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KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polishes Review and Swatches

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish

KBShimmer recently sent me their Summer Vacation nail polish collection to swatch and review for you. These nail polishes are my absolute favorite KBShimmer finish. They’re captivating from every angle.

The KBShimmer Summer Vacation nail polishes have an excellent formula. The colors don’t pool at the cuticles. The Summer Vacation nail polishes stay right where you put them. You’ll get full coverage in 2 coats.

You can buy KBShimmer at and Amazon.

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish Swatches

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polishes

L to R – Flock This Way – Shady Beaches – Kiwi Real – Squeeze the Day

KBShimmer Flock This Way swatch KBShimmer Flock This Way swatch

Flock This Way
A raspberry pink shade with glowing holo flakes and a sizzling copper shimmer for a color that morphs into a deeper pink and coral in different lighting. Your tips and toes will never be more summer ready than in this flocking shade.

Flock This Way is a reddish pink with hints of coral and pink depending on the angle. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer Shady Beaches swatch KBShimmer Shady Beaches swatch

Shady Beaches
The sand, the sun, the self-tanner mistakes, ah summer in college was so much fun! A coppery orange shade, with our glowing holo flakes and rose gold shimmer, ready for any beach.

Shady Beaches is a peachy coppery shade that reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer Squeeze the Day swatch KBShimmer Squeeze the Day swatch

Squeeze The Day
Squeeze The Day is a juicy yellow color inspired by pitchers of shockingly yellow drinks. We amped up this lemony shade with an orange leaning copper shimmer, and holo glow flakes completes this fresh squeezed look.

Squeeze the Day is a really unique warm lemon yellow color. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer Kiwi Real swatch KBShimmer Kiwi Real swatch

Kiwi Real
There are days when you just crave those sweet summer salads filled with slices of oranges, strawberries, kiwis, and green apples. This juicy kiwi color shade is almost as refreshing as a fruit salad on a hot day. We filled this color with holo glow flakes. We added a pop of grass green colored shimmer for a really refreshing summer shade.

Kiwi Real is a fun light green. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer Berry Chill swatch KBShimmer Berry Chill swatch

Berry Chill
An orchid colored polish with holo glow flakes, and accented with a violet shimmer for a hue so vibrant, you will want to wear sandals year round!

Berry Chill is a beautiful orchid purple color. It’s fun to pair with No Wave! It’s another favorite of mine. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer No Wave swatch KBShimmer No Wave swatch

No Wave!
Our nod to summer days spent in pools starts with a deep teal leaning turquoise base. We then loaded this polish with holo glow flakes and blue shimmer, for a splash worthy shade.

No Wave! is the perfect vibrant teal blue. I love this one too. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer Hashtag You're It Bottle Shot

KBShimmer Hashtag Youre It Swatch KBShimmer Hashtag You're It Swatch

Hashtag You’re It!
A vibrant indigo leaning grape, this purple polish is accented by holo glow flakes and a duochrome shimmer that flips from a inky blue, to a deep purple. Hashtag your posts, this is one polish you will want everyone to see!

Hashtag You’re It! Is my new favorite purple polish because you see it shift to deep inky blue and to violet purple. It’s like a galaxy mani in just one color. (Available at Amazon)

KBShimmer I'm Onyx Bottle Shot

KBShimmer Im Onyx swatch KBShimmer I'm Onyx swatch

I’m Onyx
Filled with holo glow flakes, this onyx black polish features a color shifting shimmer of blue and purple that dances like lights in the sky, while the flakes emulate the stars that sparkle. This polish is our proof that there is beauty even in the dark.

I’m Onyx is my new favorite go-to black polish. It has a rich black base with a strong purple and blue shift. It’s anything but boring and I love it. When I don’t know what to wear, I put on black polish. I’m Onyx will be the black polish I reach for, beating out my beloved Cult Nails Nevermore. (Available at Amazon)

Courtney’s Favorites

Courtney's Favorites from KBShimmer

L to R – Berry Chill – Hashtag You’re It! – I’m Onyx – No Wave!

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish Favorites Phyrra's KBShimmer Favorites Courtney's KBShimmer Favorites

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish Favorites

These 4 shades are my favorites from the collection.  L to R – N Wave! – I’m Onyx – Hashtag You’re It! – Berry Chill.

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polish Mani Swatches

I’ve been wearing KShimmer nail polishes a ton lately. You see me wearing them in my Youtube videos and on Instagram.

KBShimmer No Wave! and Berry Chill

I wore No Wave! & Berry Chill together for a while. (You can see it was time to get my nails refilled).

KBShimmer Hashtag You're It KBShimmer Hashtag You're It

KBShimmer Hashtag You're It
Photo by Diamond at Totally Polished in Lutz

You can see what I mean about Hashtag You’re It looking very much like a galaxy mani in a bottle. I’m wearing Hashtag You’re It plus I’m Onyx in the images above. Love these colors!

KBShimmer Summer Vacation Nail Polishes Review and Swatches - Fall in love with unique, handmade indie nail polish.

The formula for the KBShimmer Summer Vacation was fantastic. It’s what I expect from KBShimmer. It’s the perfect – not too thick or too thin – formula that stays where you put it when you apply it. It doesn’t pool at the cuticles or run. It has beautiful pigmentation and shimmer. I love the shine too.

If you’re addicted to unique nail polishes like I am, you NEED some KBShimmer in your life. If you only pick up one shade, pick Hashtag You’re It. It’s such a stunning color. You won’t get bored while wearing it.

If you love holos you should check out the KBShimmer Hella Holo Customs Nail Polishes!

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