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Violet Voss Review

Violet Voss Glitters Review, Swatches, Video

Good morning! It’s time for some Violet Voss Glitter!  Violet Voss is the sparkly baby of Elessa of Pursebuzz and her friend Teresa. These pretty glitters come in a variety of sizes (which are denoted on the website).

Pr sample.

Here’s a video to show the glitters in action. If you like it please gives it a thumbs up!

About the Glitter and Usage
Violet Voss Glitter is made up of Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymers which soften on contact with moisture.  The FDA has not specified the approval of synthetic glitter however the FDA has not issued regulations on the use of glitter.  FDA sees glitter is a color additive which is not listed on their list of approved color additives.  This means that a glitter product is not permitted for use in any cosmetic in the USA. However the glitter is approved in the European Union for cosmetics uses and reached their EU’s guidelines. Many major cosmetic companies use our glitter in their products and continue to do so. Exercise caution when using glitter and as a precaution always be sure to use an adhesive or primer when using glitter on the face. Water is not a recommended medium for glitter adhesion.

$8 to $10 for .11 oz available at Violet Voss.

Violet Voss Sophia, Paulina, Hi I'm Amy, Paige, Glenda, Swatches, Review, Video

L to R: Sophia – Paulina – Hi, I’m Amy – Paige – Glenda

Violet Voss Sophia, Paulina, Hi I'm Amy, Paige, Glenda, review, swatches

L to R: Sophia – Paulina – Hi, I’m Amy – Paige – Glenda

Violet Voss Sophia, Paulina, Hi I'm Amy, Paige, Glenda, Review

L to R: Sophia – Paulina – Hi, I’m Amy – Paige – Glenda

size – .004 x .004
The pink Sophia glitter brings out the baby doll in everyone.

size – .008 x .008
Bright hot pink with blue iridescence

Hi, I’m Amy
size – .008 x .008
Sparkle and shine with this soft teal glitter.

size – .008 x .008
beautiful royal purple glitter

size – .004 x .004
silver glitter

Sophia and Paulina are my favorites, as they’re pinks with blue reflects. Sophia looks nice dabbed onto the center bottom lip on top of glitter. All of these products work well with a strong glitter glue or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (my preference).

While I’ve seen people use this around the eyes, I’ve not been brave enough to try this with my sensitive eyes. I would use it with caution.  I have, however, played with using these as accents on my cheekbone and they look really lovely.

Some other ways to use these pretty glitters:
For your brows. Fill in you brows to have glitterific goodness!
For your lips. To add dimension and sparkle to your lips.
For your nails. Use striping tape to section off your nail, paint a clear coat onto the section you want covered in glitter, put some glitter onto some aluminum foil, dip your nail into the foil to coat the nail, and then finish with a top coat.

I think if you’re looking for glitter, you should check out Violet Voss. Her glitters are pretty and reasonably priced. Violet Voss will be at The Makeup Show Orlando, so you can see Elessa and her products in person if you’re going to be there, too!

What do you think of glitter? How do you prefer to use it? In nail polish? On lips? Or elsewhere?

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  • OHHHHHHHHHHH! LOVE the swatches! Sophia is a definite fav! I have seen Violet Voss post a few looks on instagram wherein the artist used the glitters on eyes! Some of the glitters explicitly state not for eye use (the neons, i think it was?!) and then the rest don’t really indicate….I love glitter on the eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! ANd lips too! I have seen some really gorgeous photos of Elessa rocking some seriously amazing glittery lips!!   I wanted to order when they were offering 25% off for labor day but the shipping cost to canada was too prohibitive 🙁     Looking forward to seeing some looks where you are rocking these on your cheeks, etc! 😀 Thanks for the incredibly helpful (as always!) review, Phyrra! 😀 <3   Have an excellent week! 🙂

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