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Kylie Purple Palette

Kylie Purple Palette Review, Swatches Looks - If you love the color purple you need this palette! #crueltyfree #purple #madeintheusa

Kylie Purple Palette

I’m excited to be sharing my Kylie Purple Palette review with you today. You know I love the color purple. I’ve dyed my hair purple many times, I created a purple custom bed frame for my master bedroom, and I frequently wear purple makeup. So I’ve often wanted brands to make purple palettes. I created a DIY Urban Decay Purple palette and a DIY Makeup Geek Purple palette. So imagine my surprise when Kylie Cosmetics actually made a real purple palette!!!

Where to Buy
Kylie Cosmetics, Ulta

$42 for 9 eyeshadows .05 oz each

About the Kylie Purple Palette

The #KylieCosmetics Kyshadow pressed powder eye shadow palette is your secret weapon to create the perfect Kylie eye. Each Purple Palette comes with 9 pressed powder eye shadows that can be used together to recreate Kylie’s favorite looks or customize your own. The Kyshadow kit pressed powder eye shadows are talc and paraben free, have medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture.

Kylie Purple Palette Review Kylie Purple Palette Review

Kylie Purple Palette Review, Swatches Looks Cruelty Free Purple Palette Cruelty Free Purple Palette

Row 1 – Periwinkle, Trophy, Stone
Row 2 – Lilac, Wine n’ Dine, Turning Violet
Row 3 – Amethyst, Purple Smoke, Blueberry

Kylie Purple Palette Swatches

Kylie Purple Palette Periwinkle swatch

satin icy pink
I think Kylie must have never seen a periwinkle flower, which is a blue-purple color. That said, I like this icy pink shade. You can layer it on top of other colors to add dimension, use it as the center of a halo eye, or highlight with it.

Kylie Purple Palette Trophy swatch

pearlized bronze taupe
Trophy is not a purple at all. I’m not sure why it’s in this palette. It’s a golden bronzey brown color. I was initially disappointed when I saw this color. It’s very good quality with excellent pigmentation. My friend Mickey is in love with it.

Kylie Purple Palette Stone swatch

matte cool tone taupe
Stone is a lovely cool-toned taupe grey brown. It’s a great transition or soft crease shade.

Kylie Purple Palette Lilac swatch

matte soft lilac
Lilac is a pale purple-tinted white matte. It’s excellent for blending out the edges of other colors or highlighting.

Kylie Purple Palette Amethyst swatch

metallic purple
Amethyst was the only color in the palette that disappointed me because it was sheer. I had to repeatedly swatch over this star to get it to show up. It’s a shade that’s meant for layering on top of other colors.

Kylie Purple Palette Turning Violet swatch

Turning Violet
matte deepened violet
Turning Violet is a deep, cool-toned purple. I love this color.

Kylie Purple Palette Wine n' Dine swatch

Wine ‘N Dine
matte deepened plum
Wine ‘n Dine is a deep red-toned purple. I love this color too.

Kylie Purple Palette Purple Smoke swatch

Purple Smoke
satin purple slate
I would have never bought Purple Smoke on my own, but wow I love it when worn. It makes my eyes look gorgeous. Purple Smoke has a plum base with complex gold and copper shifts.

Kylie Purple Palette Blueberry swatch

matte cool gray
Blueberry is a deep, cool-toned grey matte.

Kylie Purple Palette swatches and review

Row 1 – Blueberry, Stone, Wine n’ Dine, Amethyst, Periwinkle
Row 2 – Turning Violet, Purple Smoke, Trophy, Lilac

Kylie Purple Palette swatches and review

Kylie Purple Palette Looks

GRWM Kylie Purple Palette Tutorial

See my Get Ready With Me with the Kylie Purple Palette. I believe this is Wine n’ Dine, Purple Smoke and Stone.

I used Wine n' Dine, Purple Smoke, and Lilac for this look.
I used Wine n’ Dine, Purple Smoke, and Lilac for my Cheshire Cat Look.
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Lilac was used to blend out the edges of other colors in the crease

Kylie Purple Palette Review

I’ve desperately wanted a cruelty free brand to make a purple palette, so when I heard about the Kylie Purple palette, I knew I had to buy it. I was especially surprised that a brand like Urban Decay hadn’t created a purple palette because people clearly want it.

Now, the packaging is on the simple side. Yes, there’s a mirror inside the palette for those of you who love it. In fact, I hate that the names of the colors are not printed underneath them inside the palette; instead, the names are printed on the back.

The Kylie Purple palette is my first ever Kylie Cosmetics purchase. I’m impressed, to be honest. I found the eyeshadow formula very easy to work with. With the exception of Amethyst, I thought each shade had excellent pigmentation. The colors are easy to build up and blend out. In fact, they lasted 12+ hours on primer for me without creasing or fading.

I’m especially thrilled with the Kylie Purple palette. Some shades, such as Purple Smoke, I would have never purchased as an eyeshadow single. While it’s super gorgeous when worn and swatched, it didn’t seem exciting when I saw it online.

I love that the Kylie Purple palette has a great mix of mattes and shimmers. Because of this mix, I can create many different looks with only this palette. I think I might even be able to take this palette on a trip and not need any other eyeshadows, which is a rarity for me.

I have no regrets over the Kylie Purple palette. If all Kylie Cosmetics products are this good, I’ll purchase from them again. If you love the color purple, you will love this palette. If you don’t like purple, you won’t like this palette.

What do you think of the Kylie Purple Palette?




  • I love the swatches too and I adore your eye look-I have to say it looks like the brand exceeded my expectations with this palette-you made those purples shine-it’s nice to have that multi-dimensional effect too,. I have the LILA palette so I will pass on it, but I would think of buying from the line after seeing this wheras I wouldn’t have before! I still think you would love the LILA palette-in person it’s even more mind blowing-and even though you do have the warm/cool purple range and the transitional, it really truly is breathtaking.

  • Your eyes look great in both of these. I always wondered about the quality of the Kylie shadows. Some like Blueberry seem patchy but most look like they’d be great to use.

  • Dang, that looks really good. I’m going to watch the video. I love the little star-shaped swatches, BTW. Cute!

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