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Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette

Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette Review and Swatches

A while ago Makeup Geek sent me the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette. This is a brand new neutral palette made up of 5 of the most popular matte, shimmer, and foiled eyeshadows from Makeup Geek. It also has 4 new matte shades. Makeup Geek says this is an all vegan palette.


Where to Buy
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Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette Swatches

All eyeshadows swatched on Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

Makeup Geek Rapunzel swatch

Pale golden champagne (satin)
Rapunzel is a light yellow gold champagne satin.

Makeup Geek In the Spotlight swatch

In The Spotlight
Pale coral (foiled)
In the Spotlight is a light peachy coral shimmer.

Makeup Geek Grandstand Swatch

Medium warm tan (foiled)
Grandstand is a copper shimmer.

Makeup Geek So Pale swatch

So Pale (NEW)
The perfect “not quite white” (matte)
So Pale is the perfect creamy white matte. I love this as a base shade on my skintone and I NEED it as a single!

Makeup Geek Tan Lines swatch

Tan Lines
Medium golden tan (matte)
Tan Lines is a warm brown with orange undertones matte.

Makeup Geek Buffed swatch

Buffed (NEW)
Peachy tan (matte)
Buffed is a peachy beige matte. I love this in the crease or as a transition. It’s similar to Darling Girl #BreakTheInternet. I NEED this one as a single, too!

Makeup Geek Creased swatch

Creased (NEW)
Medium taupe/tan (matte)
Creased is a midtone taupe brown matte.

Makeup Geek Cabin Fever swatch

Cabin Fever
Medium rusty brown (matte)
Cabin Fever is a deep brown with reddish plum undertones matte.

Makeup Geek Dark Roast Swatch

Dark Roast (NEW)
Deep espresso brown (matte)
Dark Roast is a deep neutral brown matte.

Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette Swatches

Top Row – Dark Roast – Creased – Grandstand – In the Spotlight – Rapunzel
Bottom Row – Cabin Fever – Tan Lines – Buffed – So Pale

Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette Review

Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette Review and Swatches on Pale Skin - Find out if it's a hit or miss! 100% vegan.

Here is the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette swatched on my pale skin. To my eyes, Cabin Fever and Dark Roast are the same depth, just Dark Roast is more neutral-toned while Cabin Fever is more red-toned. Neither of those shades really work for me to deepen the outer V or to use as liner.

The Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette is definitely a warm neutral palette. It doesn’t provide enough contrast for me, since I’m high contrast (dark hair, pale skin, light eyes). The darkest shade, Dark Roast, wasn’t dark enough for my taste and I have to reach for Corrupt (matte black) to make it work. I feel like it would have been better to release a palette with all new shades instead of over half the shades being repromotes (albeit popular ones) from the line. I’m sure some people won’t purchase the palette because they already own some of these as singles.

Another thing I dislike about the palette is that the names of the colors aren’t written below the eyeshadows. I hate having to flip an eyeshadow palette over to see the shade names. I know it doesn’t bother most people, but if space is available, I wish the names were there.

Makeup Geek in the Nude Palette Look
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I have used the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette a lot because of So Pale and Buffed. If I need a super quick and easy ‘nude’ look for me, especially if I’m using the Contours RX correcting strips for my hoods, this is the palette I reach for. I just do a light dusting of So Pale all over, then I use Buffed to create a light, natural looking crease. I sometimes finish it off with a bit of cat eye liner. You can see how it looks in the photo above.

The price breakdown for the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette is $50 for 9 eyeshadows. That equals about $5.55 per eyeshadow. That puts it on the pricey side for a neutral palette, especially when you compare it to something like the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette which is $54 for 12 shades.

I personally love the Makeup Geek eyeshadow formula. Every color in the In the Nude palette had good pigmentation and blendability. I got all day wear on eyeshadow primer. With hooded eyes like mine, eyeshadow primer is a must or my eyeshadow creases and fades away. This is the formula that I’ve come to expect and love from Makeup Geek.

I’m torn on the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette. On the one hand, I feel like warm neutral palettes are overdone. I think the last palette Makeup Geek released, which was the MannyMua palette, was a much more versatile palette than In the Nude. It also feels late to the neutrals palette game, but to be fair I also feel like there’s a new warm neutral palette coming out every week. As I’ve mentioned before, I know the majority of makeup lovers want neutral palettes (or else the entire UD Naked line wouldn’t be as successful as it is), but personally, I’m tired of them.

The Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette is vegan, which really helps to set it apart from a plethora of warm neutral palettes on the market right now. I do love two of the new shades, too. So Pale is my perfect base shade. I also love Buffed for an easy soft crease or transition shade. I’ve used those two shades a ton. I really hope they’re released as singles because I’d snap them up for my Glamtech palette.

I really love that the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette is made up of 6 mattes, 2 foils and 1 shimmer. It’s very hooded eye friendly. I also think the mattes make it very conservative office friendly, too.

Who Needs This Palette

  • People who like subtle neutral makeup
  • People who like warm neutrals
  • People who like vegan palettes
  • People who like indie brands
  • People who wear neutrals every single day
  • People who like palettes that make it easy to put together a simple, flattering look

You Should Avoid This Palette If

  • You don’t like warm neutral eyeshadows
  • You prefer to wear brights
  • You already own 2 or 3 neutral palettes
  • You already own several of the shades in the palette

What do you think of the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette? Is it a must-have for you? Or is it a skip? What would you like to see Makeup Geek put out next? Since I’m burnt out on warm neutral palettes, I would dearly love to see a more creative palette. A purple palette, a duochrome palette, a tropical getaway palette, or even a cool neutral (100% cool-tones) would be nice!

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  • I’m experiencing the “buy color” phenom…I’ve always been all about color and while I have learned to love the warm neutrals trend, it’s getting a little boring. Your swatches are fantastic

  • This palette does look pretty but I don’t think I need it in my collection. On the other hand I am yet to buy any Makeup Geek shadows and I’ve a strong feeling that as a makeup artist I’m doing myself and my clients a disservice!! ? xxx

  • Pretty shades, but I agree that MUG is late to the game with warm neutral palettes. Unless one was waiting for a vegan palette.

  • I look best in warm neutrals but have enough to last til I’m 500 years old. I like the look of this palette, though.

  • The eye look you did is beautiful!! I love this palette, it’s got shades that are right up my alley, but I don’t always play with a lot of color and when I do I’m pretty safe about it.

  • I have cool toned skin but I love a good neutral palette, this is just too warm for me though. But certain colors are fabulous and I’d love these: Rapunzel, In the Spotlight, and So Pale since they’d work with other favorites.

  • Looks like a super nice palette, warm tones are perfect for me…but I do find it expensive ! Maybe it’ll show up on MUG ”scratch and dent” sale. That would be cool.

  • I agree with all of your comments. I have ALL of the MUG eye shadows so this will not be a purchase for me. I too would like to see some cool toned palettes.

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