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No Originality with Lime Crime?

In case you’ve missed what’s been going on with the makeup company Lime Crime, people are saying that they sell repackaged TKB and that Lime Crime doesn’t seem to have created any of their own eye shadows.

You can check out all of the information in one of these places:
1. Ana’s  blog Lipsticks & Lightsabers has a great post about Lime Crime.
2. Grey’s blog has a very informative post about Lime Crime as well.
3. Jessica Allison’s blog has a price breakdown by ounce on Lime Crime vs. MAC vs. TKB Trading company.
4. Saila’s email from Lime Crime.
5. Ana’s update on Lime Crime.

Particularly of interest is the list that Grey has on her website of the color matches in TKB colors to Lime Crime’s colors. She lists them as:
LC “Color Name” = TKB “Color Name”

Since I have a standard poodle (as you probably know), the color I almost purchased from Lime Crime was (and I’m sooooooooooooooo glad I didn’t buy anything from Lime Crime)
“Pink Poodle” = TKB “Cloisonne Red”.

I also found this stunning, from Jessica Allison’s Blog:
Lime Crime is $12 for .07 oz = $171.43 per ounce
MAC pigments are $19.50 for .26 oz = $75 per ounce
TKB Trading are $4-$4.50 per ounce

I am glad that I did not purchase from Lime Crime after seeing the above numbers.

I would love to hear what you think about this whole scandal!

Please note, I have refrained from posting about Lime Crime before now, other than to say I would NOT recommend them. Something just always seemed off about them to me. Call it a feeling, a hunch, whatever. However, several of my friends and readers have contacted me letting me know that they were upset over this because they had purchased from Lime Crime.

The main reason I did not purchase from Lime Crime when I was originally thinking about purchasing Pink Poodle was because I figured, for the price of $12 for a Lime Crime eyeshadow, I can purchase a MAC refill pan for $11. I just didn’t want to pay what she charged, as I felt it was overpriced and she doesn’t offer samples, so I wasn’t even sure I’d like the color. At least with MAC, I can go into a store and see the color. With most of the mineral makeup companies that I purchase from I can try a sample to see if I like it. At worst, I’m out $1. With Lime Crime, if I didn’t like it, I’d be out $12 plus shipping.

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  • Totally agree. That story about the duct tape on the dress is what pushed me over the edge. Seriously, after reading all of that, I feel like her philosophy is: "There's a sucker born every minute." 🙁

  • Hi Recessionista,
    I think basically what Lime Crime / Doe Deere / Xenia is doing is dishonest! I think she's deceiving people who believe her to be honest, when she's not.

  • Wow, I just spent the last hour reading all of the posts from the links you mentioned, and of course those posts took me to other posts and now I feel like I know waaaaay too much about this Doe person. It's just sad that she has so many fans…poor girls who don't know (or don't care?) that they're being so deceived. Sad! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Hi Jenn,
    I believe everything that Ana, Grey and Jessica have shared about Lime Crime eye shadow.
    Countless people have emailed me and told me how they were duped, how Lime Crime colors matched TKB colors or Beauty from the Earth colors, etc, and how they felt ripped off.
    If you're looking for funky lipsticks, I highly recommend Morgana Minerals.
    I'm sorry you feel heartbroken ;(

  • Omg… is everything people are writing true? It's so hard to believe… I feel heartbroken 🙁 I've been such a big fan of Xenia for a long time, and I just… don't know what to say. I was super excited about her new lipsticks and was just about to order some when the new shipment came in.


  • I got ripped off when she had the glitters. I grabbed 6 when they were on sale (still $10 american) and when I got them they were the same as my bfte samples which would have been way cheaper.
    I had my eye on many colours but never got them because of the crazy price (and seeing the size of my glitters I assumed they came in the same jar, guess I was right) and I wasn't going to pay that for a colour you cant even sample first (I was dumb with the glitters, I saw the word "sale" and went temporarily insane)

  • Wow, I am so glad I just saw this on Twitter because 10 minutes ago I had 2 colors in my Amazon cart of theirs, then decided to wait. Glad I did!

