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EPA Ends Animal Testing?

EPA Ends Animal Testing?

EPA Ends Animal Testing?

BREAKING NEWS! EPA Ends Animal Testing in the USA? The Environmental Protection Agency says it will end all testing on mammals by 2035. While this is related to the EPA and environment, and not directly related to the FDA & cosmetics, it is still very important news for anyone who cares about ending animal testing worldwide!

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine spent more than a decade working with our federal government to help reform, reduce, and replace animal testing, including helping with the 2016 Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. In 2018, the Physicians Committee co-sponsored the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which California signed into law.

EPA Ends Animal Testing? Video

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You can read all about this groundbreaking decision – the EPA ends Animal Testing – at the Humane Society blog. You can learn more about the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and their positive impact on this decision at PCRM. These are both organizations that I believe in and I have donated money to.

What do you think about the EPA ending animal testing by 2035? While I wish it was tomorrow I find it so encouraging to see this positive change today, especially after all the depressing news lately!

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  • While this is somewhat good news, the fact that it’s not going to take place until 2035 really really stinks, that seems like such a long way away; animal cruelty needs to end now!

    • I agree, but at least we have an end in sight. My hope is that we get a more progressive government who will want to end it sooner.

  • Long time reader of your blog but first time poster. This issue is so near and dear to my heart that I had to comment. While it’s good news, I’m not happy that it will take until 2035 for the total ban; that’s a very long time. How many animals will still be condemned to suffer and die needlessly? It’s wrong, it’s immoral, and it’s unnecessary. I’m sorry to be a downer, but this ban should go into effect NOW.

    • Like I said in the video, I wish the ban was going into effect tomorrow. I hate that the end is 2035, but at least an end is in sight.

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