Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks: Bewitching Colors to Make a Statement

Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks: Bewitching Colors to Make a Statement

Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks: Bewitching Colors to Make a Statement

Today I’m thrilled to be sharing my  Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks: Bewitching Colors to Make a Statement with you! I’m definitely a witchy woman, so I love embracing strange and unusual colors such as blue, green and teal for the lips. I feel like such a bad ass when I’m wearing any of these but especially in the vampy or duochrome colors.

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Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks Video

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Blue and Green Lip Pencils

Blue and Green Lip Pencils

Bewitching Colors to Make a Statement

Blue and Green Lipsticks

Below I’ve included swatches of every single color from the Bold Blue and Green Lipsticks video. I find it’s helpful to use these photos to compare colors.

Geek Chic Valor's Kiss

Geek Chic Valor’s Kiss (v)

Geek Chic Hope's Kiss Swatch

Geek Chic Hope’s Kiss (v)

Lime Crime Acid Fairy

Lime Crime Acid Fairy (v)(LB) on sale right now!

Black Moon Zenith

Black Moon Zenith (v)(LB)

Lime Crime Meadow

Lime Crime Meadow (v)(LB) on sale right now.

Bite Beauty Opal swatch

Bite Beauty Opal (LB)(dc)

Fenty Go Deep Swatch

Fenty Go Deep

CoverGirl Peacock Swatch

CoverGirl Peacock (LB)

Nyx Metallic Brown Blue

Nyx Metallic Brown Blue (dc)

MBA Cosmetics Aquatic Swatch

MBA Cosmetics Aquatic

MBA Cosmetics Indigo swatch

MBA Cosmetics Indigo

Lime Crime Serpentina Swatch

Lime Crime Serpentina (v)(LB)

Sugarpill U4EA Bullet Lipstick Swatch

Sugarpill U4EA (v)(LB)

Sugarpill U4EA Liquid Lipstick

Sugarpill U4EA (v)(LB)

Sugarpill Shiver Lip Swatch

Sugarpill Shiver (v)(LB)

Clove + Hallow Jetsetter Lip Swatch

Clove + Hallow Jetsetter (v)

Too Faced the Real Teal Lip Swatch

Too Faced The Real Teal

Nyx Oil Spill Lip Swatch

Nyx Oil Spill

Fyrinnae Glitch 

Fyrinnae Glitch (v)(dc)

Fyrinnae Lunar Eclipse Lip Swatch

Fyrinnae Lunar Eclipse (v)

Lime Crime Black Unicorn Lip Swatch

Lime Crime Black Unicorn (v)(LB)

Urban Decay Control Lip Swatch

Urban Decay Control

Urban Decay Junkie Lip Swatch

*Urban Decay Junkie (dc)

Urban Decay Heroine Lip Swatch

*Urban Decay Heroine

Sugarpill Hydro Lip Swatch

Sugarpill Hydro (v)(LB)

Necromancy Cosmetica Ophidian swatch

*Necromancy Cosmetica Ophidian (v)

Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia

*Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia (v)

Melt Mota Lip Swatch

Melt Cosmetics Mota (v)(LB)

Black Moon Murmaider

Black Moon Murmaider (v)(LB)

Sugarpill Sub-Zero Swatch

Sugarpill Sub-Zero (v)(LB)

Melt Circuit Swatch

Melt Cosmetics Circuit (v)(LB)

Melt Toke Swatch

Melt Cosmetics Toke (v)(LB)

Black Moon Sorrow swatch

Black Moon Sorrow (v)(LB)

  • v – vegan
  • LB – Leaping Bunny Certified
  • dc – discontinued
  • * PR Sample

While I love all of these blue and green lipsticks, my favorites are: MBA Indigo, Clove + Hallow Jetsetter, Nyx Oil Spill, Fyrinnae Glitch, Fyrinnae Lunar Eclipse, Sugarpill Hydro, Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia, Melt Mota, Sugarpill Sub-Zero, Melt Circuit, Melt Toke, and Black Moon Sorrow.

I’ll be working on my favorite black lipsticks next! What colors do you want to see?