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Is Dermacol cruelty free?

Is Dermacol cruelty free?

Is Dermacol cruelty free?

Recently some of you asked me, Is Dermacol cruelty free? I reached out to Dermacol to find out the truth!

They said:
Thank you for your enquiry.

Dermacol doesn’t test ingredients, semi products nor final products on animals. All products undergo strict safety tests (including skin irritancy tests) which are conducted by Ministry of Health of Czech Republic on the group of volunteers. The safeness of products are approved in the Certificate of Health Safety and Free Sales.

Then every new batch of ingredients, semi products and products is additionally tested for safeness according to SOP No.16 – COLIPA Guidelines on Microbial Quality Management, which as well doesn’t contain testing on animals.  

We do sell our products in China, but through our regional partner that applies other animal testing law policy.

As you know, you can sell in Hong Kong, but nowhere else in China, and be cruelty free. So I asked for more information.

I said:
Thanks for getting back to me.

What does this mean? “We do sell our products in China, but through our regional partner that applies other animal testing law policy.”
Dermacol said:
Thanks for your question.In fact, our business partner for China is based in Hong-Kong. Therefore, there is no animal testing required and none animal testing done for selling in China.I feel pretty confident in saying Dermacol is cruelty free and not testing on animals.

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    • You need to contact Dermacol directly to find that out. I don’t work for the brand and I’m not a vegan.

  • Hi! Do you know if any of their products are vegan? Couldn’t find it anywhere. Thanks ?

  • Hi Phyrra,

    Thank you for your website and all the due diligence that you perform on behalf of the animals and your readers. It is much appreciated.

    I, too, support brands like Urban Decay, especially since it is Leaping Bunny Certified which is the gold standard. I also feel that our supporting Urban Decay demonstrates to parent company Estee Lauder that it is well worth it to make ALL their brands cruelty free and Leaping Bunny Certified because there is a significant percentage of consumers who prefer, like, want, and also many DEMAND cruelty free cosmetic products.

    Of course what we all ULTIMATELY desire is for all companies to be 100% cruelty free meaning everything and everyone from their parent company to their 3rd party distributor/retail store.

  • If the company sells to China then the company has to PAY China for the animal testing per China law/ requirements. Therefore the company is involved in animal testing regardless how they want to spin it.

    • Hi, as I stated above. Hong Kong is exempt from animal testing. They have separate laws from the rest of China. I also recently learned that there are certain provinces in mainland China that are exempt (which is a very new thing). Dermacol claims to sell in Hong Kong, which is exempt from animal testing.

  • Based on the words used in Dermacol’s website, I feel inclined to not trust them.
    Here’s what it says:.

    This claim cannot be practically used because even if final cosmetic products are not tested on animals, some ingredients (raw materials) may have been tested on animals in the past and unfortunately, suitable alternative methods do not exist for some tests that are currently performed on animals that will ensure human health safety with an ingredient. However, the European Union has been intensively developing them and a schedule for their gradual replacement has been determined and a deadline for their elimination has been prepared (see Regulation 1223/2009, Art. 18).

    • Hi Missy,

      In case it’s not clear from my blog post above. I am NOT relying on what they said on their website. I contacted them via email with my detailed list of questions that I ask.

      It is true that brands can sell in Hong Kong only without animal testing, because Hong Kong is exempt from animal testing. It is also true now that brands can sell online in China (without a physical store front, and not be subjected to animal testing).

      Much of the danger in China comes from the post-market testing where items can be randomly pulled off the shelves in a store.

      • Hi again,
        Sorry for the late reply. But I wouldn’t trust a company that said 2 different things. As I mentioned in my original comment, I am NOT referring to HK, but rather the contradictory explanation of whether or not animal testing is preformed at all. More directly this portion,”suitable alternative methods do not exist for some tests that are currently performed on animals.” Could this be some error? Some reference to the past? I’d love to try their products and feel confident. However this discrepancy makes me uneasy. I wish they would clear that up if it’s a matter of words.

        • Hi Missy,

          I recommend that you email them directly and see what they say.

          At the end of the day, if you don’t feel like an answer I’ve received from a brand is sufficient, it’s best if you contact them to see if they give you an answer you’re happy with, or if you want to avoid them.

          Like I say on my cruelty free brands page, if you don’t consider a brand to be cruelty free, even if I do, don’t buy from that brand. I truly believe that voting with our money matters. I know many people won’t support brands that have a non-cruelty free parent company, like Urban Decay, but I do. They’re Leaping Bunny certified, which I consider to be the gold standard of cruelty free certification. It makes them more trustworthy in my eyes.

          And there are plenty of brands out there! So you don’t have to buy from a brand you don’t trust.

  • pretty confident… hum… I don’t feel confident enough to trust this statement… I’m better doing some research about the HK laws and regulations regarding this matter before trying this out…

    • Hi, it is a well known fact that Hong Kong is exempt from animal testing. This information is on my cruelty free list here

      But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can check out Logical Harmony or My Beauty Bunny’s blogs and see what they have to say. Or you can reach out to Leaping Bunny. They’ll give you that info.

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