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Should You Get a Standard Poodle?

Should You Get a Standard Poodle?

Should You Get a Standard Poodle?

Should you get a standard poodle dog? I’m obsessed with them but are they the right dog for you? I share the top reasons a standard poodle dog might be a good fit or bad fit for you. Do you want a dog that’s a mind reader? One that excels at reading your body language and wants to please you? This is the dog for you! If you don’t want a high energy dog that you need to keep entertained, standard poodles might not be perfect for you.

Should You Get a Standard Poodle? Video

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I hope you found my Should You Get a Standard Poodle? video helpful! I lay out the pros and cons to consider when thinking about a standard poodle. I know some people will be put off by the grooming, others by the exercise requirements, and still others because standard poodles are too smart!

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Standard Poodles are perfect for my family. They’re hypoallergenic so that they don’t trigger Ray or Dave’s allergies. The girls are super smart. Phaedra can open drawers in my nightstands, which is disconcerting. Nyx is such a good emotional support companion, too. She’s such a compassionate dog.

People do often ask me why I don’t groom my standard poodle girls Phaedra  & Nyx myself. As I mention in the video, I suck at it. I tried grooming Phaedra for several years but I never got the hang of scissoring the head, tail, and poms perfectly round. It drove me nuts.

Oh! Since I’ve been asked this a lot, my standard poodle girls love to be groomed. They enjoy the attention and the whole process, aside from the feet. I don’t know any dog that likes to get their feet groomed. I think that’s one of the many reasons you see standard poodles featured in creative grooming. Poodles love the attention and their hair is a great canvas for art. The few times I’ve allowed creative grooming to be done on Phaedra, she loved it. She always prances after she’s been groomed because she knows she’s gorgeous.


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  • i have never been a poodle lover, mini or standard. just not my style but i know they are great dogs/ my vet has 2 and there is an excellent handler/breeder that lives a few hours from me, that shows all over the country and in europe. the poodles are his bread and butter even though he has russell terriers, which is a dog i want to get and let him handle it. i know they are intelligent, but for some reason just never appealed to me, i have mini schnauzers, all girls, i have had 4. now have 2. will be getting a new black and silver female to show, if i can find one, and a russell terrier as well. i love my girls, they are my children and babies. i am glad that you decided to do a blog on doggies. i like that you include your dogs in your videos. i do groom my own dogs but i dont strip them, which they would need if getting shown. i just prefer to do myself because i dont do all of the vaccines places require, i go to a homeopathic vet and only do what it required, i also cook a lot for them as well. i drive a 190 miles every 3-4 months to go to a dental specialist to get their teeth cleaned and inspected, they have had fillings, gum graphs, etc. mini schnauzers are considered to be hypo allergic as well because they dont shed. that will change with the russell terrier but they are so darn cute. i go to the dog shows in my area, and it takes hours to groom them for showing. even my dogs, which i dont show take abt 3 hrs or more to groom. thank you

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