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What’s Your Biggest Skincare Issue & What Do You Use for It?

What's Your Biggest Skincare Issue & What Do You Use for It?
Here’s my bare face.

What’s Your Biggest Skincare Issue & What Do You Use for It?

This weekend the Lipstick League wants to know – What’s Your Biggest Skincare Issue & What Do You Use for It? We share our issues, plus the best in beauty reads.

My Beauty Bunny – Jen wants to set the record straight about this “fake news” meme that has gone viral with her name on it.

Phyrra – Have you seen the Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Collection? I’m in love with it! I do a demo with all of the eyeshadows on my eyes and the rest of the products on my face. You need to see it.

Prime Beauty – There is a fabulous new makeup subscription box called Deck of Scarlet. Every two months you will receive a new makeup palette curated by a popular YouTuber. I got ahold of the January/February Edition from Nikkia Joy!

we heart this – Can’t afford a stay at famous and fabulous The Golden Door? Us either. BUT! You can get a bit of its vibe at home with their skincare line, including the uber-luxurious Golden Face Oil.

Blushing Noir – LIVE your most colorful life! The Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Collection is available now and you definitely need to get your hands on ALL OF IT. Check out the full review, swatches and multiple looks here.

EauMG – Here’s a list of all the random beauty stuff I bought off of Amazon in 2017.

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My Beauty Bunny is Currently Craving: the new Vanish Flash Highlighting Sticks from Hourglass Cosmetics. Cruelty free, weightless, easy to use, and comes in five shades? Sign me up!

Question – What’s Your Biggest Skincare Issue & What Do You Use for It?
Answer – My biggest skincare issue is my rosacea. The redness, the flushing, the sensitivity, the flares, it all sucks. The medicine I originally went on to manage it dried me out. I also have to deal with dryness. I combat it by keeping my skin hydrated and avoiding fragrance as much as possible. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid is something I’m currently using day and night mixed in with my serums. It helps to hydrate my skin. I also take the generic for Oracea when I have a flare up or break out to get my rosacea back under control.

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  • Ever tried Jordan Samuel Hydrating Serum? I haven’t yet but see a lot of good about it. What are ur thoughts?

  • My favourites are prescription only products for rosacea. Metrolotion, Oracea (which my insurance just stopped covering ☹️) and Mirvaso which is strictly cosmetic but takes the redness out of your face for 12 hours. If your insurance covers Mirvaso, I highly recommend it. And of course, moisturisers such as argan oil, and hylouranic acid underneath Ceravae moisturiser which also has hylouranic acid as an ingredient.

    • My insurance won’t cover oracea anymore either. I have to use the generic, which doesn’t work as well. I have to take 2 of the generic pills for it to work as well as 1 oracea. I’ve tried Mirvaso but it gives me a bounce back flare. Meaning after it wears off, I flare up painfully.

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