Elevate Your Body Care with EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant

EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant Review

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I want to talk to you about elevating your body care with EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant. If you’re someone who lives in a sub-tropical climate as I do here in Tampa, you might be skeptical of most natural deodorants. Most natural deodorants I’ve tried have left me pining for perspiration and pungence protection because I seem to sweat more than your average lady. I tested out the EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant in Havana for over a month now, and I’m reporting back on my results. EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant is cruelty-free and vegan.

PR sample. All opinions, per usual, are my own.

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About EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant

The brand EvolveTogether states that plants power their natural deodorant! EvolveTogether uses advanced fermentation technology and an aluminum-free formula to absorb sweat, soothe skin, and neutralize tough odors without leaving any white marks. 5% of each deodorant helps Take 3 for the Sea keep oceans clean through education, community clean-ups, etc.

Does EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant use sustainable packaging?

Havana Natural Deodorant by Evolve Together

Yes! EvolveTogether use biodegradable and recyclable containers sourced from responsibly harvested FSC-certified paper. The single protective plastic shield is fully recyclable and made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. Their bags are 100% biodegradable and they have no box packaging. Additionally, EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant is made in a socially and environmentally responsible factory located in the USA. I love the sleek, minimalistic packaging for this deodorant.

How does EvolveTogether’s Natural Deodorant smell?

Available in 3 scents, EvolveTogether’s Natural Deodorant scents are gender-neutral and minimal, rather than overpowering. If you suffer from migraines as I have in the past, you might like their scent profiles as Havana does not trigger me at all. I usually avoid scent medlies that include patchouli, honey, or lavender, as I find those three are death notes with my body chemistry, or they trigger migraines.

I chose Havana, which is their subtle natural spice. It’s described as open woods and natural spice, grounded in cardamom, violet, vetiver, and cedarwood. Tulum is the fresh earth and green woods scent, with lemon, patchouli, sage, and cedarwood. Monaco is the modern rose floral scent with rose, oud, patchouli and mandarin.

Havana smells like subtle woods with a bit of spice on me. I seem to be enjoying more wood scent notes these days with cashmere, cedarwood, sandalwood, and teakwood being prominent.

Curious about what type of perfumes I love? See my fragrance features!

How to switch from antiperspirant to Natural Deodorant

If you are looking for the best way to switch from antiperspirant to EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant or some other natural deodorant, here’s the best way. Just make the switch from whatever you’re using to the natural deodorant. Some of my friends recommend using a clay mask under the arms to help pull out impurities or to gently exfoliate under your arms daily for one to two weeks before starting a new natural deodorant. I’ll be honest; I don’t even bother to ‘detox’ from antiperspirants these days, and I start using the latest product and see how it holds up to my workouts and daily life.

Can natural deodorant cause a rash?

Yes. I’ve experienced rashes from some of the natural deodorants I’ve tried, and I think it usually turns out to be a form of dermatitis. I have not experienced any rashes or skin issues from EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant. This product doesn’t contain aluminum, baking soda, talc, triclosan, or phthalates.

Why is natural deodorant better than antiperspirant?

Well, it depends on who you ask and what their motivations are. Some individuals believe that natural deodorant is better because they think there is a link between cancer and aluminum in antiperspirants. Others prefer only ‘clean beauty’ ingredients, even though ‘clean’ isn’t a federally regulated term.

A typical antiperspirant works because it blocks the pores on your outer layer of skin, which reduces the amount of sweat that can break through to the surface. EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant works through their ‘DeoPlex’ technology, which neutralizes odors via advanced fermentation technology and enzymes. EvolveTogether works together with tapioca starch to absorb your sweat and moisture. Glycerin softens your skin to help reduce any irritation, while panthenol vitamin B5 adds moisture.

One could argue that the natural deodorant is better because it directly neutralizes odors and absorbs sweat, while antiperspirant only blocks pores. In short, I don’t necessarily think one is better than the other. Whatever works best for you and your body is the best for you.

How to apply natural deodorant

How to Apply Natural Deodorant, glide on formula stick

I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants. Usually, my body chemistry works best with clay-based natural deodorants. However, I don’t want to have to scoop out my deodorant with a spoon or create a paste to apply to my skin. I don’t want to reapply my deodorant 3-4 times a day. I want something that will keep me smelling fresh and minimize the amount of visible sweat.

Many natural deodorants I’ve tried have required me to warm them up with my body heat before I could apply them. They usually tug at the skin. EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant is different! It glides smoothly across the skin, more like a traditional gel or solid antiperspirant. All you need to do to apply this natural deodorant is to pop the top off and gently swipe it under your arms.

How well does EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant work?

As I mentioned, I live in the Tampa, Florida area, and it’s a humid, subtropical climate that borders on tropical climate. I sweat a lot here, and I can count on one hand with fingers left over the natural deodorants that have worked for me, and EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant in Havana is one of them.

EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant has done an excellent job of keeping me from being stinky, sticky, and sweaty over the past month. We’re only in March, so it’s not even the hottest part of our yearly weather. Havana lasts on me through my outdoor workouts and walks in the 80 degrees plus weather, and it’s been perfect on my date nights with Dave.

I have noticed sweat on my shirts on the hottest days, but I don’t need to reapply every 8 or 10 hours as I have with some other natural deodorants. EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant doesn’t block my pores and stop 100% of the sweat; it’s meant to eliminate 100% of the odor.

Natural Deodorants Comparison

I wanted to make a little comparison between my favorite natural deodorants. LaVanila Healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon is a great scent, but I stopped wearing it because I sweat too much in Florida for it to work well for me. LaVanila Healthy Deodorant in Sport Luxe does a much better job for my body chemistry than the Vanilla Lemon, but I’m not crazy about the flowery scent. ZionHealth Claydry Deodorant in Black Cherry does an excellent job of smelling delicious and working hard to minimize my excessive sweating. Still, it would be best if you remembered to put it under your arm for about a minute to warm it up with your body heat before application. It needs to be warmed up to glide across the skin.

EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant in Havana is aptly named, as it is the next evolution of natural deodorant for me. It applies effortlessly compared to my other favorites, and it keeps me smelling fresh and clean longer than any of the others I’ve tried. The scent profile is minimal and works well with my body chemistry.

Final Thoughts

Vegan Natural Deodorant Review

If you’re looking to try a new natural deodorant, but want one that feels like a more traditional antiperspirant in ease of application and how it works, look no further than EvolveTogether Natural Deodorant. I love how it works with my body chemistry to keep me smelling fresh and clean. Do you have a favorite natural deodorant?


  1. Still scratching my head on this one. EvolveTogether deodorant’s first ingredient is propylene glycol (PG) which can be made from petroleum or plants. I’m assuming plants here. EWG Skindeep database rates PG a 3 (not awful but not perfect). The deodorant states it is cruelty free, vegan, etc. so seems to check the right boxes. Propylene glycol is just one of those ingredients that I don’t feel good about in a ‘natural’ product.

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