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Crushing on NABLA Cosmetics

Crushing on NABLA Cosmetics

Crushing on NABLA Cosmetics

Hey friends, it’s time you know that I’m crushing on NABLA Cosmetics. NABLA Cosmetics is a cruelty-free indie Italian beauty brand. Their love for animals is shared all over their website. Almost all of their products are vegan. The only NABLA products that are not vegan are those containing beeswax. My friend Viola, who used to blog at Killer Colours and can still be found on Instagram at KillerColours, introduced me to the brand.

Where to Buy
NABLA CosmeticsUltaBeauty Bay

Purchased by me.

NABLA Mauve Christmas Set and Singles

Originally I purchased the Mauve Christmas Set. I also bought singles of City Wolf, Narciso, Lilac Wonder, Water Dream, Millennium, Alchemy, and Virgin Island.

Nabla Mauve Christmas Palette & Singles swatches Nabla Cool Berries Swatches Nabla Cool Berries Swatches Nabla Cool Berries Swatches

Mauve Christmas Set Shades

  • City Wolf – excellent dove-gray with a cool undertone. soft matte.
  • Moonrise – gunmetal with a hint of violet. bright.
  • Pegasus – pastel lavender duochrome with strong golden-champagne sheen. satin.
  • Circle – desaturated mauve of a medium tonality. soft matte.
  • Juno Moon – purple cyclamen on an intense rust base. bright.
  • Calypso – heliotrope purple with chrome plated cold violet. super bright.
  • Selfish – kaleidoscopic duochrome with a burnt teal base. celestial.
  • Luna – light pink champagne. bright.
  • Glasswork – hazelnut mauve. celestial.
  • Mystic – metallic mauve with pink-champagne reflects. bright.
  • Lotus – cool pastel pink. super matte.
  • Eresia – warm purple. super matte.

NABLA Singles

  • Narciso – neutral light brown with pink undertones. soft matte.
  • Lilac Wonder – medium violet with blue, lilac and wisteria sheen. satin.
  • Water Dream – nude top coat wet effect with reflective pearls.
  • Alchemy – burnt peach duochrome with fuchsia and teal reflects. celestial.

If you love these tones, be sure to check out my DIY Cool Berries Eyeshadow Palette.

NABLA Cutie Palettes

NABLA has released a ton of Cutie Palettes. These are curated 6 full-size pan palettes that are drop dead gorgeous. Because of my friend Angelica Nyqvist, I gave two of the Cutie Palettes a try once they came to Ulta. I bought the NABLA Cutie Palette Nude to start, then the NABLA Cutie Palette Coral. Their latex mattes are excellent and I really love their metal foil / reflects colors.

NABLA Coral and Nude Cutie Palettes

NABLA Cutie Palette Coral NABLA Cutie Palette Nude

NABLA Cutie Palette Swatches Coral, Nude

Indoors under studio lighting to mimic direct daylight.

Buy the Nude Cutie Palette

NABLA Cutie Palette Swatches Coral, Nude

Indoors under studio lighting to mimic indirect sunlight.

Buy the Coral Cutie Palette

Coral Cutie Palette Swatches

  • I Got You – Mandarin
  • Coral Amber – Feelings
  • Red Shape – Anyway

Coral Cutie Shade Descriptions

  • Got You – flamingo w/ duochrome magenta and coral reflects – metal foil
  • Red Shape – fire red w/ copper reflects – satin
  • Anyway – espresso – super matte
  • Mandarin – mandarin – celestial
  • Feelings – fluo coral pink – super matte
  • Coral Amber – coral amber w/ bronze reflects – fluid metal

Nude Cutie Palette Swatches

  • Seducer – Glorious
  • Moonlight – Latex Nude
  • No Doubts – Plastick

Nude Cutie Shade Descriptions

  • Moonlight – cream w/ delicate peach and pink duochrome shimmers – satin
  • Seducer – mauve w/ pink and gold reflects – metal foil
  • Latex Nude – medium-light taupe pink – latex matte
  • No Doubts – milk chocolate – latex matte
  • Glorious – light neutral golden bronze – metal foil
  • Plastick – black – latex matte

From the Coral palette, I Got You, Mandarin, Coral Amber and Red Shape are my favorites and awesome. From the Nude palette I love Seducer, Moonlight, Latex Nude and Plastick.

NABLA Summer 2020 Cutie Collection

I just saw that NABLA had dropped their Cutie Collection for Summer 2020 and despite being unemployed (but applying to jobs daily within my skill set), I ended up ordering 3 things.

