don’t care if they’re in or out of style according to fashion gurus, for my own personal alternative colorful goth fashion style, I love points and pops of color.

The ankh chain skirt is a favorite of mine from 2020 and it’s easy to turn any of my skirts into cold winter weather wear by adding tights to keep my legs warmer! The ankh chain detail is what makes this skirt pop. Sadly it lacks pockets. I’ve debated seeing if I can add pockets in or if I find a replacement skirt in this same style with pockets that I can DIY the ankh chains to.

Sanrio Kuromi Halloween Spooky Vibes T-Shirt

Purple Hallowen Hot Topic Fanatic Goth Fashion Sanrio Kuromi Halloween Spooky Vibes T-Shirt Spooky Vibes Shirt

Outfit Details

I’ve wanted a shirt that said Spooky Vibes for well over a year, so when I saw that Hot Topic x Sanrio had a Halloween Spooky Vibes shirt in purple, I snatched that up so fast! It is so adorable; it has Kuromi (ebil goth rabbit), bats and stars on it. Perfect for witchy goth spooky vibes!

Sadly, like all of my skirts featured today, this one is another limited edition discontinued style from Widow that I’ve had in my closet for at least 5 years.

Minimal Makeup Look

Cordelia is wearing minimal makeup and ghost nails

Makeup Details

I’m wearing very minimal makeup for this look because I delight in how I look with a glossy black lip! Urban Decay Indie Sleaze Vice Lip Bond Lipstick has certainly wormed its way into my heart. I adore this lipstick for its long-lasting wear, effortless application, and minimal upkeep! It’s my favorite black glossy lip product!

Final Thoughts

Fun Halloween Fall Autumn Cardigan with Ghosts for cold weather

I wanted to give you a little update on how things are going with me. I’m still in physical therapy to recover full range of motion from my post surgical scarring. We’re seeing improvement every week from me doing the exercises and having the talented physical therapist torture me with metal implements to reduce the scars.

We’re hoping that Nyx will have seen significant improvement in her health and healing her cracked nail on Tuesday so that she can be rid of the cone. It’s very detrimental to a dog’s mental health to keep them in a cone for a prolonged period of time, but sometimes that’s the best option. We’re doing everything our vet recommends to give Nyx the best possible outcome. I can’t believe she’s had to deal with a pulled muscle in her tail, bite on her paw, and now a cracked nail, all since my surgery!

I’m so excited that Autumn is here! Fall is my favorite season, even if we don’t get to experience the cool bite to the air and the beautfiul changing leaves that are prevalent in other places around the world. Do you enjoy Autumn? I just baked the best pumpkin spike chocolate chip protein muffins. Can’t wait to share that recipe with you!

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. Please let me know which of these outfits is your favorite!

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