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What’s the most expensive eye shadow palette you own, and is it worth it?

Natasha Denona 28 Purple Blue Eyeshadow Palette video swatches review

What’s the most expensive eye shadow palette you own, and is it worth it?

This time the Lipstick League is asking, What’s the most expensive eye shadow palette you own, and is it worth it?

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Question – What’s the most expensive eye shadow palette you own, and is it worth it?
Answer – For me it’s the Natasha Denona Blue Purple palette, and the answer is no. It’s too expensive and has too many browns in it.

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  • Urban Decay Vice 2 at $85 here in Aus and yes I think it’s worth it because it has some sensational shades like Voodoo, Derailed (taupe), Ambush (Brown) and Damaged – the perfect forest green and Stash – a great olive shade.
    The downside is that there are 3(!) blacks and lots of similar pinks in it too. So about half the palette I use……

  • The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. I love it. It seem to me it contained the orange/red/bright pink palettes before it was a trend. I contained Cake which was similar to UD Infamous, which is one of my favorite shades of all time.

  • For me, it’s the NARS NARScissist Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette, I believe I paid $80 for it. For me it wasn’t worthy it. The quality is good, but not as earth-shatteringly fantastic as it was hyped up to be. I also feel it’s lacking mid-tone shades: Half the palette is light and half is dark. Subra looks like a beautiful burgundy in the pan, but it turns brown on me. That was the shade I was most looking forward to when I bought it, so that was super disappointing. I hate that in an 8-pan palette, one of the colors is black.

  • I too have this palette and it’s my most expensive palette. I don’t know what I was thinking. I agree with you about the browns. It also has way more blue than I would normally wear and I also don’t feel this palette has good staying power. Even with eye primer, it fades off the lids or winds up on my lower eyelids. I haven’t tried using with a mixing element. Maybe that would help. I pull it out every winter and try a few looks and then get tired of it. I have to say that my second most expensive palette which is the Viseart Grande Pro also underperforms a bit on staying power. But the colors are great. It’s mostly cool-toned. And the deep colors are really fantastic and the secret sauce of that palette. It also has good light tones which I wear a lot. And the accent colors are good. I wish it was one notch better on longevity, but the whole concept of the palette is really good. And I find more wearable for cool tones than either the original or newer Cool Mattes palettes. If I could buy the trio of purples from the new Cool Mattes, I would definitely go for it. But I am not interested in a palette of browns and blues to get those three shades, when there are other purple eye shadows out there.

  • Hey Court I’m so curious so I just wanted to check out this post because I wanted to see what everyone’s most expensive eyeshadow palette was. I swear I just had a feeling that you were going to say that either Natasha Denona or Pat McGrath was your most expensive eyeshadow palette so I just had to see. I have never had the opportunity to try anything from Natasha Denona before but honestly I never had a nagging urge to buy one of her palettes before. I mean the one with oranges, browns, & golds was really beautiful but there are so many palettes these days with that exact same color scheme. The Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes that I really want to try the most are the Holiday Palettes in Joya & Aeris, especially Aeris because I absolutely love that color combo and the colors look so bold & vibrant. If you have tried either one of these please let me know if you liked them because even though her prices are really ridiculous at least the smaller ones are only $48 but that’s still really steep considering that you only get 5 shades. Well the eyeshadow palette that I spent the most on was actually the Lorac Mega Pro Palette and I know you’re probably wondering why that one was so expensive. I kept hearing everyone talk about how amazing this palette was so I really wanted to get one but unfortunately I’m not working right now so I didn’t have the money to get it. So when I finally got some money for Christmas I knew that’s what I wanted but the problem was that everyone had sold out of them and they were Ltd edition so they wouldn’t be coming back out with them. So I was heartbroken but my mom told me to check ebay and I did see several people selling them and some were really affordable so I thought I was getting a great deal so I ordered one but when I received it I was so disappointed. It turns out that I purchased a fake one, I looked at a website that told you how to tell the difference between an authentic one and a fake one and I had definitely gotten duped. Well I contacted the seller and she was kind enough to refund me if I sent it back so I paid the shipping in order to get my money back and I should have listened to everyone that says “If it’s too good to be true then it probably is!” Well I found another seller and I read all of her reviews and talked to her first and she convinced me that she was reputable & legit. So I ordered my Authentic Lorac Mega Pro Palette for a hefty price of $123 which was twice more than it cost but it’s a beautiful palette and it has a lot of colors and most all of them perform very well. So next time that I really want something and it’s ltd edition then I’ll just borrow some money for my mom and just pay her back on either my birthday or Christmas. Lol! Well thanks so much for sharing Courtney and I’m so sorry for rambling on forever. Talk to you soon, have a blessed day hun. ?❤️?

  • Considering it only has three shadows in it, my most expensive palette would have to be my Vapour Mediterranean Artist Palette. Not sure I’d ever pay $46 for three shadows ever again, but I do like it when I am looking for a very natural look.

  • Most expensive I own is the TF sweet peach palette and yes it’s worth it, it’s my holy grail !!

  • I only have a couple of mainstream palettes – one from a Buxom gift set from 2015 and the Kristen Leanne x UD Daydream palette, which I bought at half price. My most expensive palette is actually an indie palette , because it is a handmade magnetic palette I bought from ForgedElementals on Etsy, plus the indie shadows I pressed and added to the palette. So it is probably at least $70 in value!

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