Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial

Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial a graphic liner tutorial for hooded eyes

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial with you. This is a step-by-step duochrome graphic liner look on hooded eyes.

What I’m Wearing

Duochrome graphic liner look Silk Naturals Siobhan Boss makeup Graphic Liner on Hooded Eyes

Monochromatic purple makeup with graphic liner on hooded eyes

Urban Decay Eden eye primer
Concrete Minerals Glitter primer
Silk Naturals Boss all over
SN Siobhan graphic liner
Silk Naturals Scream outer crease
Urban Decay Distortion + Spandex on top of Scream
Silk Naturals Contraband lower lid
Nabla Mint Cupid’s Arrow lower waterline
Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara
Haus Granite Gray brow pencil
Lime Crime Sleek Black bushy brow pomade pencil
About Face Interlude glitter brow gel

Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Blurring Balm in Shade 1
Silk Naturals Leading Lady blush
SN Serenade blush
Lethal Hybrid blush
Silk Naturals Strobe highlight
Kaleidos Star Surfer highlight

Haus Drag pencil
Kaleidos Mercury Wave cloud lab lip clay

Above is everything I’m wearing on my face for this Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial. I love how easy it is to use an angled eyeshadow brush, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, and loose (or pressed) eyeshadow to create a graphic liner look on hooded eyes!

Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial Graphic Liner for Hooded Eyes

Duochrome Graphic Makeup Tutorial on Hooded Eyes

  1. I applied Urban Decay Eden eye primer all over my eyes and up to my eyebrows to give me an excellent creamy beige base.
  2. Concrete Minerals Glitter Primer was applied with a flat brush to my lid and above my crease fold.
  3. Silk Naturals Boss was packed onto my lid and crease, blending it upwards to almost my eyebrows.
  4. With an angled brush sprayed with UD All-Nighter, Silk Naturals Siobhan created a wing to elongate my eye shape. I also used it in the inner corner to make a little cat-eye effect.
  5. Using the same angled brush damp with UD All-Nighter, I applied Silk Naturals Siobhan under my brows to create a triangle shape, which I then dragged almost halfway toward the back of my eye. The under brow shape was a nod to Siouxsie Sioux and 80s old-school gothic makeup.
  6. I applied Silk Naturals Scream with another angled brush as a second wing that floats above Siobhan.
  7. I layered Urban Decay Distortion and Spanx glitter liners on top of Scream to create a deep purple sparkle line.
  8. I applied Silk Naturals Contraband with a smudge brush to the lower lid.
  9. I added a subtle mint to the lower waterline with Nabla Mint Cupid’s Arrow.
  10.  I finished the look with Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions mascara.

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Color Descriptions for My Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial

Cordelia is wearing purple blush with her graphic makeup look on hooded eyes

Below are the color descriptions for all the products I used to put together this Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial. I wanted to use purples and teals, which are my favorite hues.

  • SN Boss – soft lavender purple base with turquoise shift
  • Silk Naturals Siobhan – red plum shimmer
  • SN Scream – mid-tone purple with teal shift
  • Silk Naturals Contraband – dirty plummy pink shimmer
  • Urban Decay Spandex – deep blue-black with iridescent glitter
  • Urban Decay Distortion – iridescent glitter
  • Nabla Mint – light minty green
  • About Face Interlude – white multi-sparkle
  • SN Leading Lady – light nude peach
  • Silk Naturals Serenade – plum with cool pink undertones
  • Lethal Hybrid – lavender
  • Silk Naturals Strobe – nude pink with gold shift
  • Kaleidos Star Surfer – rosy champagne with silver undertones
  • Haus Drag – mid-tone plum
  • Kaleidos Mercury Wave – greige purple

If you want to recreate my cheek look, you can skip Leading Lady. Leading Lady is a beautiful blush, but it was too warm for this look, so I layered some purples over it. That’s the beautiful thing about makeup; if you don’t like it, you can try to fix it or redo it.

Mini Makeup Reviews

Cordelia is wearing Kaleidos Mercury Wave cloud lab lip clay

First, Concrete Minerals Glitter Primer is an absolute game changer for me with shimmery, duochrome, or multichrome eyeshadows. It makes them look stunning, and it lasts all day. This formula is very wet, and a tiny amount goes a long way.

Second, Silk Naturals Contraband is an excellent neutral-ish type color that works with everything I’ve ever paired it with. It’s perfect for a neutral eye with a twist and looks fabulous with purples, pinks, and plums. It’s so flattering to my eye color.

Third, cool plums are one of the most complimentary colors to my skin tone and eye color. I have blue-green eyes that appear blue, green, teal, or grey. My skin tone is very fair and neutral, with muted cool yellow tones that turn olive when exposed to the sun. Silk Naturals Serenade is so gorgeous on me, as is Haus Drag pencil, Kaleidos Mercury Wave cloud lab lip clay, and Silk Naturals Siobhan. I’m especially fond of Siobhan since Silk Naturals created it for me!

Fourth, I love lash lifts. I haven’t had one in forever, and I treated myself to one this week. It makes my eyes look more awake and pretty. Want to see more about lash lifts or lash extensions? Learn more in my lash lift vs. eyelash extensions article. My stubborn stick straight lashes never like to hold a curl, so lash lifts help with that issue. 

Fifth, Dave loves Kaleidos Mercury Wave cloud lab lip clay as a ‘neutral but fun’ lip color. He says it looks great on me. Dave prefers bright reds, deep teal blues, or black for lip colors. After all, I did wear a black iridescent lip for my wedding.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia is wearing a graphic eyeliner makeup look on hooded eyes and smiling

I’m starting to enjoy creating graphic liner looks on my hooded eyes! I love that these types of looks are very free-form. I hope you enjoy the step-by-step Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan Tutorial. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try new things!

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