  • Hi Suzie,
    I'm not sure how you would have heard about lime crime through me since I've never purchased from her (because I didn't like her prices or her no samples), but I'm so glad that neither of us purchased!

  • hi Phyrra,

    i'm very disheartened to hear about this. :((( read the links and the more details i know, the more my heart seems to sink. feels it's been stabbed. oh dear!
    i came to know about Lime Crime through you, and also some other fab companies like Meow and Fyrrinae. I went to check out her site and found the colors although beautiful, are lacking since i do like complex colors. i didn't try anything since she doesn't sell samples and the full sizes are frankly quite pricey. i however enjoy reading her blog. her articles are always rather enjoyable and uplifting and interesting. i have been looking forward to the release of her lilac lipsticks this oct but once again it's the price that stopping my from purchasing. i really don't know. i obviously won't be buying from her (price+shipping+conversion=not economical).

  • Hi Lindsey,
    I'm glad that you love Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh so much, me too. The fact that they actually put their heart and soul into their products really shows.

  • I don't remember where I was first pointed towards Ana's post, but I'm glad that I was, because I'd previously considered buying LC makeup (especially before I discovered fabulous places like Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh), but not a chance in hell, now. I'm tempted to just give up on reading her blog altogether, because she doesn't deserve the all the hits on it.

  • Hi Angie,
    Yeah that's horrible that she sends larger jars to reviewers and not to everyone! It seems dishonest!

    Hi Nea,
    I agree, that's misleading to me.

    Hi Evil Angel,
    I need to check out your company!
    I do think that there will be some similarities in some colors, but not exact dupes! I mean a lot of companies will have similar shades.
    I really wish that she would be forced to tell the truth, but I don't think that will happen.

    Hi Dissolved Girl,
    I'm very sorry that you didn't know about this before.
    I hadn't posted previously because, until I read Ana and Grey's blog back in August, I didn't know that Lime Crime was a scam either.

  • I bought some of her eyeshadows, Fortunately I only bought 3 and I bought 2 of her lipsticks. I just wish I had done some research before buying the products. But lesson learned and thank you ladies for bringing this to light. LC will not be getting any more of my cash. 🙂

  • As someone with a small cosmetics company I have to say this really pisses me off! People like this put all of us little guys under scruteny and it makes people leery of buying from small companies.
    I, as well as many other small cosmetic companies, work my butt off to create good quality origional products. Now I know due to the basic facts of color that there will be some duplicates but what she did is just dirty!
    I know that many companies buy, relable and sell private label cosmetics which is fine, but they do not lie and say that they personally created the colors.
    It's hard enough to survive as a small business and then for someone to be so dirty and underhanded only makes it harder on the rest of us that are good companies.
    I think she needs to close up, apologize and crawl back under her rock!

  • Sending bigger jars to ones that review the products is not nice at all! What a dissappointment when you receive much smaller jar… I won't order from LC because prices seem too high and especially bacause samples are not available.

  • I cant believe how quickly this has all come out. I think it was less than a week ago when Ana put up that post and already its recieving so much attention. i just love it!
    I remember seeing xsparkage do i video promoting her a while ago – the jars looked huge and products were so bright, so of course i got two colours (at the time i had no clue about other mineral companies and how outrageous her prices actually were). God i couldnt believe how small the jars actually were when i got them!
    It wasnt until i read Ana's post and realised that she actually sent larger jars with more products to people who reviewed her stuff! There is no polite way to express my feelings about this so i dont think ill try other than to say i was pretty pissed (stil am) and disapointed in her.
    Until that point i kinda liked her quirkyness and different way of looking at things but know i see it is just a tool to further draw unsuspecting people in and take their money without and respect for their expectations.
    Its too bad she's running her company into the ground – it could have been amazing if she had swallowed her pride and told the truth.

    woah sorry bout the rant…

  • Someone posted a full list of dupes in the comments on my blog, which I've yet to repost – but will. Although they're not confirmed, but at the very least anyone interested in said LC colour should check out the dupe.

    Grey has bought a couple of LC lipsticks, and a ton of Stargazer ones to directly compare them, as we heard rumours that they're suspiciously similar.

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