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Why Aren’t All Cruelty Free Lists The Same?

Why Aren't All Cruelty Free Lists The Same?

Why Aren’t All Cruelty Free Lists The Same?

Why aren’t all cruelty free lists the same? I get asked this question all the time, so I thought I’d make a video to address the issue. I also talk about cruelty free fatigue. I don’t really think you hear much about either.

For a brand to be cruelty free to me, they need to be not testing on animals, not having a 3rd party test on animals for them, not having their ingredients / suppliers test on animals, and not selling in mainland China or anywhere else that has mandatory animal testing.

I support brands that are cruelty free even if their parent company isn’t cruelty free because I believe it helps end animal testing.

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You can see my cruelty free list that I update weekly.

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Why Aren’t All Cruelty Free Lists The Same? Well, now you know my answer to this question.

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  • Great video! One reason I’ve always loved your blog is that you respect others opinions even if you don’t agree with them, especially when it comes to CF

  • I honestly think that companies need to truly take a look at their game plan and marketing plan overall and decide on better alternatives to animal testing. There is no need for it in this day in age. I’m so sorry that people can be so challenging (as nice as a word I can use). It’s frustrating and there’s no reason for the mean people out there.

  • There is no reason to be nasty about makeup. I understand the passion that can drive but hostility is counterproductive. One thing I admire most about you on this subject is that you are kind and non judgmental to everyone while remaining true to who you are.

  • There is really no need to test on animals, what we are using now or the ingredients that we use now have been tested for so many years. Companies should also work towards using all natural ingredients, thus eliminating the need to test on animals

  • You’ve spoken about this in such a level headed manner. You explained everything so well. I understand that people are leery of companies like UD that sell in China but they’ve held by their standards. It’s too bad that viewers/readers feel they have the right to tear you down. What are they doing about it?

  • What an incredibly informative post, and I think that it will help address the abundance of misinformation about what cruelty-free REALLY means!

  • Thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful post! I feel the same way as you and keep hoping and praying that animal testing becomes a thing of the past. I am so grateful to the blogger/vloggers out there keeping us updated (despite the nastiness) about various companies’ animal testing statuses. I feel like the issues doesn’t come up nearly enough in the mainstream beauty world but I do feel like more and more beauty companies are seeing it our way.

  • I have found all of your posts of what is cruelty-free very informative. When I first heard about the issue, I had never considered all of the ramifications that you have listed here and previously. The good news seems to be that things are changing, albeit too slowly.

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