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Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Swatches Miscellaneous

I decided to swatch all of my Fyrinnae eye shadows for you today. The seventh set is mostly miscellaneous.

Row 1 Sakura, Moon Child, Koala, Faerie Realm, Valhalla
Row 2 Leshii, Pumpkinfire, Blue-footed Booby, Warrior-Mage, Archmage
Row 3 Immortality, Fyre & Ice, Midnight Tryst, Dokkalfar, monarch butterfy
Row 4 Fujiro

My Favorites:
Moon Child, Faerie Realm, Midnight Tryst, Fujiro, Leshii, Valhalla, Immortallity

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  • Oh wow! Thanks for doing all this, looks like alot of work. Now you are just making me feel the need to buy more 🙂 You have quite the collection.

  • ah, fujiro… i got a sample of that in my first fyrinnae order and somehow the cap came off in my makeup bag. everything was covered in it!

  • Haha you’re not helping me any here. Enabler! It looks like you’ve got some pretty old (aka discontinued) colors in your stash too. Maybe I’ll re-swatch all of mine one day.

    • Yeah I had some of the professional colors and some of the discontinued. I just figured I could swatch them all for completeness.

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