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What’s the Best Black Lipstick?

What's the Best Black Lipstick?What’s the Best Black Lipstick?

What’s the Best Black Lipstick? I get asked this question a lot! The best black lipstick is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Perversion. The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick formula is my all-time favorite lipstick formula, as it’s comfortable to wear and reasonably priced.

PR sample.

Wearing Urban Decay Perversion Lipstick with Reverb on Top

I’m wearing Perversion lipstick with Reverb on top for this photo.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lipstick Topcoat in Ritual and White Lie on top of Perversion Vice lipstick

I’m wearing Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lipstick Topcoat in Ritual and White Lie on top of Perversion Vice lipstick.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lipstick Topcoat in White Lie on top of Perversion Vice lipstick

This is Perversion with White Lie on top. See all of the Special Effects Vice Topcoats here!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches - Perversion

What is the best black lipstick? Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Perversion

Perversion looks good no matter how you wear it, making it the best black lipstick of all time!

Urban Decay Perversion is richly pigmented, creamy, and easy to apply. Perversion is in the comfort matte formula, so it’s truly a comfortable matte to put on your lips. I pair it with the Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in Perversion for longer wear. I line an fill in my lips with the pencil, then apply the best black lipstick, Perversion on top. I blot with a tissue. Then I apply another layer of Perversion. If I don’t want to touch up at all, I will take a single ply of tissue paper and a fluffy brush to apply some loose setting powder on top of my lips through the tissue paper (see this and other makeup tricks in my 34 best makeup hacks guide).

Seriously, if I had to pick only one black lipstick to wear for the rest of my life, it would be Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Perversion. It’s truly the best black lipstick due to its comfortable formula, nice pigmentation, and how it wears. You can’t go wrong with a Vice Lipstick!

What do you think of the best black lipstick Perversion? Let me know below!

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  • I have to agree with UD Perversion being THE best. I really like ABH Matte Lipstick in Midnight, too.

  • I have not tried this one! Since I prefer liquid lipsticks, my favorite is Colour Pop’s Liquid Matte black lipstick in “Friday”. It’s super Matte and doesn’t budge! I once got asked by a waitress what lipstick I was wearing after I scarfed down a ton of greasy pizza and it was still fully intact.

    • I am not much of a matte liquid lipstick fan because most formulas are too drying for me. I really do not like any liquid lipstick by Colour Pop except Marshmallow Ultra Satin.

  • FYI — even when my cursor isn’t anywhere near your photos, they’re blocked by a huge “Pin me for later!” icon. I’ve refreshed, I’ve closed the window and returned, and it’s still doing that as default. I have to mouse over each photo to UN-pin the notice. (I’m using Chrome on a Surface Book, if that helps you figure out what might be going wrong!)

    Love black lipstick!

    • Thanks for letting me know Heather! I hate it when I can’t replicate problems. My machine that I’m borrowing while mine is in a shop is a MS Surface book and I use Chrome browser. It only shows up for me if I mouse over the images.

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