Green Winter Holiday Nails

Green Winter Holiday Nails

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my new green winter holiday nails with you. I created these nails for Yule and the rest of the holidays around this time of year.

Nail Prep for my Green Winter Holiday Nails

Green Winter Holiday Gel Nails I DIY'd at home

I prep my Painted Desert medium stiletto tips with Apres Gel-X Nail Tip Primer on the inside of the tips by the cuticle line. This roughs them up so that they will adhere better and longer. I prep my natural nails using a Makartt hand file to rough up my nail beds. Next, I use the Mooncat Boundary Pusher to push back my cuticles and ensure the nail is lightly filed. Then I dehydrate my nails with alcohol. Finally, I apply Orly Nail Tip Primer and cure my nails for 30 seconds in the lamp to make the primer sticky.

I apply a thin layer of the Painted Desert Cactus Gelly Plus to my nails, paying particular attention to the cuticle line to ensure I’m creating a nice curve. Then I cure it for 30 seconds. Finally, I’m ready for the fun part – nail art!

Green Winter Holiday Nails Nail Art Tutorial

Green Winter Christmas Nails I created at home

Index Finger

Holographic Stars and French tip

I encapsulated holographic gold stars for my index finger under my full coverage tip. I applied a thin coat of the Painted Desert Cactus Gelly Plus inside the medium stiletto tip, carefully put little stars on the bottom half of the tip, and cured for 30 seconds.

On my nail, I applied a thin coat of Cactus Gelly Plus and cured it for 30 seconds; then, I put two holographic cut-out gold stars and a few tiny gold stars on top of my nail. I put more Cactus Gelly Plus at the cuticle line of the stiletto tip, then carefully applied pressure to spread the Cactus Gelly Plus to the end of my natural nail line, and used the Painted Desert Sidewinder lamp to adhere and cure the stiletto tip to my natural nail. Next, I applied a layer of Madam Glam It’s Not X-Mas Yet! gel polish to the underside of my nail to create a green french tip. Finally, I applied Painted Desert Stainless Steel top coat to seal the top of the nail.

My index finger and my ring finger were the most complex for my green winter holiday nails.

Ring Finger

Iridescent Flame Star and Swarovski Crystals

After adhering my medium stiletto tip, I applied two thin coats of Madam Glam’s Earth Day Every Day glitter polish for a gorgeous silvery sparkly base. Next, I used a dot of Makartt Rhinestone Gel to the center of my stiletto, put a green flame star, and cured it for 30 seconds. Then I applied Makartt Rhinestone Gel over the rest of the stiletto, using a brush to make it a thin layer. Finally, I put a cupcake liner beneath my nail and then spooned Charme Pixie Aurora Shimmer Crystal Sparkles over the rest of the nail to create iridescent sparkle and texture, then cured it for 60 seconds.

Middle Finger

Iridescent Green Glitter Nail

I adhered my medium stiletto tip. Then I applied a layer of Madam Glam It’s Not X-Mas Yet! and cured. I used a layer of Cactus Gelly Plus, put a cupcake liner under my finger, and poured Starlight Shine Mystic Jungle glitter on top of my nail with a tiny spoon. Finally, I cured it for 60 seconds and left this as a matte glittery, sparkly nail.


Madam Glam It's Not X-Mas Yet! topped with Daily Charme Unichrome powder

After putting my stiletto tip on the thumb, I applied two thin layers of Madam Glam It’s Not X-Mas Yet!. I used two layers of Daily Charme Chrome gel and cured it. Before curing each time, I hung my nail upside down to get the surface as smooth as possible. 

I buffed Daily Charme Unicorn Unichrome Powder onto the nail. Next, I applied a layer of Cactus Gelly Plus and cured it. Finally, I finished with the Painted Desert Stainless Steel top coat.

Pinky Finger

Madam Glam It's Not X-Mas Yet emerald green gel nail

My pinky was the easiest of my green winter holiday nails! I did two thin layers of Madam Glam It’s Not X-Mas Yet! and topped it with Painted Desert Stainless Steel top coat.

Final Touches

Green Winter Yule Gel Nails DIY at Home

Emerald Green Manicure

To finish my green winter holiday nails, I applied Painted Desert Stainless Steel top coat to the undersides of each nail and cured it for 30 seconds.

I love my green holiday winter nails! This is my favorite set of nails that I’ve created ever.

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