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February 2020 Low Buy Check In

February 2020 Low Buy Check In

February 2020 Low Buy Check In

Hey fam! Today I’m sharing all the details about my low buy 2020 with you! I’ve been on a low buy since the month of January and I plan to continue the low buy until April 2, 2020 when I reevaluate it then. I was able to stick to my low buy for the month of February. In this video I share what I’ve purchased during my low buy, how it’s helping me having a mindset shift, what my disappointments and struggles were, and more. I also touch on my personal life a bit. Everything I buy, as usual, is cruelty-free. Every product except one that I mention is vegan.

Here’s why I went on a low buy in January. Here’s my January 2020 Low Buy Check In Results.

February 2020 Low Buy Check In Video

Click Here to Watch the Video on Youtube with Closed Captioning!

What I Bought During the Month of February

February 2020 Low Buy Check In

Here’s everything I purchased during the month of February. You’ll have to watch the video to see why I purchased each item. My videos on Youtube have closed captioning available so that you can watch the video without sound if you need to.

Which to Review Next?

Here’s what I have available to review (and I know I have more than you see here). What do you want to see first?

  1. Tammy Tanuki Sigil Inspired Eyeshadow Singles
  2. Kristen Leigh Glimmer Gels
  3. Sydney Gracey Enduring Love Light Palette
  4. Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette
  5. Juvias Place The Violets Palette
  6. Juvias Place The Berries Palette
  7. Fire Folly Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Palette, Highlighters
  8. Alamar Eyeshadow & Cheek Palettes
  9. Nomad Eyeshadow Quads

A Note About Lime Crime

I didn’t start buying Lime Crime until about a year and a half or two years ago. Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and 100% vegan beauty brand with Leaping Bunny Certification, which is why I was willing to buy them. Leaping Bunny Certification means a lot to me. Lime Crime has had a very sordid history, so was a problematic brand in the past. I’ve been aware of Lime Crime and their troubles since their launch. I’ve even blogged about it.

However, I’ve also been looking at patterns of behavior. From the last time Doe Deere (Xenia Vorotova) made an apology and her pattern of behavior to stay out of trouble until she stepped away from the day to day at the company, I’ve kept an eye on Lime Crime. Unlike Jeffree Star (of Jeffree Star Cosmetics) who made an apology video and then went right back to the same patterns of racist behavior, Xenia has kept her nose clean, so to speak. That’s why I chose to give Lime Crime (a Leaping Bunny Approved Vegan Makeup Brand) a chance, but totally understand others not feeling motivated to give them a chance.

The other thing that sparked me to give Lime Crime a chance was an article I read. I happened to read an article about how women are harder on other women than men, especially when it comes to forgiveness and this led me to reflect on how people have been quick to forgive Jeffree Star for his transgressions, but not Xenia of Lime Crime. It made me feel like I should at least give Lime Crime a try since there had not been any recent drama or problems. Since then, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve tried. I understand not everyone feels that way about Lime Crime or wants to give them a chance, but I did. I do not regret giving Lime Crime a chance. I’ve been very happy with my purchases, and glad to see the company stay out of trouble.

Thanks for watching my February 2020 Low Buy Check In video! Can’t wait to hear what you think.



  • Hi Courtney, you asked about what to review next? Could I please place a vote for Tammy Tanuki and Juvias Place The Violets? Thanks for considering.

  • I’m working on a low buy too. I might have used up everything already in March though since Milk has 25% off and I bought 3 items. It’s nice that Lime Crime has truly repented especially since JS hasn’t come close.

  • I first learned about the Lime Crime issues from your blog, but I’m glad that you’ve become a fan of the makeup. I think I will try something from LC next time I buy from Ulta. I too have been on a no buy since the holidays when I went overboard. I got a palette from Nomad in one of my Ipsy Plus boxes, and I liked it.

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