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New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For

New Makeup Releases I'm Excited For

New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For

Today I’m sharing the new makeup releases that I’m excited for. These are products that just launched or are launching soon! Everything is, of course, cruelty free. Most products are vegan, and over half the list is indie makeup brands!

Purchased by me.

New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For Video

Makeup Releases

1. Moonslice Beauty Glosses (v)(i)
2. Saucebox Cosmetics Purple Duochrome Brushes (v)(i)
3. Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Palette (v)(LB)
4. Besame Cosmetics Briar Rose Palette (cf)
5. Coloured Raine Power Palette (cf)(i)
6. Haus Laboratories Downtown Punk Duo (cf)(i)
7. Glow Hero Skincare Rose Quartz Roller (v)(i)
8. Aromaleigh Fall 2019 (cf)(i)
9. Lime Crime Venus Vivids Palette (v)(LB)

v – vegan
cf – cruelty free
i – indie
LB – Leaping Bunny



  • I normally love Lime Crime but I just haven’t been into their releases. The last woah product they released for me were their plushies which are amazing. I did buy the Venus XL II palette and while I like it, the vivds, and immortalis palettes just can’t compare to the original two Venus palettes for me in terms of color story.
    Now the Aromaleigh stuff… I am dying over the red dragon box and Veneer looks like the most amazing inner corner shade. Hoping other brands drop fall/Halloween collections.

  • I am truly coveting that Venus Vivids palette as well! Gorgeous vivd colors without one icky neutral to spoil the assortment!

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