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Goth Look for Never Too Much Sparkle

The makeup challenge this week for the Never Too Much Sparkle group was a goth look. I had a lot of fun with it! I used a LOT of Sugarpill shades for this look. I also used Fyrinnae, Urban Decay, Morgana Cryptoria and Silk Naturals. There are a lot of pictures behind the cut!

UDPP Eden – all over eyes and under eyes
Sugarpill Tako – all over eyes and under eyes, very lightly, later used under eyebrows and inner corners of eye
Make Up For Ever Dark Raspberry Matte 58 – inner lid, outer lid, crease
Sugarpill Dollipop – middle of lid, blended outward and upwards
Sugarpill Poison Plum – crease and lower lash line, blended out
Urban Decay Omen – upper crease and inner lower lash line
Fyrinnae Kuroneko – outer corner of lid and outer v, blended towards outer crease
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Yeyo – lower water line, later added a tiny bit of Tako on top
Mirabella Magic Marker Eyeliner – upper lash line, winged out, winged inside, lower lash line
Sugarpill Poison Plum – used to define brows
Smashbox Lash Primer
Cover Girl 24 Hour Lash Blast Very Black Mascara

Illamasqua Feline – a tiny bit as contour
Silk Naturals Petal – blush
MAC Lightscapade – highlight

Rain Cosmetics Conceal Reveal Flawless Foundation in Baby Doll Bisque – applied to t-zone of face and blended outwards onto cheeks, forehead and chin
Laura Geller Balance-n-brighten foundation in Porcelain – a tiny bit to add luminescence to the face
Silk Naturals Untinted Oil Control Blur finishing powder

Lips 1:
Nyx lipliner in Blackberry – lined lips and used lip brush to soften the edge
Nyx lipliner in Purple Rain – filled in lips and used lip brush to blend Purple Rain and Blackberry
Morgana Cryptoria Darkwave – applied with lipbrush to lips

Lips 2:
Nyx lipliner in Fuchsia – lined and filled in lips
MAC Lipstick in Quick Sizzle

If you are unfamiliar with the goth scene, there are as many subcultures of goth as there are eye shadows. I myself prefer graver / cyber goth / perky goth or gothic lolita, but Ray prefers old school goth. Wikipedia has decent articles on goth and cyber goth. You probably knew I preferred darkwave, since one of the recent lipsticks I named for Morgana Cryptoria is called Darkwave and my Kindle Fire shares that name.

For anyone loving the bat wing rings, you can get them at Darkling Dreams on Etsy.
For anyone who loves the bat necklace, you can get it at C.A.B. Fayre on Etsy.
For anyone who loves the baby bat earrings, you can get them at Putumayo Design.
For anyone who loves the bat hair clip, you can get it at Supernova Designs on Etsy.



  • Lovely! The dark purple lips look fantastic on you.
    Also you are bringing great shame and disrespect to the goff culture by wearing pink eyeshadow… Or something.

  • I love the look, it’s beautiful and more modern proof of how beautiful (and not necessarily morbid or depressing) the dark looks and scenes can be! <3

  • While this is a very pretty look, it is most definitely not goth. Especially when paired with lip look #2. I read the articles you suggested, plus Googled the various subcultures you prefer to associate yourself with. I am confused. The images I saw (I looked through pages) do not look anything like the entry you submitted for the makeup challenge. I personally think it is disrespectful to those that identify themselves as goth (all types). That would be like myself saying I am a prep when I indeed do not shop at A&F, Hollister, Aero, etc. Or saying I am a scene kid without wearing bright eye makeup, backcombing the shit out of my hair, and wearing clip in coon tails. I could take the comparison further, but it isn’t that serious. Keep doing what you are doing with the makeup, but stop claiming shit and labeling things wrong.

    • I never claimed Lip look 2 was goth. I don’t appreciate trolls on my blog. I’ve got your ip, which shows you’re in Minnesota. So you don’t like my interpretation of goth. That’s fine. I’ve been going to goth clubs since 1999. I quoted the Wikipedia article below because you seemed to have missed some critical pieces, because ‘cyber goth / darkwave’ tends to be black and accents of color.

      “The style sometimes features one starkly contrasting bright or neon-reactive theme colour, such as red, blue, neon green, chrome, or pink,[6] set against a basic, black gothic outfit. Matte or glossy black materials such as rubber and shiny black PVC can be mixed and matched in an effort to create a more artificial look.”

