Fairy Makeup Inspiration

Fairy Makeup Inspiration by Cordelia Frost at Phyrra.net

Hello, Hex Squad! Today I’m sharing Fairy Makeup Inspiration with you with the Blend Bunny Lure palette. I created this look recently after seeing soft aqua eyeshadow everywhere. Fairy Makeup to me has ethereal, dreamlike qualities with soft splashes of color such as aqua, lavender, pink, and mint. Add self-adhesive face jewels for a sublime look. If you’re really into ethereal celestial faeries, you’ll love this set of fairy face gems I recently purchased.

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Fairy Makeup Inspiration

Everything purchased by me and all opinions are my own. Thanks for shopping through my links, they keep my site alive.

My skintone is very fair neutral cool with muted yellow undertones and I turn olive yellow when exposed to the sun.

Fairy Makeup Inspiration by Cordelia Frost

Fairy Makeup Inspo by Cordelia at Phyrra Ethereal Fairy Makeup

Buxom Dangerous Dolly Power Line Plumping Lip Liner

Blend Bunny is abbreviated as BB below in some places.

Pixi Deep Plum Endless Silky Eye Pen Water Resistant Eye Pencil (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Nyx Clear The Brow Glue (vegan)

Devinah Eyeshadow Primer (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Blend Bunny Jellyfish (Lure Palette) – inner crease (vegan)
BB Sea Nymph (Lure Palette) – outer crease (vegan)
Blend Bunny Pearl (Lure Palette) – lid (vegan)
BB Bioluminescent (Lure Palette) – outer lid layered on top of Pearl (vegan)
Buxom Demure Dolly Pencil – lower lash line (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Blend Bunny X Marks the Spot (Lure Palette) – smudged on top of Demure Dolly at the lower lash line (vegan)
BB Storm Ahead (Lure Palette) – blended with X Marks the Spot on the lower lid (vegan)
Covergirl Ultramarine Black Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara (vegan)

Elf Power Grip Primer (vegan)
Danessa Myricks Shade 1 Yummy Skin Serum Skin Tint (vegan)
Wet n’ Wild Nudist Society and Naked Brown Color Icon Blushes (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Too Faced Candy Clouds Cloud Crush Blurring Blush
Laura Geller Fair Balance-n-Brighten Foundation
OneSize On Til Dawn Spray

Buxom Dangerous Dolly pencil (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Half-Magic Y2k Cherub Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss (vegan)

Step-by-Step How to Recreate Fairy Makeup Inspiration

  1. Apply Jellyfish (matte lavender) to the inner crease. I used a Sigma E27 brush.
  2. Create a wing shape at the outer lid and blend outwards with Sea Nymph (matte aqua). I used a Sigma E27 brush.
  3. Pat Pearl (white multichrome with pink shift) onto the lid. I used a Sigma E54 brush.
  4. Layer Bioluminescent (blue multichrome) onto the outer corner of the lid. I used a Sigma E54 brush.
  5. Run Demure Dolly (shimmering mauve) pencil at the roots of the lower lashes.
  6. Smudge X Marks the Spot (deep burgundy wine matte) on top of Demure Dolly. I used It Brushes #125 Smokey Liner Brush.
  7. Blend Storm Ahead (soft cool-toned greige matte) into X Marks the Spot. I used It Brushes #125 Smokey Liner Brush.
  8. Optional – add self-adhesive  fairy face gems around the face.

I love to add self-adhesive face gems to spice up any look.

Where to Wear Fairy Makeup Inspiration

Where do you wear Fairy Makeup Inspiration like this? Wear Fairy Makeup anywhere you like! I wore it to my doctor appointment, to run errands, the grocery store, dinner, and to hang out with Mickey and Dustin.

Half-Magic Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss Review

As you know, I’m not a gloss fan, but I’ve been wearing it more frequently these days. My favorite non-plumping lip glosses to use are Half-Magic Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss. I have Y2k Cherub (bubblegum pink), Frosty B*tch (icy peach), and Problem Child (black).

Half-Magic Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss is extremely comfortable to wear. I love the eye catching glitter packed into the formula. It’s not sticky and my hair doesn’t get caught in it. It’s definitely not smooch proof. When I wear gloss, I fully expect to have to touch it up frequently.

Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Soothing Serum Skin Tint Foundation Review

I’ve struggled on and off with the Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Soothing Serum Skin Tint Foundation. Some days it looks amazing and other days I feel like a hot mess in it. I love the light coverage and glow, but couldn’t get it to last. Pairing it with the elf Power Grip primer got me the results I’ve been craving! It looked great all day.

I find I get the best results with the Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Soothing Serum Skin Tint Foundation if I start with the tiniest amount of product on the back of my hand, then I dab my brush into it, then blend from the center of my face outwards.

Buxom Power Line Lasting Eyeliner Review

Buxom Power Line Lasting Eyeliner Review

I own Buxom Demure Dolly (shimmering mauve) and Throw Shade (warm grey) in the Power Line Lasting Eyeliner formula. Demure Dolly is a gorgeous, cool-toned shimmering mauve purple eyeliner while Throw Shade is a warm grey, reminiscent of MAC Concrete eyeshadow.

While I love the two colors, I find the formula to be incredibly hard and it tugs at my skin. I don’t like the tugging or the hardness of the formula. Also, I find it a bit crumbly, if I accidentally twist up too much, it’s prone to breaking. I don’t recommend buying this eyeliner formula the way it is. They need to revamp it and make it glide across the skin instead of tug.

