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Saucebox Membership Update, Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Rant, & Personal Life Update

Saucebox Membership Update, Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Rant, & Personal Life Update

Saucebox Membership Update, Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Rant, & Personal Life Update

Hey fam, today I’m sharing a Saucebox Membership Update, a Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Rant, & personal life update with you. I am beyond appalled at Saucebox for not fulfilling their obligations to the people who paid for the Saucebox Membership. Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags have sunk to a new low by  threatening me with legal action on my blog and Youtube channel. In case it isn’t clear to you, everything in this blog post is based off of my personal experience and is my own opinion.

Because Gunas sent me a cease and desist threatening me with legal action, and I’m in the middle of a divorce, I just took the video down. It’s not worth my time and energy to fight with them. Gunas has clearly shown the type of customer service and care that they’re going to offer people. Their actions speak for themselves. And the fact that the owner of Gunas took the time to write an email to her entire customer base trashing me and asking her customers to come harass me is pretty tragic.

I am entitled to my OPINION on products that I purchase with my own money. I am entitled to recommend or not recommend a company based on my experience with that company. I’ve spent a total of $539 with Gunas. I bought the Madison (Purple) $94.45, shipping was $11.95, Rockstar (black) $75, shipping was $11.95, Naomi (purple) $135, Cottontail $75 w/ free shipping, and Koi (navy) $124, shipping was $11.95. I received the Koi (black) free.

During my time as a Gunas affiliate, I made a total of $523.43 total via ShareASale. So yes, I made less in affiliate sales than the $539 I spent on the brand.

Saucebox Membership Update

As nearly everyone in the Phyrra Nyx Facebook Group predicted, Saucebox has NOT fulfilled its membership as of February 26, 2020.

The main Membership details – $175 cost, goodies sent automatically before everyone else, 25% off personal discount on anything you want to repurchase, goodies from partner brands in every shipment. Saucebox Cosmetics & Moonslice Beauty both belong to Alla.

See the full timeline of Saucebox Membership Events here.

Edit – It looks like Saucebox got dumped from the sub box they were trying to get into. Details here.

Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Drama

I honestly never expected to hear from Gunas again after my Gunas rant video from 2 years ago.

I had my Gunas Naomi luxury vegan handbag for 15 months before it ripped at the clasp. I rotate between at least 5 bags so that I’m never stressing one bag too much. I’m also very gentle on my handbags. I was shocked to have my luxury handbag rip, but even more shocked to find out that Gunas doesn’t offer a a similar warranty, unlike companies such as Coach, Kate Spade and Dooney and Bourke.

You don’t have to take my opinion on not liking a brand as fact. Check out the reviews for Gunas on Yelp and draw your own conclusions about the quality of the products and the type of customer service they offer.

Vegan Handbags

I’m very disillusioned about vegan handbags. From the research I’ve done, leather is more eco-friendly than vegan handbags for a few reasons, but namely that leather lasts longer, is more durable, and won’t end up in a landfill in a year or two. I want eco-friendly that’s a good value that will last, not something that will break so soon. My friend Jessica from English Lass in LA wrote about leather in her Love It or Leave It article.

My Personal Life

Saucebox Membership Update, Gunas Luxury Vegan Handbags Rant, & Personal Life Update

I’m not kidding, I’m heartbroken by what’s going on in my personal life right now. I don’t want to talk about it.

Mystery Comments About Gunas

Gunas Rant Comments

Gunas Koi Comments

Gunas Cottontail Comments

Gunas stated that they did not make these fake comments on my blog and Youtube. I’ve contacted the FTC about these comments. These are not normal comments. People don’t copy and paste the same message on different Gunas reviews for no reason. The Nickie Rachael was particularly prolific because they also left the same message on the BBB page for Gunas.


  1. That’s so inappropriate of them. What’s the big deal, it’s a review. People like and dislike things for all kinds of reasons.

  2. There’s no denying that your handbags super cute looking. Courtney gave them rave reviews, until she had something break, and Gunas didn’t back up its merchandise. She agonized over doing so, since she liked a lot of things about your product. She got sales for your company, and you couldn’t even fix her product? Also, I have a few friends who bought from your company, and had the same exact issues as Courtney. Courtney is always transparent, and is one of the most honest, non-drama causing bloggers out there. She simply tells the truth for the sake of her readers/viewers, and backs it up with receipts and screen shots. May I say, it’s so classy of you to send out emails asking customers to back you up. It’s telling Courtney did not do that to you…and didn’t need to. And the reviews on her videos…from real customers, you say? Then how come so many of them are word for word the same exact messsage, copied under different names? And how come they all appeared in a cluster? What a “Strange sequence of events.” Why don’t you work on improving your customer service and quality of your merchandise to truly line up with being a “luxury” handbag? If your product were truly good, you’d have a better repair policy in place, because you know your handbags would hold up.

  3. I am so very sorry that this is happening!! You have a 100% right to express your opinion. This is ridiculous! Again, I am so sorry!

  4. Can we talk about how the lawyer doesn’t seem to know the law? They quote where you said “probably” actually saves you from being sued. It’s the layman’s version of allegedly.

    Kind of like: I think that the C&D is probably/allegedly either a template from offline or a friend who maybe (there’s another version of it) a paralegal at a law office.

