Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette

I wanted to bring you an updated DIY Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette for 2018, since Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year. Makeup Geek has discontinued a lot of colors over the past year or two, so I wanted to make sure to only include colors that are currently available on their site. I didn’t include a black or white matte because I’m making the assumption that you have basic, staple shades like that in your collection. I chose mostly fun colors, only 2 ‘work safe’ shades included.

I created 4 different eyeshadow looks with the Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette to help spark your creativity. I do wish that Makeup Geek had a pastel purple shade similar to the one found in the Kylie Purple Palette, because that would be perfect for blending out the edges of other colors. I did include 1 (technically 2) Makeup Geek pigments in this ‘palette’ because the colors are amazing and you need them.

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Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Row 1 – Invincible, Dedicated, Courageous, Vintage
Row 2 – Fairytale, Wisteria, Petal Pusher, Taboo
Row 3 – Daydreamer, Masquerade, Caitlin Rose, Mesmerized
Row 4 – Blacklight, Phantom, Kaleidoscope, Tin Man (not pictured)

Invincible – cool purple matte (Power Pigment)
Dedicated – warm purple matte (Power Pigment)
Courageous – magenta pink (Power Pigment)
Daydreamer – light lilac purple foil (Foiled)
Masquerade – bright warm puple foil  (Foiled)
Caitlin Rose – bright purple foil  (Foiled)
Mesmerized – taupe with purple undertone  (Foiled)
Fairytale – muted lavender with grey undertone matte
Wisteria – light purple matte
Petal Pusher – a medium rose brown with a matte finish.
Vintage – a medium brown with mauve undertones and a matte finish.
Taboo – an ultra-deep raisin purple with a matte finish.
Blacklight – light purple base with blue shift (duochrome)
Phantom – white base with purple shift (duochrome)
Tin Man – a medium silver with strong purple undertones  (duochrome)
Kaleidoscope – a slate blue base with pink, purple, and teal reflects.  (duochrome)

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Pale Skin Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Fair Skin

Row 1 – Fairytale, Wisteria, Courageous, Dedicated, Masquerade, Daydreamer, Kaleidoscope, Phantom
Row 2 – Taboo, Petal Pusher, Vintage, Invincible, Caitlin Rose, Mesmerized, Tin Man, Blacklight

Now, I would have preferred to choose Makeup Geek Confection instead of Petal Pusher, but Confection was discontinued. In my opinion this palette really needs a white with purple undertone but there’s not one in the Makeup Geek lineup.

I included Mesmerized and Vintage for people who are afraid of purple. People tell me these colors count as purple. While I typically think of purples as being well, more similar to Invincible, I can understand that some people don’t like bold purples.

Dedicated is a color that Makeup Geek calls a warm purple matte, but on my skintone it reads as a burgundy wine. It’s a beautiful shade. I included that and Courageous, which is a magenta pink with purple undertones, because they work well with the other purples.

Kaleidoscope was included because it’s the #1 color that I’ve received compliments on from Makeup Geek. I wear it a ton and it’s usually in my trio of travel shades when I pack Makeup Geek (Kaleidoscope, Sugar Rush and Sorcery). It’s an awesome color that has a pink to violet to teal shift. It’s so pretty! (see my Ever After High Raven Queen Tutorial using Kaleidoscope)

Tin Man was included because it’s a beautiful silver with purple undertone. It looks great with all these colors.

There are a ton of mattes in the palette for versatility. You can layer any of the shimmery shades on top of the mattes for more complex looks.

Fairytale, Wisteria, Petal Pushes and Vintage can all work as transition shades on pale skin like mine. Taboo is an excellent liner, outer crease or accent color.

Masquerade, Caitlin Rose, Daydreamer, Kaleidoscope, Tin Man, Blacklight and Mesmerized make great lid shades. I love using Phantom to highlight.

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette Looks

Work Safe Purple Makeup Look Work Safe Purple Makeup Look

1. Work-Safe Purple Look

  • Vintage – lid, crease, lower lid
  • Mesmerized – lid, inner lower lid
  • Taboo – tightline, outer c
  • Petal pusher – transition
  • Phantom – highlight
  • Sigma Polished – lower waterline

Purple Cut Crease
Purple Cut Crease

2. Purple Cut Crease

  • Fairytale – all over
  • UD Sin primer – cut the crease
  • Blacklight – on top of sin
  • Taboo – cut the crease color, tightline
  • Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Powder in Porcelain – to blend out edges
  • Sigma Final Touch – lower waterline

I’m not sure why but Fairytale blended out very patchy on my outer crease / browbone for this look.

Purple and Silver Halo Eye with Makeup Geek Tin Man and Invincible Purple and Silver Halo Eye with Makeup Geek Tin Man and Invincible

3.  Silver and Purple Halo Eye

  • Invincible – inner and outer lid
  • Tin Man – center of lid
  • Petal Pusher – transition
  • Taboo – tightline
  • Phantom – highlight

Masquerade Invincible Daydreamer Cruelty-free Makeup Look

4. Bright Purple

  • Daydreamer – inner lid
  • Masquerade – outer lid
  • Kaleidoscope – center lid
  • Wisteria – crease and lower lid
  • Invincible – outer v outer crease
  • Taboo – outer v, upper lash line

Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette Swatches, Review, Looks

I hope you find my Makeup Geek Purple Eyeshadow Palette for purple lovers helpful! You can check out my original DIY Makeup Geek Purple Palette here.

More of my DIY Makeup Geek Palette Series

I can’t get over how awesome the new Makeup Geek Power Pigment formula is and how it performs. It blends out so beautifully on the skin. I’m hoping that Makeup Geek decides to reformulate the rest of their mattes to this amazing formula. I think you’ll be really impressed with it!

Check out my Makeup Geek Power Pigments Review & Sugarpill Comparison. You may also want to see my Makeup Geek Power Pigments compared to Viseart Editorial Brights Palette or  Makeup Geek Power Pigments compared to Urban Decay Electric Palette.

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  1. Hi Courtney I hope you have been well hun, I have been sick these past few days with a headache, body aches, & a sore throat so I’m hoping to feel better soon. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these swatches and these eye looks that you created using these Makeup Geek eyeshadows in shades of purple. I haven’t tried Makeup Geek yet so I kind of feel like I have been living under a rock since it seems like everyone else has tried it but you. I really love all of these colors but my favorites are Courageous, Masquerade, & Caitlin Rose. Well thanks again for sharing with me Courtney, have a blessed day sweetie. ?❤️???✌?

  2. Purple is one of my favourite colours love all the the shades in this palette – enjoyed all the looks you did

  3. I feel like if I were to make a shadow palette… this would be what it looked like. I love the colors here

  4. Never would I have thought to use COLOR as a highlight around my brow and it is absolutely brilliant! I think I will def try this! I am in love with purple eyeshadows, I feel they complement my dark brown eyes, and am so appreciative of you sharing so many beautiful looks in the post. You have definitely given me tons of inspiration! xox

  5. I love how you used purple as a highlight in one of the looks! I definitely need to check out MUG’s website.

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