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Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review

Urban Decay Basquiat Collection

Today I’m sharing my Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review with you. I bought the palette during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. I had to use the Sephora App to buy the palette, which annoyed me.

About Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an insanely talented American artist who created neo-expressionist art. He tragically died of a heroin overdose at an early age. You can learn more about him and his art in the documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.

Where to Buy



$39, limited edition

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review

The Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette is a literal work of art. The box that houses the colors is meant to be hung on the wall.

The palette itself comes with 8 colors that are .04 oz each (for a total of .32 oz). It also comes with a brush (not pictured above).

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Swatches

I swatched on Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Neo Swatch

rich aubergine micro-shimmer
Neo is a warm purple matte with micro shimmer. I felt like this shade had poor color-payoff and I had to really build it up, even on primer, to get it to show up. I was disappointed with this color.
Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Graffiti Swatch

deep metallic green
Graffiti is a deep metallic green that reminds me a little of UD Loaded. If you’re a green fan you’ll love this color.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Les Swatch

charcoal-black matte-satin
Les is a soft charcoal black satin-matte. It’s on the softer side with pigmentation, which actually makes it ideal for deepening the crease without going overboard.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Exu Swatch

bright green shimmer
Exu reminds me a bit of Sugarpill Absinthe. It’s a gorgeous yellow-toned bright green, great for creating tropical looks.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Studio Swatch

pale pink matte
Studio is a nice pale pink matte that I like as a base shade or to blend out the edges of another color. It reminds me a bit of Urban Decay Strange or Anastasia Beverly Hills Baby Cakes.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette 1960 Swatch

bright pink matte
1960 is a perfect bright pink matte. You could use it as a blush if you wanted, too. I think it would be a great shade to add to the permanent UD lineup.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Untitled Swatch

rich deep blue matte
Untitled is a rich deep blue matte. It’s slightly darker than royal blue. This shade is one of the reasons I bought the palette.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Boom Swatch

bright teal matte
Boom is a bright teal blue matte. It’s one of the reasons I bought this palette. I love these two blues.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review and Swatches on Pale Skin Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Swatches on Pale Skin

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Looks

Urban Decay Basquiat Tutorial Look Urban Decay Basquiat Tutorial Look

See the tutorial.

Wearing Darling Girl Mermaid Magic and UD Basquiat Tenant Palette

See the look.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette and Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Tutorial

See the tutorial.

Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette Review, Looks, Tutorials & Swatches on Pale Skin. This is an awesome bright eyeshadow palette with mostly matte eyeshadows. You can create gorgeous tropical looks!

Aside from being unhappy with Neo, I otherwise love the palette. I did have to accept that Les was a more sheer black, but once I realized how that made it easier to work with, I adored it.

For the price of $39, it breaks down to 4.87 per eyeshadow. If you get it on sale, it’s an even better deal. I think it’s a good value for the price.

If you’re not a fan of color, or you don’t like mattes, you should skip this palette. If you’re only interested in the purple, I would skip it.

If you love bright colors, you should check out the Basquiat Tenant palette. I love it and feel it was money well spent.

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What do you think of the Urban Decay Basquiat Tenant Palette?

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  • I have had my eye on that palette and am so delighted you gave it good reviews. This will be perfect for summer with those bright colors!

  • The colors look very pigmented and pretty on you. Such a great buy ! Urban Decay eyeshadows never disappoint ! I love their Naked Basics palette a lot x

  • I love the shades in this palette! Since I don’t have any bright colors…..yes I need to get out of my comfort zone…I am going to check this one out for sure.

  • I think that because there’s a glut of palettes from Urban Decay (let alone countless competitors), I’m less inclined to forgive shades with poor pay off. I’d love the know the mindset of people behind allowing poorer-quality shades being released. I’ve been much more aware of my purchasing (Kimberly Clarke gives you a lot to think about). If I can’t justify buying a non-necessity, if it’s not unique or really good, I try to pass on it. I always love how you swatch – the size of each swatch allows subscribers to see the quality.

    • Thank you! I always feel like I get complaints about how I swatch, no matter how I do it, so I’m going back to swatching how I like it. I like my swatches to be big & solid, and then to talk about the quality (if it’s lacking) of each individual shade.

      • I’ve always loved the way you’ve swatched by the way! I think you do a great job-and then you talk about the quality of the individual shades which is awesome, and I really love the pigmentation and texture-and color in this palette. It suits the avant garde essence of the inspiration behind it, I definitely plan on picking it up..Also I think sometimes(it definitely is good to do the Kimberly Clarke-esque thing-I haven’t watched many of her videos, just your anti hauls. But sometimes you have to take the plunge and buy something that you are on the fence about, because I’ve found that you can be surprised in a good way, and also find new favorites. But also it’s really a personal thing-for me, with shadow, now that I have a collection that I love, I know what I’d like more of, and what works for me and what doesn’t-and then when something gets released I think about it adding to my collection, the pigmentation/quality and do I really love it? And this palette is really fun, I don’t have a lot of similar shades-and for brights I like mattes a lot…and the pigmentation is really I will definitely pick it up-I LOVE the looks you created!!! xo

  • Hey Courtney I Hope You Are Having a Great Day Today! Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Thoughts on the Basquiat Tenant Palette and for Sharing These Truly Stunning Swatches With Us Too! I Am Completely in Love With These Colors and These Swatches are Gorgeous and So Pigmented! I Love All of the Beautiful Colors But Especially 1960 & Boom, These Bright Pastel Shades Aould Be Perfect for Spring or Summer! You Know I Have Never Heard of Jean – Michel Basquiat Before I Heard About His Fabulous Urban Decay Collection But He Sounds Ridiculously Talented! I Have Always Wished That I Could Paint Because I Actually Love to Do it, I’m Just Not Very Good at it! This is Definitely My Kind of Palette and I Am Beyond Excited That This Palette is in Your Wonderful Giveaway Prizes Because I Need a Good Spring Eyeshadow Palette! You Never Cease to Amaze Me With Your Beautiful Makeup Looks & Tutorials, You Truly Are So Talented! Well Thanks Again for Sharing This With Me, Have a Beautiful Day My Friend! – XO, Jana

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