      The most common use of a theme color is in the hair or eye make-up. Artificial, extended hair or β€œfalls” are sometimes used to create this added effect. Falls can be made of various materials, ranging from yarn to fluorescent tubing to electrical wiring. Popular club gear for cybergoths includes tight black pants, tight black vests or shirts cut from ripped, solid or fishnet fabrics, resembling costumes from 19th Century”

      Take your prejudice elsewhere. You’re not welcome here.

      • Troll? Yeah. No.
        Ip address. I’m shakin in my Converse. I honestly have no plans on coating your site in complaints and insults. I actually read some of your other posts out of curiosity. Did I feel the need to comment? No. It was nice to know that you have discovered some shitty companies and I know not to try them. So thanks?

        As for your quotes, those are all referring to clothing, not makeup. Pretty sure I know what I am talking about since I have a degree in apparel design.

        Btw, congrats on winning the Redken contest. We sell that at my salon. Yeah. I’m a licensed cosmetologist.

        Besides, judging by how quickly you responded, you are very active on your site. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

        • This is one of the articles that I suggested which you said you read. I’ve pulled out a few relevant pieces:

          Cybergoth is a subculture that derives from elements of cyberpunk, goth, raver, and rivethead fashion. Unlike traditional goths, Cybergoths follow electronic dance music more often than rock.

          Cybergoth fashion combines rave, rivethead, and goth fashion, as well as drawing inspiration from cyberpunk and other forms of science fiction. Androgyny is common.[5] The style sometimes features one starkly contrasting bright or neon-reactive theme colour, such as red, blue, neon green, chrome, or pink, set against a basic, black gothic outfit.

          The black-and-monochromatic juxtaposition can take a variety of forms, including brightly colored hair and make-up

          The most common use of a theme color is in the hair or eye make-up.

          I do not appreciate being trolled on my blog.
          I do not appreciate being attacked or called not ‘goth’ enough, because you do not have the right to judge me.
          I am a perky goth / cyber goth / graver and am equally at home in a rave as well as a goth club. I believe in PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect), which is a rave scene crede.

        • Shouldn’t you be off sniffing perm solution instead of bitching on here, then? Or did you just get out of beauty school and don’t have a job? With your attitude, I wouldn’t bet on getting too many customers, let alone tips.

    • “It isn’t that serious” yet you had the time to read articles about it and look through pages and pages of google images just so you can try to make someone feel bad about a make-up interpretation for a make-up showcase in a make-up community. Wow.

      I find the world is a lot more fun when you don’t define yourself based on stereotypes and of perceived notions of how they should look, speak, or act.

      You did get something right though: this is a very pretty look indeed. πŸ™‚

      • I only did the search because I read what she said and was confused considering what I always thought goth was pure black. The pictures I saw were not that, but Phyrra looks nothing like those images, either. I wasn’t saying it with the intention of making her feel bad, I was just trying to say that while the look is pretty and her style is neat, it doesn’t fit any of the descriptions or images I have found.

        I personally find the world more fun when there are no labels period. The last time I tried finding a label for myself was middle school. Living label free is much better and maybe Phyrra should try that. Gamer. Cool. Poodle lover. Cool. Goth? Not so much.

        Thank you for recognizing my compliment. I am glad someone did.

        • Hey Kandi –
          This is NOT meant as an insult so please do not take it as such.
          The Goth stereotype is that ALL Goths wear nothing but black, wear stark black and white make-up, and look like we all either want to die or become vampires.
          That’s hardly the case.
          I’m 26 and have been Goth since Elementary School – and not because of what I wore, but because of the things I liked. Not even kidding – some of my favorite books were short stories by Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker [I was reading books above my grade level from the time I was about 5 or 6], I listened to bands like Bauhaus and Alice Cooper [thanks mom and sis lol], and I had a love for horror movies.
          Nope – not even kidding. The aesthetic/appearance thing didn’t even come into play until around high school, and even then, I saw Goth kids with multicolored hair of ALL shades, make-up that covered every color of the rainbow, and the thing that made them Goth was their personal interests along with their attire – which, back in my day, involved anything lacy and intricate along with black or Goth themed chokers/accessories. Heck, back then you could look like Rainbow Brite, but if you wore dark/black clothing and/or owned a black trenchcoat – you were a Goth kid.
          No – labels aren’t always a positive thing, but I wouldn’t say she’s lying or misinterpreting, either. Like I said – Goths come in all colors let it be by race, attire, or cosmetics. I’ve seen it. Personally I think its lovely when a Goth kid ads some color and glitter – shows a fun personality πŸ™‚ There are many interpretations of what is Gothic and if there is one thing I’ve learned – no two Goths are EVER alike.

