Fall Pumpkin Festival at Raprager Family Farm

Fall Pumpkin Festival at Raprager Family Farm

Hello, beautiful creatures! A few weekends ago, I went to the Fall Pumpkin Festival at Raprager Family Farm in the greater Tampa Bay Area. You might remember me mentioning Rapragar Family Farms previously. Dave and I had our gothic wedding in the Rapragar Butterfly Garden at night.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden at Raprager Family Farms

Here’s a shot of the gorgeous Butterfly Garden. These are all plants that butterflies love to eat, and I’d guess bees love them too!

Fall Pumpkin Festival Photo Spots

Cordelia and Dave by orange pumpkin hay bales

This Fall Pumpkin Festival has several cute photo spots around the property. I loved these bright orange haybales painted with pumpkin faces; they match my pumpkin shoes!

a Jack Skellington haybale with a gothic woman standing next to it

We loved the Jack Skellington haybale too!

Friendly Farm Animals at the Fall Pumpkin Festival

Farm animal housing at Raprager Family Farm

There are lots of friendly animals that are well-socialized for interaction.

A cute goat being petted by a woman

These goats loved the attention of everyone!

Cordelia is holding a cute friendly chicke

I couldn’t believe how friendly the chickens were! They enjoyed attention and pets.

Cordelia next to a tortoise

I loved the giant tortoises!

Kid-focused Activities

The hayride at Raprager Family Farm at the Fall Pumpkin Festival

While I’m clearly not very kid-friendly, there are tons of kid-friendly activities at the Fall Pumpkin Festival at Raprager Family Farm. Pictured above is a hayride, and you can also take your kids on a pony ride.

Jumping Area for kids

There is also a jumping area for kids, as well as a bounce house that I spotted.

If you’re hungry, I recommend hitting the food trucks; they’re much faster than the on-site Wholesome Hen. Avoid online ordering as it seems only to cause issues. It took 2 hours to get a hamburger.

Face Painting at the Fall Pumpkin Festival

a woman with a painted face at the Fall Pumpkin Festival

I think Raprager Farms also didn’t anticipate how popular their event would be. The face painting was also about a 2-hour wait for one of my friends. Hopefully, they will hire additional painters for next year!

Haunted Barn

Cordelia in a blacklight reactive haunted barn at the Fall Pumpkin Festival

There’s a great starter Haunted Barn for your child’s first Haunted House experience. It has blacklight reactive areas, which I love! I need to have another blacklight party.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

a green pumpking and an orange pumpkin from the Fall Pumpkin Festival

You’ll find many cute pumpkins to buy for decorating or carving, from the heirloom style to crisp white or vibrant orange.

Final Thoughts

a glow in the dark pumpkin purse

I found this cute glow-in-the-dark pumpkin purse atΒ Hot Topic! It’s from a year or two ago.

Cordelia and Dave at the Fall Pumpkin Festival wearing Foxblood flannel matching outfits
It was about 90 degrees out (32.22 C)

What We’re Wearing

We had a great time with our friends at the Fall Pumpkin Festival at Raprager Family Farm. This one is great if you’re looking for a kid-oriented or young-at-heart event!

What do you have planned for Autumn and Halloween this year? We have a few costume Halloween parties planned, as they’re my favorite!

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