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Urban Decay Holiday 2012 – the Feminine Palette

Urban Decay has released 3 new palettes for the Holiday Season – Fun, Feminine and Dangerous. Urban Decay’s edgy brand of beauty has three ingredients: femininity, danger and fun. This post is all about the Feminine Palette. Each palette comes in a reusable zippered pouch. The eyeshadow palette pops out. It’s magnetic, so don’t stick any credit cards, usb drives or anything that a magnet could wipe. I believe these three palettes will be available starting September 4, 2012.

The Feminine pouch is a gorgeous purple with a faux lace overlay design on the outside and fishnets on the inside.

Here’s what the palette looks like popped out. It’s easy to pop in and out.

The Feminine palette is made up of sultry and soft shades that go from shimmering neutrals to smoky hues.

AC/DC – smoky greyish purple

Bordello – pale mauve with gold micro-glitter

Skimp – light peachy pearl (this is denoted as a new shade)

Gunmetal – dark metallic grey with silver micro-glitter

Hijack – deep metallic teal
Lost – medium metallic brown

Wallflower Lip Junkie Lip Gloss – nude creamy pink

All shadows swatched on Meow Light Primer.

I need to try this shade to see how it comes across on my lips. I’m not sure if it’s too brown for me or not.


Bordello almost seems to glow. Both Bordello and AC/DC have a romantic feel to them.

Skimp is actually a shade I really wanted to pick up, as it was offered in the Mariposa palette, but I skipped that palette. I’m happy to have it in this one.

Gunmetal is awesome! I’d only recently purchased the Gunmetal single shadow and it looks awesome with golds, coppers and bronzes.

Hijack is a color I need to try and wear. I love teals, but it seems to lean very green, which isn’t typically how I like my teals.

The formula is really nice on these and I can see this being a very office friendly palette. I especially like Skimp, Bordello and AC/DC because they truly embody this palette’s name.

Which shades do you like best? What color combinations would you make with these shades? Which of the 3 palettes is your favorite – Fun, Dangerous or Feminine? My favorite is definitely the Fun!

$36 for 6 eye shadows and a mini gloss

Available at:,,, and

Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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  • Just realized that lost, hijack, skimp, and gunmetal are ALL in BOS 3. The Fun palette has dupes from 3 different palettes. Wonder why they did that?

    • Also, these are all the new shadow formula. They’re much more pigmented, less fall out, and easier to work with than the old shadow formula, such as from the BOS 3. UD changed their formula this year, so they’ve re-released shades with better formula, discontinued some shades, etc.

  • I was confused when I found this because I know that UD did a clearance sale on the old femine, dangerous, and fun palettes just a few weeks ago. They were all like $13. I thought they were being DT not re-released. It really hasn’t been advertised! Maybe I live under a rock. I was so excited to try the new formula, but had never taken the time to read the names of the shadows until now and realize that I already have (in other palettes) 4/6 colors in the feminine, 3/6 in the fun, and the dangerous palette doesn’t appeal to me. (hardly a let-down I suppose)

    They still look gorgeous though.

    • I don’t have the old palettes, but I know they are only similar on the surface.

      The old Feminine palette had Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse and Ecstasy. The surface similarities contained a teal, brown, purple, and lighter color. The only shade that is somewhat duped is Lost (by Stray Dog / Dark Horse). (All of the above is from Temptalia’s review, since she had both.)

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Oh my, and here was I thinking I had enough of UD:s palettes.. =) They all look lovely, but I’m mostly interested in this one and the Fun palette. I don’t have AC/DC or Bordello and I have been eying them for a while.

  • Oh, Feminine, you are my favorite and I know I will succumb to your charms right quick! Damn your workplace-appropriateness out of the three, making you easily justifiable. You also include one of my favorite glosses (as stated by several people above, it’s not really brown…just kind of an enhancement).

  • I really like all three palettes. If i get one i’ll probably get the Fun palette, since it has only one colour i already have. Dangerous and Feminine both have couple of shades i would love to have, but they have 3/2 colour i already have. From this one i really like Hijack and Skimp, but already have AC/DC and Gunmetal.
    I wish i was rich so that i could get all the palettes regards them having colours i already own 🙂

  • Phyrra, Wallflower has turned out to be one of my favorite lip colors from UD. The gloss lasts about as long as most higher-end glosses do, but the color is fantastic. My lips are bright mauveish color, and Wallflower doesn’t darken them at all. It just makes them look a little more dark pink. I’d love to have a Wallflower mini, the big one is a pain to carry around.
    I already have all of these colors in the new formula, between palettes and single-token purchases, so I won’t be buying this. It’s a shame, because this one has my favorite packaging :\
    So jealous you get to play with these early!

    • I so agree about Wallflower! It’s an amazing “my lips, but better” shade and not too brown at all.

    • What are your favorite color combinations with these shades, since you’ve played with them? I look forward to trying Wallflower 🙂

  • This is the only one of the three calling my name. I already have Skimp and Gunmetal, but I’ve been really wanting to get AC/DC and Bordello. So, so pretty and I think they’ll look great with my green eyes. 🙂

    Thanks for the review! Can’t wait to see some looks with this palette.

  • It does look lovely – but I’m tempted to see if I can get the vintage singles of AC/DC and Bordello in the sale and just depot them….

    • I have AC/DC and Bordello in both the vintage and the new formula, and there is definitely a difference. You can still build to a good color with the vintage formula, but the new ones are like butter. I have some issues with Urban Decay, but I gotta admit their new formulation is fantastic. If you buy the vintage ones, make sure you use a good primer!

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