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GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes

GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes - Awesome makeup palettes that you can customize any way you want! They're better than z-palettes!

GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes

Early this year I discovered GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes. I fell in love with how the palettes are made from high-quality components. And of course, I love the fully customizable nature of them too. GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes are a great, high quality alternative to z-palettes.

Where to Buy

My GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes

GlamTech Custom Glitter Poodle 35 Pan Palette

My Phaedra 35 pan palette. It’s got a mix of Makeup Geek, Sugarpill, Colour Pop, and Lunatick Cosmetic Labs.

GlamTech 35 Pan SeaHorse Custom Palette

My SeaHorse 35 pan palette. It’s filled with Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow singles that I need to swatch.

GlamTech 35 Pan Star Palette

My Star 35 pan palette. It’s almost empty with NARS and Makeup Geek in it.

GlamTech 12 Pan Bat Palette

My Bats 12 pan palette. I have Saucebox Mermaid Life eyeshadows in it. They’re huge (Sugarpill size pans).

GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palettes Review

Each GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palette is made using a strong PVC plastic base. The sturdy lid is thick acrylic that won’t easily crack or break. The magnet inside the palette is an industrial strength sheet magnet. All of this combined gives you a very durable, easy to clean, great for travel, palette design. They’re much stronger than a z-palette.

12 pan palettes are $12. For my Bat palette I added a base color upgrade of purple for $2. 35 pan palettes are $24. For my Seahorse I added a $3 lid upgrade. Shipping for these two palettes was $8.02 total ($4.01 each). My Phaedra 35 pan palette has a purple glitter and white outline design. It was $37 plus $5.24 shipping. My Star 35 pan palette was $24 base with a $3 upgrade for the orange pink purple color design. Shipping was $5.24

With one of my palettes, the Seahorse palette, I was unhappy with how the color turned out and I let GlamTech know. They were kind enough to fix the color issue and send a replacement lid. With my Phaedra palette, they didn’t like how the first lid turned out so they recreated it and then sent the second lid. I never saw what the first lid looked like. They let me know that happened and that it would add more time on to the creation process.

About My Palettes

  • Phaedra Palette (35 pan) – $42.24 (Ordered Jun 13, Arrived Jul 1)
  • Bat Palette (12 pan) – $18.01 (Ordered Mar 13, Arrived Mar 30)
  • Seahorse Palette (35 pan) – $31.01 (Ordered Mar 13, Arrived Mar 30 and Apr 15)
  • Star Palette (35 pan) – $32.24 (Ordered Feb 19, arrived Mar 13)

One of the cool things about GlamTech is that they’re a local indie business. They’re located in Orlando, Florida. I like being able to support a local company.

I’ve traveled with my GlamTech palettes and had no issues with them at all. I love that they’re easy to fit into my zuca bag. You can put Makeup Geek or any other sort of magnetic pan into them without any issue.

People in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group have created gorgeous palettes. Some are Harry Potter themed, some are super gothic, some are Star Wars themed. The possibilities are endless!

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