        • Kandi, there’s one thing it seems we both have in common. We both -love- makeup. I appreciate what you’ve said, your state of the art research skills, tireless dedication to factual accuracy on even the most esoteric of blog posts, and apparent obsession with meticulous quality and outstanding preference for rightness in a manner consistent with the best traditions of aesthetics.

          While there are others who responded angrily as your posts, perhaps they don’t understand where you come from. I’m sure that many of your clientele prefer the Gothic look, and well made-up providers can often charge a higher per-session rate. We thank you for the time you spent, comparing and contrasting, between what the mainstream internet calls Gothic style and what self-proclaimed Goths say is or isn’t, but they do not need to adhere to a professional standard. Considering most of your clients may never get a highly illuminated view of your face, there really isn’t a need to devote so much meticulous energy to exact conformity. After all, even the workers at the Bunny Ranch have found that a little unique variance in style can sometimes give you your own specific branding.

        • You:

          “Eye gewgleded “goth” and teh pikshures dun look like ur piksures, so UR NOT GOTH!!! Sew I came here to maek sur u knew dat!”

          I see. What a genius. *sneers*

    • And who the fuck, exactly, are you? The Supreme Arbiter of All Things Goth? I’m willing to bet that we were goth when you were still in diapers. And if not, you certainly act like it. In fact, your criticism reads like something written by a self-important twelve-year-old. Trying to tell others what is and is not gothic is the number one sign of a poseur. Thanks for outing yourself as a complete idiot!

      The only disrespectful thing going on here is YOU, “Kandi”. Take your whiny middle-school bitchery elsewhere. It is not welcome here. Be gone.

      • First Gothchiq if we aren’t friends already we should be, I think I might just love you!

        Second for anyone who feels THEY personally are the judge of what fits under what label….piss off! I am surely a lot older than you and I literally was goth before goth was called goth. There are no absolute rules or regulations as to what is or isn’t ‘goth’ and no one person can determine what another is into especially via the internet! I never have considered myself goth but I have been called goth by others for quite a long time. I come from the generation of the punk and post punk explosion and so I prefer not to be tied to a label. The movement started as a political statement opposing certain BS unwritten rules within modern society. So in essence anyone can be lumped under the origin of Punk (which like it or not IS where Goth originated) if their appearance is intended to be non mainstream or what is considered ‘socially acceptable’. And way back in the day WE (the first of all the so called goths) called it ‘Alternative’ as that is how we saw ourselves…an alternative to societies box. The music, styles and so on have such a broad range that the general term Goth is about as fitting as Metal in a music scene with hundreds of sub genres.

        So really why pick at someone on their blog who has done nothing to you, if you do not like or disagree….don’t read the blog or better yet click that little red x and go interact with some real live humans and have some fun….makeup is about fun not judgement or getting bent over details.

        • Why thank you! πŸ˜€

          In this culture we stick together. Trolls will discover this at their peril.

          • I honestly do understand where you lot are coming from with the whole goth labels thing, but attacking me back doesn’t make you any better. Whether you are defending yourself or Phyrra, suggesting I go sniff ammoniumthioglycolate isn’t really helping anything. I appreciate that some people did see and recognize the fact that I did compliment Phyrra on her makeup technique despite my disagreement with the whole goth label. If I truly was a troll, don’t you think I would be throwing a tantrum or something by now?

    • Wow, actually it’s pretty disrespectful to tell someone they’re doing some kind of subculture incorrectly, one which you’re obviously not a part of but they identify with. And “prep” and “scene kid”? What year is this? Not every person or group is entirely dependent on on makeup and clothing to represent themselves. Oh, you’re a cosmetologist so you know everything… we’re all shaking in our converse too, I’m sure. And yes, it’s obviously a very bad thing for someone to be active on their OWN BLOG. If you think the world is more fun without labels why does it bother you so much that someone doesn’t fit into a label the way YOU think they should?

    • Thank you. I figured a slightly grey contour would work, as well as the barely there blush.

  • Love this look! Pink and purple look spectacular on you! <3 And I love the ring, where did you find that lovely treasure?

  • Love that last shot, with a few more colours than just purple. The fuchsia lippy is such a great colour. And your hair is looking awesome! πŸ˜€

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