Brain Rot Apparel Alternative Fashion

Brain Rot Apparel Alternative Fashion

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my love of the new Brain Rot Apparel alternative fashion brand. I love alternative and gothic fashion, so I’m excited to debut a new brand!

This post is sponsored, but the love is genuine!

Who is Brain Rot Apparel?

Brain Rot Apparel Alternative Fashion

Brain Rot Apparel is a new alternative fashion brand founded earlier this year in 2022, based in North Carolina. They are immersed in the music scene and work to promote creativity and uniqueness with their designs. One of their goals is to bring fresh and fun style to the alternative fashion industry and amplify the voices of the rock and metal music community.

What makes Brain Rot Apparel unique?

Cordelia is wearing alternative fashion brand Brain Rot Apparel Bite Me t-shirt

If Brain Rot Apparel’s goals aren’t enough, they believe anyone who supports their community should have some creative input. They actively solicit opinions, suggestions, and critiques on what to release so that their new designs suit the needs of the alternative fashion community.

Brain Rot Apparel aims to make innovative, creative, and inclusive designs. They don’t want to make more of the same cookie-cutter designs you can find in mainstream department stores.

What is Alternative Fashion?

Amaya and Nyx, standard poodles, are standing next to seated Cordelia wearing a Bite Me shirt

What is alternative fashion? Oooh, this is a big question! Alternative fashion encompasses most countercultures. For me, it includes gothic, punk, emo, kawaii, cottagecore, cyberpunk, cybergoth, vampirecore, lovecore, gothic lolita, witch, faerie, scene, hip hop, dark, and grunge. It’s the opposite of mainstream fashion. And before you come at me about goth, goth is a music subculture first and foremost, with gothic style tied closely to it.

What are the Brain Rot Apparel alternative fashion shirts like?

a photo of the printed tag on Brain Rot Apparel t-shirts

The Brain Rot Apparel shirts are itch-free and tag-free! As a neurodivergent individual, I vastly prefer to have no tag. Frequently tags at the back of my neck feel like I’ve got a cactus sticking into me. I love that Brain Rot prints the information inside the back of the shirt instead of a tag. It’s effortless to see the size and 100% cotton fabric. I’m wearing a size Small, which fits me quite comfortably. 

In addition to being made of breathable cotton, these shirts have gorgeous matte designs with beautiful colors. They claim to be resistant to cracking, fading, and peeling, and I’ve washed mine twice so far with no issues at all.

How do you take care of your shirts?

Cordelia is seated and wearing Brain Rot Apparely Bite Me shirt

To make my shirts last longer, I turn them inside out when I wash them. If I spill something like a sauce directly on my shirt, I’ll use a damp washcloth to dab and remove as much as possible. I wash my shirts in cold water and tumble dry on the delicate setting until very dry. However, you can also hang your shirt up to dry if you prefer to skip the dryer.

Because these shirts are 100% cotton, if you dry them on a higher heat, there is the potential for slight shrinkage. I never dry things on high heat, but I use my ‘very dry’ sensor with my dryer. Things tumble dry on low heat for me.

Is Alternative Fashion Cheap?

Cordelia is standing in the rain wearing a Bite Me alternative fashion shirt
I’m standing outside in the rain in this photo. See this Silk Naturals Graphic Liner look.

If you’re buying clothing from places like Shein, you can find cheap alternative fashion, but I do not recommend that. Fast fashion is not usually made safely and can have toxic chemicals (see this Snopes article on Shein). I prefer supporting small indie businesses such as Brain Rot Apparel, which focuses on making high-quality, inclusive alternative fashion. And I love that they actively solicit feedback and criticisms from the music scene!

Bite Me Shirt

Cordelia is wearing a black and pink Brain Rot Apparel shirt that says Bite Me

I adore this Brain Rot Apparel Bite Me shirt! I love most vampire-related things, but I especially love that this vamp has lots of facial piercings! And the pink design against the black speaks to me. Black and pink together have grown on me, thanks to Nattie!

Final Thoughts

Brain Rot Apparel Alternative Fashion
See the Silk Naturals Boss Siobhan tutorial.

I’m in love with my Brain Rot Apparel Bite Me shirt and am now a massive fan of the brand. I’ve even suggested a potential future LGBTQIA+ design! Check out their offerings if you want to try a new alternative fashion brand.


  1. I love tag free. Hopefully, as the brand grows, they’ll be able to offer plus sizes. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them.

    1. Right? I don’t know why more brands don’t lean into it. I have to cut the tags out of about 95% of my wardrobe because my sensitive skin gets irritated by them. Though to be fair, my own hair can also irritate my skin. Sensitive skin can be challenging!

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