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Colour Pop She Palette

Colour Pop She Palette Swatches & Review

Colour Pop She Palette

Today I’m bringing you the Colour Pop She Palette. I bought this when it first launched and it sold out immediately. I received it in the mail yesterday. Coincidentally I also got an email from Colour Pop that it was restocked, so now’s the time to snag it if you’re interested. I did a live swatching of the Colour Pop She Palette, the Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Palette & the Makeup Geek In the Nude Palette in Poise Chat last night. Watch it here.

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Colour Pop She Palette Packaging

Colour Pop Fem Rosa Karrueche She Palette Collaboration Colour Pop Karrueche She Palette Colour Pop She Palette

I love the exterior of the Colour Pop She palette packaging. The roses are pretty. I dislike that the color names are not printed on the inside of the She palette. That’s always a pet peeve of mine. I prefer color names printed under the colors. I wish more brands would do this. Instead, the color names are printed on the back of the She palette.

Colour Pop She Palette Swatches

Colour Pop Ladylike Swatch

metallic soft ivory
Ladylike looks like a metallic white gold shade.

Colour Pop Babe Swatch

satin light peachy pink
Babe looks like a light peach with a pink shift.

Colour Pop Chick Swatch

metallic subtle gold
Chick looks like a soft champagne gold metallic.

Colour Pop Dainty Swatch

metallic pinky taupe
Dainty is a metallic pink with brown tones.

Colour Pop Mademoiselle Swatch

metallic rose gold
Mademoiselle is a metallic pinky copper with gold flecks.

Colour Pop Empress Swatch

metallic midtone pink plum
Empress is a pinky mauve with violet shimmer.

Colour Pop Gal Swatch

metallic red with copper duochrome
Gal is like Fall come to life. It’s a metallic red with copper, orange, and pink shimmer. I love it.

Colour Pop Filly Swatch

metallic rusty orange
Filly is a coppery orange with red shimmer.

Colour Pop Duchess Swatch

matte dusty coral
Duchess is a terracotta coral.

Colour Pop Dear Swatch

matte warm rose
Dear is a coral rose, like a brighter, more coral version of Duchess.

Colour Pop Missy Swatch

matte deep burgundy
Missy is a deep red burgundy matte. I’m glad it stays on the red side rather than going brown.

Colour Pop Damsel Swatch

matte smokey violet
Damsel is a wine burgundy matte. It looks more purple on my skin than it does in the photos. I love this color.

Colour Pop She Palette Swatches

Row 1 – Duchess – Dear – Empress – Mademoiselle – Dainty – Ladylike
Row 2 – Damsel – Missy – Filly – Gal – Chick – Babe

Colour Pop She Swatches

Colour Pop She Palette Review

Colour Pop She Palette Review & Swatches. I love these mauves, pinks, peaches, plums, reds and gold. These colors look great on my pale skin. I also think they'll look fantastic on deeper skintones.

The Colour Pop She Palette is $16 for .85 oz of product, roughly .03 oz per eyeshadow, 12 eyeshadows in total. You’re basically paying $1.33 per eyeshadow. I’d say that’s a pretty good value for the price. As I mentioned above, I mostly love the Colour Pop She Palette packaging. It could be improved by adding the color names below the pan. I don’t mind that there is no mirror, though I know some people will hate that. I also feel like the cardboard packaging is fairly sturdy.

Now, let’s talk about the Colour Pop She Palette color names. I love the color names! They’re non-offensive and pretty cute. I like that they’re all variations on ‘she.’

I love the mix of colors in the Colour Pop She Palette. I feel like a few of the shades remind me of the Urban Decay Naked Heat, but the rest are rather unique. You’re getting colors that I wish were in the Naked Heat palette, like the true red burgundy Missy and the wine burgundy Damsel. I also really like Dear and Duchess. The 4 mattes are great choices for these colors. I love that several of the metallics are unique and look like duochromes. The shade Gal really steals the show because of how complex it is when worn. You can see that in my Facebook Live swatching.

I feel like Colour Pop and Karrueche did a great job coming up with a unique palette. I love these mauves, pinks, peaches, plums, reds and gold. These colors look great on my pale skin. I also think they’ll look fantastic on deeper skintones.  For inspiration check out my Scorched tutorial or my Extra Galactic tutorial.

If you’re bored with all the neutral palettes that have been coming out, you might like this palette. If you’re a fan of pinks, plums and metallics, you’ll love this palette. If you’re wanting to dip your toes into a little bit of color, you’ll probably enjoy this palette. You should skip this palette if you don’t like pinks.

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What do you think of the Colour Pop She Palette?

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  • I bought this palette and I love it so much! The shimmers are especially impressive. You definitely can’t go wrong for the price!

  • Now I’m not sure if I still want ‘Yes Please’ or if I should wait for this to be restocked…. Damsel is gorgeous swatched!

  • Ooo I really love that it has the true burgundy and the true red that you mentioned-the rest of the shades are nice, I like the duo-chrome like shades too-I actually don’t have quite that many true pinks/rosy shades and corals so it would be nice to pick up and so many love colour pop and I’ve actually never tried their shadow just their lippie stix. I don’t mind that I have some of the same shades, every shadow has it’s own look I think, and I’ve been wanting to do a dupe test with colourpop.. I really love the packaging, I really love the shade Gal too, that would be one I’d love! I do wish it had a mirror, it does bug me because I don’t have a great vanity setup currently but I wouldn’t go past a palette because of it. I like when they have the shade names on the palette-my Natasha Denona palettes only have the names on the plastic covering that is attached to the palette to protect the shades…so I don’t remember the names.

  • It looks really pretty, and I love the roses on the packaging. I have so many of these types of shades now, though, that I think I’ll pass.

    • Ooops, I was going to say-I end up taking out my KVD Metal Matte palette whether I’m using it for not, for the mirror since it’s so long I can set it up on the upper level of my desk-my computer desk/makeup desk/everything desk ha! But thanks to your Amazon post I’ve found a lot of really great stuff to at least organize!

    • I know love I was going to say, I thought of you right away when I saw this, because I thought the shades would be really pretty on you-but then I realized that you might have a lot(which is why I know how pretty they are on you!) xoxo

  • Nice shades for sure !! I honestly would pay a few dollars more if they included a mirror though. I know some like this packaging to keep the cost down but I love mirrors in my palettes 🙂

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