    Also in the C&D letter where they claim “100% false”, that is bullcrap. You can NOT prove a negative. It is impossible that something is 100% false. For example, if you tell a friend “I can’t believe this company did this” and your friend decides to post publically about it, you in fact did have something to do with it. If you can’t prove who those people are then one CAN assume that you or someone you know may have done it, therefore not 100% false. (I dont mean you specifically)

    Lastly, I can’t say as to whether the person who sent the C&D letter is an actual lawyer. What I can say is that a lot of companies frown on employees dragging their company into things without their knowledge and/or consent. I wonder if the company on the letterhead knows that they are threatening legal action to someone who left honest reviews on a product. Especially when the brand they’re “representing” didn’t seem to have a problem with the person being threatened with legal action posting earlier reviews…

    But these are just my opinions and what I learned in law classes. No one should take these as the views of Courtney or as 100% legal advice.

  5. It’s pretty pathetic that they have gone after you with such vengeance. The first amendment is all about free speech so you do have the right to publish your personal experience. Shows what losers this purse brand has become.

  6. This is nothing but a threat of a SLAPP suit, designed to silence you. You can retain council if you wish but you should know that truth or reasonable expectation of the truth is defense against defamation claims. Your multiple screenshots showing the same comments over and over, with the only beneficiary of the comments being Gunas, would lead a reasonable person to believe that Gunas had a hand in the posting of the comments.

  7. You also forgot to mention the affiliate commissions you earned from the sales generated which pretty much paid for all the bags you “purchased”. Please also state that the first negative video on your “rants” appeared only a few days after we politely declined to pay you $1950 for a video post through our PR company. Strange sequence of events. While you are enjoying playing the victim here you need to also state COMPLETE facts. If you have the right to state your opinions, so do I.

    1. Sugandh Agrawal, I see you are the Gunas brand’s founder. This is extraordinarily unprofessional of you, as was emailing all your customers about her. I do hope you will take a step back, leave Phyrra alone, and let your PR team handle this matter. The more you attack her, the worse you make your company look.

    2. Courtney’s blog is transparent when it comes to affiliate links. Disclosure is not only at the top of her posts there’s literally a link to her disclosure in her sidebar.

      It’s disingenuous to post on her blog when you’ve done everything within your power to get her to take it down.

      As for having the right to state your opinions as Phyrra stated hers you are quick to forget that YOU THREATENED HER WITH A SLAPP SUIT IN ORDER TO SILENCE HER OPINIONS. So, yes, you are entitled to your opinions but at least be factual yourself and let everyone know you’ve tried to shut her up with a Cease & Desist.

      I’d never be a customer of yours, not because of anything Courtney has said, but because you clearly lack professionalism, self control, and maturity.

    3. As the owner of this brand, you have lost all credibility and professionalism with the way you are handling this. You are officially a brand I will never purchase from and I definitely will be doing all I can to let others see this response. This is ridiculous and awful.

    4. Sugandh,

      She would not have given your bags such rave reviews, purchased so many of them, and carried them so often, if she did not truly love them. She always gives honest reviews about all products, even if she gets them for free.

      So what if she earned some money through the affiliate program? She then chose to spend *all* that money with your company for more bags ! Sponsored posts do cost money, she stated her fee ,and you politely declined, no big deal. Lots of companies decline sponsored posts and she doesn’t trash them because of that. She is a professional.

      Yes, it is a coincidence that one of her bags ripped shortly after you declined to pay for a sponsored post that you asked her to make, but why would she purposely damage a bag that she loves? She asked you to fix it, which is not unreasonable. If you were a true luxury bag company making products with quality materials and workmanship the bag would not have torn, and if it did, you would fix it for free or a very minimal cost. That is what luxury brands do.

      A bag that costs as much as yours does should hold up for many years. Especially if it’s a bag that is not used every day. If you had proper customer service and took care of the issue, she never would’ve made another post about it, and if she did it would’ve been one complementing you on your excellent customer service and repairs. Instead you give her some shit about it only having a three month warranty on a bag that expensive? If this is how you treat an affiliate, how do you treat your other customers? Probably even worse.

      Even coach has a better warranty. Free repairs during the first year and then a minimal charge for repairs after that. If you want to be a luxury company, you need to treat your customers the same way other luxury companies do.

      Your behavior in this matter is immature and unprofessional. Worthy of a overpriced garbage brand, not a quality luxury brand. All you’re accomplishing is destroying your reputation further by acting so immature with this trolling behavior. All you needed to do was fix the bag and everything would have been fine. Now you’re spending money on lawyer fees. Which still won’t help, because we all know now that your bags are garbage and your company doesn’t stand behind your merchandise.

      Are you going to spend money to send cease and desist letters to every single person who criticizes your bags on social media? That’ll be a great way to bankrupt your company. It would be much cheaper to provide good customer service, and stand behind the quality of your merchandise. Oh, wait, there is no quality to it. Or you would’ve done the right thing to begin with. I think everyone with bags that didn’t hold up, and were denied repairs, should start a class action lawsuit against you.

    5. Sugandah,

      Literally all the posts in which she has an affiliate code says that she has a code.

      No deception, no worries.

      Gunas, however, has now experienced what is called “The Streisand Effect”. Perhaps what you saved in customer service costs and backing up your “luxury” merchandise with an actual guarantee, you can hire a PR firm to Google that for you.

    6. There are plenty of eloquent replies to your ridiculous comment here already so I’ll keep it brief – You continue to dig yourself into a deeper and deeper hole of your own bullshit. It’s embarrassing to watch. Hopefully you get some therapy to help you with your painfully skewed view of reality.

  8. I am so sorry that you are going through so much in your life! Divorce is very rough– I know first hand– but you will survive this. If you need me, I am here for you. I am free to talk if ever you want! xoxox

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