The NABLA Summer 2020 release has 3 Cutie Palette installments in Platinum (cool toned 3-d finishes), Metropolitan (modern neutrals), and Wild Berry (red fruit). They created 3 different Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo liners in Arrow 1 (hazelnut nude), Arrow 2 (chestnut brown), and Arrow 3 (berry). Finally, there are 3 Glam Touch Lipsticks in Platinum (medium mauvy brown), Metropolitan (medium light nude beige), and Wild Berry (neutral berry). The Cutie Palettes are $24 each, the Arrows are $18 each, and the Lipsticks are $16 each.

I want to show you the palettes that I didn’t order first.

NABLA Cutie Palette Platinum

NABLA Platinum Cutie Palette

Buy the Platinum Cutie Palette

This is touted as a cool-toned palette from NABLA. I love how Rich Darling, Luxuriance and Gem System look.

  • Tenebra – graphite/taupe – super matte
  • Gem System – gun metal-khaki – super sparkle
  • Rich Darling – taupe with a hint of pink – fluid metal
  • Priceless – antique brass – fluid metal
  • Luxuriance – silver – metal foil
  • Aristocracy – dark walnut – super matte

NABLA Metropolitan Cutie Palette

NABLA Metropolitan Cutie Palette

Buy the Metropolitan Cutie Palette

  • Lord – dark sandalwood – super matte
  • Alaska – trichrome top coat with lilac, pink and aqua reflects on a translucent base – metal foil
  • Nothing Personal – coral fluo – super matte
  • Love Resin – strawberry bronze with gold micro sparkles – fluid metal
  • Anomalia – 24K gold – metal foil
  • Dissolution – warm medium nude with platinum sparkles – super sparkle

The only colors that really speak to me in this palette are Alaska, Love Resin and Dissolution.

The above palettes are both pretty but didn’t call my name like the Wild Berry Cutie Palette did.

NABLA Cutie Palette Wild Berry

NABLA Wild Berry Cutie Palette

Buy the Wild Berry Cutie Palette

  • Incense – medium apricot beige – latex matte
  • Venom – intense berry – super matte
  • Bucolic Baby – medium peach with strawberry reflects – metal foil
  • Alchemy 2 – flamingo and teal duochrome – metal foil
  • Blackberry – intense blackberry – super matte
  • Botanic Juice – raspberry – super matte

Every color in this palette was calling to me, but especially Alchemy 2.0, Bucolic Baby, Incense, Venom and Blackberry. Yeah basically every color in the palette was screaming play with me!

NABLA Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylos

NABLA Cupid's Arrow Longwear Stylo in 1 and 3

Buy the Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo

I have no idea how well the NABLA Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo will work but they were calling to me, especially the berry! NABLA says “they are a multi-use stylo pencil with a long-lasting, rich and creamy texture that will give immediate full color pay-off. Extremely easy to use and to blend. Perfect for smoked out application, but also precise as a Cupid Arrow.” NABLA claims these are vegan pencils.

I love how it looks like they can do precise, long lasting all day eyeliner, as well as how it looks easy to smudge out. I bought Arrow #1 (hazelnut nude) and Arrow #3 (berry). I figure Arrow #1 is good for me to try for my more natural makeup days, while Arrow #3 is perfect for my more gothic, vampy or extreme looks.

I still have a slew of eyeshadow palettes to swatch, review and feature for you from my massive menagerie of makeup, so keep an eye on my Instagram Stories for swatch fests. I typically do those on the weekend.

Have you tried NABLA Cosmetics? What do you think of them if so? What do you think of the ones I ordered?



  • I really want the first Dreamy palette from Nabla, but I just don’t need more eyeshadows! Especially since it’s got mattes, which I’m covered on from Colourpop and the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette. The way my super tiny eyes work is that I can really only fit one color on the lid without it seeming too dramatic, and I just can’t seem to blend it so any color I put in my crease actually shows up when I have my eyes open! I have also learned that cream eyeshadows are better for me in general–I might check out those stylos, especially Arrow #3, if I can be patient enough to save up for them. I have a Sephora wishlist for cream shadows that’s a mile long, and I might end up impulse-buying one of them just because a reviewer said it looked like Yennefer’s eyeshadow on The Witcher show. A bad reason to buy it. I should try shopping my stash for something like it first…I have a fyrinnae shadow that’s black with purple reflects instead of green like a combo of the game and the show. Oh, I just love nerdy makeup.

  • I ordered the new Cutie palettes, and they’ll be my first time trying Nabla. I can’t wait. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Cutie palettes’ formula.

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