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KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV

KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV - Review and swatches 5

KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV

Today I wanted to share my KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV review and swatches with you. Das Esspensive XXV is a limited edition soft gold polish packed with golden glitter. It was created for KathleenLight’s 25th birthday.

For those of you who don’t know, KL polish is the Youtuber KathleenLights’ nail polish brand. KL polish is cruelty free, 5 free (that means no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene), 7 free (no xylene and ethyl tosylamide) and 9 free (no parabens and acetone). They’re also currently 100% vegan.

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KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV Swatches


KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV - Review and swatches 1
KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV - Review and swatches 2
KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV - Review and swatches 4

KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV - Review and swatches 3
Shown with my Bunny Paige Silk Paved necklace.

KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV Review

I’ve currently purchased 3 shades – Zoey (mauve creme), Gumption (navy creme), and Das Esspensive XXV. Each polish is $8.50 and shipping is $4.95. I found it interesting that I was charged Florida state tax ($.81) and a county tax ($.13) for a county I don’t live in. While KathleenLights is in South Florida, the nail polish shipped from Fairfield, Ohio. The first time I ordered, the nail polish shipped from Cypress, California.

The formula was on the thicker side but easy to work with because it doesn’t pool or run towards the cuticles. It stays where you put it. I really like the formula.

The pale gold glitter shade is very flattering on my skintone. When I look at swatched online on various skintones, it looks like it’s flattering on medium and deep skintones too. I feel like this sort of gold hue is flattering on almost everyone and works like a neutral. I have no regrets about picking it up. It’s lovely.

If you are a fan of golds, you will love this polish. So far it’s the only glitter in an otherwise cream lineup. If you love this color, you may want to grab it soon, as KathleenLights said it was almost out of stock in one of her recent videos.

Don’t forget to join me for a Facebook Live Chat in the Poise Chat Group at 7:30 pm EST tonight!

What do you think of KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV?

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  • The thicker formula looks interesting. Very pretty color too. Would love to try.

  • Ooh Thanks So Much For Sharing Your Review of the KL Das Esspensive Nail Polish, I Really Appreciate it! I Absolutely Love Nail Polish, it’s Definitely Among My Absolute Favorite Things to Buy and it’s Inexpensive Which is Great for Me Since I’m Currently Not Working! I Have Actually Heard of Kathleen Lights Nail Polish, I’m Not Sure Where I Learned About This Brand From but it Might Have Been etsy! I Love These Awesome Smaller Cosmetic & Beauty Companies, You Can Really Find Some Great Hidden Gems! I Really Love This Nail Polish Though but My Favorite Kinds of Nail Polishes are Either Glittery, Shimmmery, Chrome, or Holographic! Basically I Love Any Kind of Nail Polish That Sparkles & Shines! I Now Want This Nail Polish and You & I Have the Exact Same Skin Tone So I Bet This Polish Would Really Suit Me! Well Thanks Again for Sharing Courtney, Have a Beautiful Day My Friend! – Jana

  • That’s some full coverage glitter! I’m not typically a gold fan, but like you said, it’s very neutral. I may have to pick this up <3

  • Looks pretty on you and seems like a really good nail polish without all of those chemicals in it! It looks like it’s packed with glitter which is good because you won’t need to apply so many layers 🙂

  • Its interesting about the FL sales tax. ?
    How does it come off? I know my Zoya Pixie Dust glitter shades can be tricky to remove…

    • It’s a glitter polish. I didn’t have a lot of trouble with it, but the best way to do it is soak a cotton ball in Zoya Remove and put in your nail, put aluminum foil around it, and then leave it like that for 5-10 minutes. Then pull it off easily 🙂

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