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Why Bioware Enforces They Deserve My Money (Again)

As you probably remember, I applauded BioWare for making Dragon Age 2 enjoyable by gay, bisexual or straight gamers. I also cheered them on for allowing same-sex romances in addition to opposite sex romances in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now that Mass Effect 3 has been released, I’m happy to see that it is for everyone, whether they’re straight or gay, male or female, and everything in between. Forbes just released an article on whether it was hard to be straight (aka not gay) in Mass Effect 3. They were pleased to report that it was easy to be straight, or gay, or bisexual, but more importantly, that you could be compassionate. The main point in the article is that the BioWare games allow you to treat people like people, no matter their color, race, gender or sexual orientation.

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I’m an advocate for equal treatment of everyone, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, or religion. I’m happy to see companies out there that embody my values, especially in recent times when I see women fighting for reproductive rights.

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  • I think it’s wonderful that a company chooses to make a game appealing to people from all walks of life- Kudos to them 🙂
    And I clicked on the link about women’s reproductive rights, and I really liked how it was written. I am heavily against abortion, not just because I believe in the rights of an unborn child, but because it can be dangerous mentally and physically to would-be mothers. What I DO believe in is contraception and sexual education. I may live in a small, conservative town, but this area is blessed to have a sexual education program in its schools and an easily accessed Planned Parenting clinic. I find it appalling that the government does not view Planned Parenting as a worthwhile organization. Not only does it provided jobs and medical care, but giving a girl a pack of BC pills and instructions on how to be safe is cheaper than having to support her and a child after she has unprotected sex out of ignorance.

    • I completely agree with you on safer sex, birth control pills and contraception being cheaper than having a child!

  • You really are a big BioWare fan! Maybe the reason why the same sex romances were never an issue for BioWare is possibly because Canada is pretty liberal when it comes to sexual preferences? Plus Ray and Greg are also pretty easy going guys. My husband also worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. ^_^

  • We’re actually still waiting for same-sex romance options in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The news was all blown up with controversy over that being part of the game, but three months after release and it still has not been implemented.

    I’m not sure why it’s something they could put in Dragon Age and Mass Effect games immediately from release, but held off for Star Wars. There’s lots of conjecture in the gaming community that they did this so more conservative people would buy the game up front. I can’t guess as to their motives, but I do feel like it was an unfair move that kind of disappoints me. There’s also sexism in the game that is frustrating, but that’s a topic for another time and another blog. 😀

    It definitely is commendable that they have those options in some of their games at least!

    • I definitely see it a a step forward Gabrielle, but you’re right, there are many topics to discuss!

    • Me too! I love that BioWare embraces diversity. I think they would be an amazing company to work for.

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