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Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners

Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners

Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners

I wanted to share my Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners with you. These gorgeous products are rarely talked about online. I don’t know of any of my blogger friends who have reviewed them.

Danessa Myricks is an amazingly talented makeup artist who created her own line, Danessa Myricks Beauty. It’s 100% cruelty-free and I believe she told me it was 100% vegan. Danessa herself is a vegan. I was able to interview her two years ago at the Makeup Show but unfortunately my sound crapped out on the recording so I was not able to make my interview live. Follow her on Instagram for amazing, lit-from-within glowing skin. You can learn more about my experience at the Makeup Show Orlando 2018.

Danessa Myricks ColorFix

Danessa Myricks ColorFix are a hybrid cream color paint that can be used on the eyes, lips, or face. It has a silicone polymer base that makes it ideal to use on its own or as a base for powder products. The Danessa Myricks ColorFix product is a quick dry multi-purpose makeup product, so blend quickly and work on one eye at a time. Be sure to tightly cap to prevent drying. If the nozzle inside becomes clogged, clear it with a straight pin. The website recommends using the cap as a mixing recepticle. Danessa says this formula is long wearing, highly pigmented, waterproof, and smudge proof.

ColorFix is available in metallics, mattes, and nudes. I have Mystic and Wonderland, which are both metallic ColorFix, while Tribe is a matte ColorFix. I just recently ordered a few more shades from Camera Ready Cosmetics. I ordered Nude 1 (from the nudes line) to see how I like it as an eyeshadow primer. I also ordered Wild Orchid (a rich metallic purple), Magnetic (a rich metallic teal), and Romance (looks like a shimmery golden rose peachy pink type ColorFix).

You can find Danessa Myricks ColorFix at Danessa Myricks BeautyBeautylish, and Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Danessa Myricks Cushion Liners

The Danessa Myricks Cushion Liners are a liquid eyeliner that you need to apply with a brush to create graphic liner looka. This formula is long wearing, blendable, and waterproof. When it’s on, it’s budge proof. Even with makeup remover, I find these difficult to get off.

You can find Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Liners at Danessa Myricks Beauty, Beautylish, and Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners Swatches

Danessa Myricks ColorFix Swatches Danessa Myricks Cushion Liners swatches Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners swatches on fair skin

  • Liquid Lilac (cushion liner) – lilac purple matte
  • Nightwalk (cushion liner) – navy blue matte
  • Atlantis (cushion liner) – turquoise matte
  • Mystic (metallic colorfix) – metallic smokey grey
  • Wonderland (metallic colorfix) – metallic plum
  • Tribe (matte cream colorfix) – plum matte

To my eyes, Tribe is a burgundy wine matte. Wonderland is a warm metallic purple with blue-toned purple shift and sparkle. Mystic is a metallic blue-grey with sparkle. Atlantis is a bright turuoise blue matte liner. Nightwalk is a deep navy blue matte liner. Liquid Lilac is a neon purple matte liner.

I really need to experiment with my Danessa Myricks ColorFix and Cushion Liners more! I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t done more than wear the ColorFix in a few one and done type looks. And Liquid Lilac is screaming for a lovely purple look. How would you use these products?



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