Demure Dolly was the exact eyeliner color I wanted for my Fairy Makeup Inspiration, just wish the formula was gentler on my sensitive eyes.

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blush Review

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blushes Review

I recently purchased Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blushes in Nudist Society and Nude Brown. I hoped these products would be neutral toned. Unfortunately I was wrong. Nudist Society and Nude Brown both pull very orange with my skintone. Nude Brown is unwearable for me. I might be able to use Nudist Society as a bronzer or blending shade. It’s so strange to me that Nudist Society appears to be peachy orange with gold glitter in it.

Using Nudist Society and Nude Brown almost turned into a disaster with this Fairy Makeup Inspiration. I didn’t expect the orange tones, so had to use other powders to blend and tone that down. Because of how warm Nudist Society and Nude Brown are on my very fair neutral cool skin, I had to choose a warmer lip color too.

The Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blush formula itself is very smooth and pigmented. It blends easily, too. I wish they had cool-toned shades and shades meant for fair skin like mine. If you find a color you like, I recommend the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blushes for their excellent formula and ultra affordability at the drugstore. It’s hard to find a better blush for under $4.

Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liner Review

Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liner Review
Left to Right: Bold Beige, Rich Rose, Hush Hush Henna, Dangerous Dolly, Real Red, Recharged Ruby, Powerful Plum, and Creamy Chocolate Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liners

The Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liners are among my favorite lip liner pencils! I swatched them in order from left to right Bold Beige (beige), Rich Rose (pink), Hush Hush Henna (cinnamon), Dangerous Dolly (warm mauve pink), Real Red (neutral true red), Recharged Ruby (ruby red), Powerful Plum (plum), and Creamy Chocolate (chocolate brown).

To my eyes the colors read as Bold Beige is a light peach more than beige brown, Rich Rose is a warm coral rose, Hush Hush Henna  is a warm pink brown, Dangerous Dolly is a warm brown pink, Real Red  is a neutral red, Recharged Ruby is a cool-toned red fuchsia), Powerful Plum is a cool-toned plum red), and Creamy Chocolate is a neutral cool rich chocolate brown.

I wish Dangerous Dolly lip pencil matched the Demure Dolly eyeliner. My only complaint with the Power Line Plumping Lip Liners collection is not enough color! I want more cool and jewel tones in candy pink, blue, green, and purple.

I love the way Buxom Power Line Plumping Lip Liners feel on my lips and skin. Their creamy formula applies easily. The eyeliners should take note! The plumping effect isn’t visible to my eyes at all, but I’m grateful for the long wearing formula. These are the lip pencils that I recommend if you’re looking for a fancier formula than my affordable favorites from Nyx.

I’m wearing Dangerous Dolly in my Fairy Makeup Inspiration look above, but you could also create some gorgeous ethereal lips with the Bold Beige lip pencil and sheer multi-colored lipgloss. These are currently $22 but I bought mine during Sephora and Ulta sales for a reduced cost.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Mascara Review

I kept seeing ads pop up all over Reddit for CoverGirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Black Mascara. I decided to give it a try and buy it because I love blue-blacks. Black shades with a blue undertone intensify my blue-green eyes. Love the color intensity! As an avid tubing mascara fan, I wasn’t sure what sort of results I would get from this mascara and I was pleased by the volume but saddened by the lack of lengthening with this mascara. I’ve worn this one for a week now and it hasn’t flaked on me yet. I don’t like the brush shape as it’s sort of uniformly wide everywhere with no narrow tip to help separate lashes.

Ultramarine Black Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara  is the perfect blue-black mascara for my Fairy Makeup Inspiration. This mascara color really flatters my blue-green eyes and intensifies their hue. It’s less than $11 at Amazon.

Blend Bunny Lure Palette Review

I have two Blend Bunny Palettes: the Lure Palette and the Surge Palette. While I enjoyed the Surge Palette, I absolutely love the Lure Palette. Inspired by mermaids, pirates, and the ocean, the Lure Palette features 24 shades. It’s aesthetically pleasing with its color-coordinated vertical columns that allow for using shades as quads or mixing them to create unique looks. Unlike the Surge Palette, whose shimmers didn’t impress me, the shimmers in the Lure Palette are quite delightful.

I usually mix palettes for more complex looks, but the Lure’s gorgeous shimmer shades eliminate the need to reach for additional colors. Although it’s not talc-free, its blendability and pigmentation are impressive. What I appreciate most are the cool tones; every shade flatters my very fair neutral cool skin—an uncommon find. The Blend Bunny Lure Palette is truly exceptional among the myriad of ordinary eyeshadows. I highly recommend this palette if you’re looking for beautiful and colorful cool tones.

Final Thoughts

Fairy Makeup Inspiration, Faerie Makeup

I’m dealing with many health challenges but I’m not giving up. I’m struggling to find the right doctors, but I know I will eventually succeed. If you want to chat about alternative gothic fashion or makeup, join us in the Hex Squad. I hope you enjoy my Fairy Makeup Inspiration.

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  1. Cordelia, your Fairy Makeup Inspiration is enchanting! The colors from the Blend Bunny Lure palette are pure magic, and your step-by-step guide makes recreating the look a breeze. Congrats on 16 years of blogging – your creativity shines through in every post! Keep inspiring us with your fantastic content.

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