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Urban Decay Brow Box Review

Urban Decay Brow Box review. Blackout and Blondie are both cool-toned brow products.

Urban Decay Brow Box Review

Today I’m sharing my Urban Decay Brow Box review.  Urban Decay recently released Blackout and Blondie, expanding their Brow Box selection to 6 shades. Blackout and Blondie are both cool-toned brow products. Urban Decay sent me these shades.

Where to Buy
Sephora, Ulta, Urban DecayNordstromMacys

$30 for .13 oz

Shades Available

  • Blondie – dark cool blonde and light cool blonde
  • Blackout – black and granite
  • Bathwater Blonde – dark blonde and light blonde
  • Honey Pot – warm dark blonde and warm light blonde
  • Brown Sugar – dark brown and light brown
  • Brunette Betty – warm dark brown and warm light brown

Urban Decay Brow Box review. Blackout and Blondie are both cool-toned brow products.

Blackout is on the left and Blondie is on the right.

Urban Decay Brow Box Blackout and Blondie Swatches

From Left to Right – Blackout (black, granite) – Blondie (dark cool blonde, light cool blonde)

Each brow box comes with 2 shades of brow powder, setting wax, mini tweezers, mini angled brow brush, mini spoolie, and two mirrors. The tweezers are really nice, especially for their compact size. I prefer to use a full-size brush like the Sigma E06 with the powders.

Urban Decay Blackout Brows
Wearing Blackout with Colour Pop Jet Set Black pencil.

Urban Decay recommends using the brow boxes in two different ways:

  • Use both shades of the brow powder to create your perfect match, then using the wax to set the color and shape.
  • Use the wax first to shape the brows and expose any spots that need color, then fill in.

I use the brow boxes a few different ways. I will often outline my brows with the darker shade, fill in about 3/4 of the way with the darker shade, then use the lighter shade at the inner 1/4. Then I use the spoolie to blend. I also like to use a black pencil to outline the brows, then fill in with the darker shade, and then blend.

Urban Decay Brow Box Review. Blackout, a cool-toned black and granite duo perfect for dark hair. Blondie, a dark cool blonde and light cool blonde duo perfect for cool-toned blondes.

I was thrilled to see Urban Decay release Blackout and Blondie, because I feel we need more cool-toned brow products. So many brow products pull warm and orange on me.  These don’t.

I love the silky feel of the powder in the brow boxes. They’ve got great pigmentation, which is why I prefer using a very thin brush with Blackout to help my brows look more natural. I do have to remember to use a very light hand with the wax or I end up with too much.

If you’ve got dark hair and need a new brow product, check out the Urban Decay Brow Boxes. They’ve got a good color range.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Brow Boxes? Let me know!

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  • For years, I’ve used Build-a-Brow in taupe from It Cosmetics, which I love for the fibers but it takes more time than I like to apply. Maybelline recently came out with a fiber brow product, but the applicator makes it horrible to apply and it’s so dark I pitched it. I picked up the UD Brow Box in Brown Sugar when it went on sale not long ago and think the lighter shade of the two is perfect for me. Unfortunately, I have no understanding of how to apply the wax, so I can never be sure my brows will stay put in the heat or the rain (I live in Portland). I just received Wunderbrow after they sold two-for-one on HSN and I must say, it’s gorgeous. It reminds me of the It product, and I’m actually using the It brush to apply it, but because it liquid as opposed to a clay, it applies more quickly. I can get the shape I need and better match my two brows without spending as much time. If I knew how to apply the wax, I think I would love the Brow Box more because, as you say, the shades are cooler than so many other options.

    • Here’s what UD’s Amanda says “I love running the wax through my brows with my pointer finger to keep the hairs in place (brushing it through with the mini spooley) or mixing with powder so it adheres to my skin (for the little spots without hairs).”

      • Thank you. I’ve read that you should apply the wax first, the wax last, but mixing it sounds right. Never thought of it.

  • Yay for cool toned brow products. This looks like it would be an excellent product for travel as well.

    I hadn’t seen these review yet, so thanks! Adding it to the shopping list.

  • PS: Are those your own lashes or another? If so, can you tell me about them… They are so long and gorgeous! Love to have my lashes fuller & thick and especially LONG! I have no eye lashes to speak of w/o waterproof mascara! ugh Can you recommend a waterproof mascara and something to help safely strengthen them, please… It would mean much to me, Thank YOU~

    • I get lash extensions because I hate my mascara application skills. No matter how hard I try I suck at applying mascara, so lash extensions gives me the curl I can’t manage on my own. My natural lashes are this long but you literally can’t ever tell that because they don’t curl nicely for me and they clump funny.

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